The Xbox Game Bar for PC now has a calculator and a web browser

Xbox Game Bar Browser
Xbox Game Bar Browser (Image credit: Windows Central)

Xbox Game Bar Calculator

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

The Xbox Game Bar is an awesome tool on Windows 10, giving you access to a range of gaming features by hitting Windows Key + G on your keyboard. A short while ago, Microsoft added a brand new Widget Store to the Xbox Game Bar, allowing users to add a range of additional features to their dashboard (it really is more of a dashboard than a "bar" at this point.)

The initial offering included streaming tools from XSplit, and some features for Razer Cortex users. However, independent developers are now stepping up to include other tools and features as well.

The first is a simple calculator, which lets you to perform simple sums without leaving your game. While perhaps not the most useful in action-packed first-person shooters, I've played MMOs and strategy games where this sort of thing might be more useful than you'd expect. Some MMO guilds use point-scoring systems for assigning loot to players, for example.

Arguably far more useful is this new web browser widget, which is a lightweight and simple tool for quickly opening up websites. It doesn't have tabs or many features, but if you just need to take a quick glance at a walkthrough for a complex achievement or reply to a message on the Discord or Slack web apps, it's really handy.

You can grab the widgets by going into the Widget Browser in the Xbox Game Bar app, or hitting the links below for the direct downloads from the Microsoft Store.

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  • Now that's nifty to have
  • What a coincidence!!
    Just discovered them yesterday and thought I was late to the party 😅 btw, the web browser is surprisingly very fast 💨
  • Also a coincidence, I find a review to one of my apps in my News feed. 🤔 Thank you for trying out my web browser and I’m surprised you say it’s fast. I found it to be pretty slow on things like YouTube. In case you didn’t know, you can pin it. So you can play a game and watch a video or Netflix at the same time. Pretty handy when playing slow-paced games.
  • That's freaking awesome, I will definitely use your browser to watch Netflix or whatever while playing Bards Tale
  • @Liam Hall, People could use the browser to watch game walkthroughs and what not 😉. I suppose a person could call all inception like and watch a streamer playing the same game whilst they play the same game 😅. Joking aside, it's pretty nifty to have - keep up the great work 👍.
  • Unless it's Google Chrome, don't worry about it being slow on YouTube. That's Google, not you.
  • Thanks for the review 👍. I’m honestly surprised to see my app get any attention outside of my close friends.
  • Hey Liam - thanks for building out the app - I think it actually works great! We've been super excited here on the Game Bar team to see the kinds of things our community is already building with the SDK. And this is exactly what were hoping for: people building cool stuff and gamers everywhere being able to benefit from that - Kripal (Team Xbox)
  • I don't see them in the widget store. Only the Xsplit and Razer ones... Is there something I'm missing?
  • "Have you ever been playing a game and thought, "damn, what I really need right now is a calculator?" Xbox Game Bar has your back." LOL!
  • Calculate how much cash you will have left after buying cosmetics. And whether it's enough to still order pizza/food of choice.
  • Which Edge browser is this using?
  • Calculator for find out the mathematical possibilities to win a game?