Xbox exclusive 'CrossfireX' now available for preorder and pre-download

CrossfireX Hero Image
CrossfireX Hero Image (Image credit: Smilegate Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • CrossfireX is an upcoming tactical shooter from Smilegate and Remedy.
  • The free-to-play competitive component and premium story content go live on February 10, 2022.
  • Microsoft has confirmed that one of the two DLC story packs for CrossfireX will launch into Xbox Game Pass for consoles.

What exactly is CrossfireX? The free-to-play shooter isn't particularly well known in the west, but in Korea and the surrounding regions, CrossfireX is among the most popular titles. CrossfireX is a high-stakes tactical shooter at heart, and Microsoft teamed up with Smilegate and Remedy to bring the game to the west, as an Xbox exclusive, complete with a story campaign for the first time.

The game has been shrouded in mystery somewhat since its initial announcement, but we finally have a launch date, alongside a preorder and pre-download window courtesy of an announcement this morning.

Dropping on February 10, 2022, CrossfireX will offer two story-driven campaigns "Operations" built by Remedy, of Max Payne and Alan Wake fame. The story revolves around two rival private military corporations, Global Risk and Blacklist, and their struggles for supremacy in an increasingly dangerous world. The operations can be purchased separately or combined for $25 in an "Ultimate Package," which also provides boosters and cosmetics for the free-to-play multiplayer component.

The pre-download is supposed to go live at 4 PM PT on January 31 for Xbox, but access may vary by region. After some confusion over its inclusion in Xbox Game Pass, it seems that one story pack is indeed slated for XGP, for consoles only. The other will remain a premium purchase.

With Battlefield 2042 down for the count and Halo Infinite desperately in need of new content, CrossfireX may be a fun alternative in the wait between new content drops for other games. But who knows? Perhaps it'll end up one of this year's sleeper hits. I, for one, find myself suitably intrigued.

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