Xbox Fitness now lets you shed calories without a Kinect sensor

Xbox Fitness on the Xbox One will now let you use the app without the need for a Kinect sensor thanks to its latest update. While a Kinect sensor is still needed to take advantage of features such as muscle mapping, pulse, and form feedback, anyone can now going in with the workout programs in Xbox Fitness without the dedicated sensor.

Additionally, the latest update will finally allow users to download their purchased workouts, eliminating the need to deal with spotty internet connections when all you want to do is squeeze in some workout time. To download any workout you own, you can head to the program's details page and click over to the "Content Options" menu. From there, just click "Download" and you're good to go.

You can check out the latest improvements by firing up your Xbox One console and downloading the latest update. And be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: Microsoft

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  • Nice update!
  • ... What? Why buy a car without wheels?
  • Wow, that's a horrendous analogy. You can still do everything Xbox Fitness shows on-screen without the Kinect. That's like saying you shouldn't bother running or biking if you don't have a fitness device attachedto track progress.
  • What about syncing to my band? Synergy.
  • **** good idea!!
  • Yeah no idea why they haven't linked this to the band..
  • Finally I was waiting to see when the downloading option would be available. I have experienced the connection issue while in the middle of a workout and it's very frustrating to have to stop the workout and do something else to get your workout for the day done. I prefer using Kinect but I guess it's nice to have the option like old school DVD workouts.
  • Phil Spencer has spent more resources sabotaging the Kinect then he ever spent promoting it.
  • Agreed Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • First he had to save the platform as a whole, don't forget that.
  • If only that manifested as a refund option for those who bought it thinking it would never be unbundled...Kinect is a flaming failure. The software support is bad, but a big part s that the hardware is trash.
  • May be ok without Kinect, but rocks with it!
  • FINALLY !   I just came back to work from lunch and wasnt able to do my workout due to internet outage :( Hopefully it doesnt require login to XBL everytime.. cause that would defeat the purpose... as well..
  • Wanted the new yoga, no Kinect so no yoga. No wait, no need for a Kinect, yoga here I come
  • Also why I didn't get any of the workouts :)  Glad they made this change.
  • Next step would be a way to use your purchased workouts on your phone, surface or laptop. I have a couple workouts that I bought that would be great for travel in a hotel room.
  • Do you still earn points and achievements without Kinect?
  • Since points and achievements are tracked by Kinect, then no.
  • Lol if it did, people can leave the system on for hours and just sit on the couch instead of actually working out to get achievements. Need Kinect to actually get them.
  • The option of downloading the workout programs is great news. A number of times I had to wait forever to start Xbox Fitness, sometimes I would lose connection in the middle of a workout.  I hope this addresses this issue.
  • the xbox fitness don't start on my Xbox!!!why???I don't havea kinect...