Xbox Game Pass PC likely included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft recently unveiled Xbox Game Pass for PC, its upcoming Windows 10 subscription packing over 100 titles for a flat monthly fee. Serving a PC counterpart to the established Xbox One service, Xbox Game Pass for PC will launch with support from over 75 publishers and developers, also offering all Xbox-published PC games from launch day. While details are scarce, Microsoft has pledged more information at its E3 2019 briefing on June 9.

While Xbox Game Pass for PC is a separate subscription to the Xbox One service, we're now seeing signs of an imminent merger with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The all-inclusive membership first debuted in April, packing Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for $15 per month. If the PC service joins the roster for no additional cost, it could mean further savings for multi-platform gamers.

Tailing yesterday's Xbox Game Pass for PC announcement, Thurrott first reported on plans for inclusion under Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Physical promotional cards have since prematurely surfaced, donning a familiar trio of PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Live Gold iconography.

Existing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers see initial traces of the rollout too, via prompts displayed above select Microsoft Store listings. Some Windows 10 titles even appear primed for install with the subscription, potentially laying the foundations for an imminent E3 launch.

Xbox Game Pass for PC is a natural extension of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, adding additional value for those invested in Microsoft's cross-platform Xbox ecosystem. While its existing setup offers month-by-month savings, bundling the three only further bolsters this inclusive package.

In the meantime, Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One is available starting at $10 per month.

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  • And there it is... I guess at least the Ultimate teir makes more sense now.
  • What really sucks is that I have at least a couple of years of Gold currently stacked along with however many months of GP left. So what are the options for people iny position? Hopefuly find a good deal on both GP services for a year or two? I doubt seriously there will be some kind of refund or upgrade option.
  • Yeah, I've got a decent chunk of gold remaining, not much in the way of Game Pass though. They should add the ultimate package to Rewards, that's where I get most of my subscription stuff.
  • They should make it one subscription: $9.99 per month for access to Xbox Game pass on either console or computer. The lopsided requirement for Xbox Live Gold to play online multiplayer on console needs to be removed, since PC players using the exact same servers on the exact same games don't have to pay, and then Xbox Live Gold should simply be Games with Gold + Deals with Gold + Mixer Pro + a free monthly Mixer sub.
  • Totally agree with this.
  • Then Gold would be too expensive, and I wouldn't see a point to even want to pay for it. Games with Gold seems to be limited in the major games, Deals with Gold is only worth it for DLC because of Game Pass, and not everyone watches game streaming or wants to pay for it. Also, I think the 10 a month for either service will be what the price would be being $20 for both (maybe there will be a discount for both $15?). It will almost be to the point where you will lose money not getting Ultimate.
  • > Then Gold would be too expensive, and I wouldn't see a point to even want to pay for it. Then you'd get to save $60 per year. How is this undesirable?
  • It wouldn't be undesirable to end the MP requirement, but for the second half of your solution it would be. $60 a year for some free games and sales that GP make irrelavent? No thanks. Maybe if they decide to charge for Xcloud and they include this in Gold then your solution would be a bit better.
  • I'm little confused. So they are really separating Xbox game pass into two different subscriptions depending on where you game? Unless you happen to also pay for gold.
    I just wonder what will happen with XCloud. I'm thinking this will be also included in the overall pack but who knows.
    They might ask gamers to pay for that too as another service.
  • This is starting to become an absolute shemozzle.