Xbox Game Pass launches for everyone with a little help from Danny McBride

Just as promised, Xbox Game Pass is now available for everyone to try out. The Netflix-style subscription service initially launched a little early for Xbox Live Gold members only, but now it's live for everyone — with a little advertising help from Danny McBride.

Indeed, more is more. Xbox Game Pass, to recap, offers access to more than 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games for $10 per month. Instead of streaming like PlayStation Now, however, Xbox Game Pass lets you download the full games before diving in. That's a potential negative as far as data use is concerned, but should cut down on loss in visual fidelity and allow you to play even if your internet goes out.

You can try out Game Pass now with a 14-day free trial starting from either your Xbox dashboard or at Microsoft's dedicated Game Pass site (opens in new tab).

Everything you need to know about Xbox Game Pass

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Are Halo Wars 2 or Forza Horizon 3 available on here at the moment? I've not had time to follow Game Pass much or even try it out during the beta
  • No, those games are far too new and far too AAA to be included so soon. Halo Wars 2 launched barely more than 3 months ago.
  • It's awesome. Got it now. Currently playing Resident Evil 0 and Devil May Cry Definitive edition. 2 awesome games that would have cost me £25 to buy. Instead I'm on my free trial. Then only £7.99/month. There are already 49 other games i will 100% play so far on the list. All games I haven't bought but would love to play. Really looming forward to playing Metal Slug 3 next. So happy with this amazing service. At such a cheap cheap price!!!!
  • I am a bit underwhelmed. But some ones on there that I will try.
  • I'm blown away by Resi evil 0. Makes me really cry how good Japanese games were once. It's so far ahead of all modern resi games it hurts. And best of all i never played this one. So its a big bonus. I also missed DMC 1 back in the day. The remake using Unreal engine is amazing. Looks so good. And at 60fps. Makes me sad also that the new God Of War is going to be an over the shoulder beat em up instead of massive hack n slasher. Honestly so far these 2 games have made the service so worth it. And my love for Japanese games has returned. There's so many awesome games there. I have literally downloaded 10 already. Including Bioshock Infinite ( I didn't get round to playing it ) and Metal Slugg 3. Also Golden Axe, Streets Of Rage and Mad Max are all there. Not enough time. So many I want to play.
  • I wish something like this existed on Windows. There aren't enough good games on the Store for it to make sense there. I have a Vive and the VivePort subscription gives you access to pretty much any 10 VR games for the month. I wish Steam had something like that for discovering good indie games that I wouldn't usually pay for.
  • I agree completely. I will say the steam refund policy has helped a little though. I feel a lot less at stake when I wanna try a game I'm not sure about. But this would be an awesome way on any platform to introduce you to new games, or not have to worry about buying and hating.
  • lol the ad was funny. Yes, MORE ways of playing old games (mostly arcade/smaller games) by renting them... MORE way of renting a lot of games that were already given on GWG. Personally, I hope this isn't the future of video games.I prefer a service like Humble Monthly...
  • Just good to see Microsoft finally putting some decent muscle on their ads.
  • its great. now if i said it like paul thurott it would mean its great. but i liked it.