Crossfirex Campaign Reveal TrailerSource: Microsoft / Remedy

Crossfire is an incredibly popular first-person shooter franchise that's mostly played in Asia. The game is known for intense free-to-play online multiplayer that pits two teams against each other and has amassed over 650 million players, making it one of the most played games of all time.

CrossfireX, the radical new entry in the Crossfire franchise, makes a big statement in many ways. The largest is that it's coming to Xbox consoles, including the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, for the first time ever, and before anywhere else.

Here's everything you need to know about CrossfireX for Xbox.

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A new first-person shooter

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A new spin on war.

CrossfireX is an all-new experience for Xbox, featuring massive online multiplayer and an intense campaign, all optimized to take advantage of the power of Xbox Series X. We don't know everything yet, but what we've seen is incredibly exciting.

What is CrossfireX for Xbox?

Crossfirex Campaign Reveal TrailerSource: Microsoft / Remedy

CrossfireX is the next entry in a long-running franchise with incredible popularity in Asia and other countries and has gathered a large gathering of loyal players to its free-to-play multiplayer. CrossfireX promises to be bigger and grander than its predecessor and takes advantage of next-gen technologies and power. Combining its traditional free-to-play online multiplayer with an all-new single-player campaign, CrossfireX looks to make an exciting entry into the next-gen of gaming.

First introduced back at E3 2019, the game has since gotten two other trailers showcasing both the game's multiplayer and campaign portions. Despite a claimed 2020 release window, we still don't have a ton of information, and it's not certain when CrossfireX will actually launch (although a 2020 release is increasingly unlikely).

Who is developing CrossfireX for Xbox?

Crossfirex Campaign Reveal TrailerSource: Microsoft / Remedy

CrossfireX is being developed by Smilegate Entertainment, the studio behind the original Crossfire, and will be published by Xbox Game Studios (Microsoft) on Xbox consoles. However, the single-player campaign portion of CrossfireX is being co-developed by Remedy, the studio behind games like Control, assumedly so Smilegate Entertainment can instead focus on the multiplayer.

This does mean that both portions will be separated, in a way, and will offer different experiences overall, similar to recent Call of Duty titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Crossfire fans and newcomers alike will be able to enjoy that classic multiplayer action spruced up for a modern era of gaming while also being able to jump into a first-ever peek behind-the-scenes into the world of CrossfireX in its single-player campaign.

What do we know about the multiplayer for CrossfireX?

CrossfireXSource: Microsoft

Crossfire sees players join one of the world's two most dangerous private military factions, Global Risk or Black List, and battle it out in a variety of fast-paced game modes. Gameplay-wise, CrossfireX seems to share some similarities with popular tactical shooter Counterstrike: Global Offensive. Its own unique twists and mechanics and a wide selection of weapons and gear to choose from.

There are also expected to be many game modes to choose from since Crossfire aims to be accessible to FPS fans of all types, with a special focus on team-based play rather than solo hunting. However, the most interesting part about CrossfireX is that despite its next-gen optimizations and fluid multiplayer, the game will be a free-to-play title that anyone can download and jump into, as long as they're subscribed to Xbox Live Gold.

Finally, CrossfireX will also have some kind of cosmetic system in place for weapons and other customizations. It's not clear what form monetization will take for the multiplayer. CrossfireX could go for cosmetic microtransactions, a season or battle pass, a combination of both, or any other number of options, but it's safe to say the game will do something to make up for being free-to-play.

What do we know about the campaign for CrossfireX?

Crossfirex Campaign Reveal TrailerSource: Microsoft / Remedy

Very little is known about the campaign for CrossfireX. Beyond that, it's being co-developed by Remedy, as single-player content is new to the Crossfire franchise. Fortunately, the official Xbox page and the newly released reveal trailer from the Xbox Games Showcase shed a little more light on the campaign than we had previously.

CrossfireX will further explore the "why" behind the conflict between Global Risk and Black List, and let players dive into the global war that erupted between the two factions. According to the official Xbox page, CrossfireX's single-player campaign will feature stories and missions from both sides of the conflict so that players can see different perspectives on this intense international confrontation.

Gameplay-wise, the campaign should be very similar to the multiplayer in movement and gunplay, but with different objectives and possibly unique abilities and mechanics. From the campaign trailer, we can see at least one gadget-based ability (a camouflage that seems tied to the player's armor), and there are possibly more that can be used.

How will the Xbox Series X and Series S play CrossfireX?

CrossfireXSource: Microsoft

The Xbox Series X and Series S are here, and they've both proven to be capable and impressive entries into what is now the current-gen of console gaming. Many games are adding full support for these powerful consoles, which usher in support for a ton of new features, including hardware-accelerated ray tracing, higher refresh rates, faster load speeds, greater graphical fidelity, and more. CrossfireX has confirmed its support for the Xbox Series X|S when it launches, including using Xbox's Smart Delivery, but how exactly will CrossfireX run and play on these next-gen consoles?

We don't have exact information from you, as it hasn't been revealed yet, but we can make some educated guesses based on precedent and the capabilities of these machines. The more powerful Xbox Series X targets a crispy 4K resolution at 60fps, which seems very likely for CrossfireX's campaign. In contrast, the more affordable Xbox Series S targets a lower 1440p or 1080p resolution at the same 60fps. It's reasonable to assume that CrossfireX's campaign will be more of a visual showcase than the multiplayer, and may utilize ray tracing, better textures, and visuals, and push for higher resolutions at that 60fps framerate.

As far as the multiplayer is concerned, games like Gears 5 and eventually Halo Infinite push for up to 120fps to offer a truly competitive and lightning-fast gaming experience. It's very possible that CrossfireX will do the same, possibly dialing back things like raytracing and densely packed details from the campaign to prioritize performance in the multiplayer.

CrossfireX will undoubtedly benefit from the incredibly speedy SSDs in both consoles, however, leading to reduced load times and a whole lot less waiting for players. Hopefully, we'll learn more about how exactly CrossfireX will take advantage of the Xbox Series X|S when we get closer to launch.

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Will Xbox Game Pass support CrossfireX?

CrossfireXSource: Microsoft

The multiplayer for CrossfireX is free-to-play, so there's no reason for it to make an appearance on Xbox Game Pass. As far as the campaign is concerned, the recent campaign reveals trailer told us that the single-player experience will not be on Xbox Game Pass, unfortunately, and will be sold separately. This is understandable, as while CrossfireX has a close partnership with Xbox, it doesn't come from a first-party studio, so they're not under any obligation to support Xbox Game Pass day one. That's not to say the campaign won't come in the future, but there's no guarantee.

At the very least, players who want to play the CrossfireX campaign on day one will need to shell out the money to pay for it.

Will other platforms like PC and Playstation get CrossfireX?

Crossfirex Campaign Reveal TrailerSource: Microsoft / Remedy

Right now, CrossfireX is only officially confirmed for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, with Smart Delivery ensuring you're always playing the best version of the game for your console. There's no official confirmation right now that CrossfireX will release on PC alongside Xbox, despite the original Crossfire being a PC-only title with massive success.

Don't let that discourage you. Xbox and Smilegate Entertainment have been careful to call CrossfireX a "Console Launch Exclusive," which means it'll only be Xbox exclusive at launch. Even if Xbox comes a little before, I'd be shocked if CrossfireX didn't become a staple FPS title for PC down the line.

Playstation is a little less clear, however. I'd love to see CrossfireX eventually become available on all platforms, preferably with cross-play in tow, but it's quite possible Playstation players will never see this next-gen title.

What is the release date and price for CrossfireX for Xbox?

CrossfireX has been delayed until 2021 due to COVID-19 related development issues - November 19, 2020

Smilegate Entertainment made the difficult decision to unfortunately delay the release of CrossfireX until sometime in 2021, just over a week after the Xbox Series X|S officially launched to the world. The studio didn't give an exact launch date but did quote complications resulting from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as one of the reasons the delay was necessary.

CrossfireX's exact release date has not been revealed yet, but that's not to say we've been completely left in the dark. CrossfireX was supposed to debut on Xbox sometime in 2020, including existing Xbox One consoles, making it a perfect launch title for the upcoming Xbox Series X|S. However, it doesn't appear that's the case, with CrossfireX recently being delayed into 2021. We still don't have a window for launch other than "2021," although it's reasonable to assume it'll hopefully be in the first half of the year rather than the second.

When CrossfireX does launch, it will support Smart Delivery day one, so players who are now gaming on the Xbox Series X|S will be playing the best possible version of the game for their hardware from day one.

As far as pricing is concerned, the multiplayer segment of CrossfireX will be completely free-to-play, so there's no purchase necessary to get in on the intense online action the game offers, other than an Xbox Live Gold subscription. There will be a separate campaign experience, new for the franchise, and it looks like it'll be a paid experience, included in a Premium Battle Pass at launch (likely an add-on or DLC purchase for the free-to-play portion). Unfortunately, the campaign will not be included in Xbox Game Pass.

We'll keep this section updated whenever we learn new information, so check back in regularly.

A new first-person shooter

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A new spin on war.

CrossfireX is an all-new experience for Xbox, featuring massive online multiplayer and an intense campaign, all optimized to take advantage of the power of Xbox Series X. We don't know everything yet, but what we've seen is incredibly exciting.

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