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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate bundles Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass for $15

Xbox Game Pass at Gamescom 2018
Xbox Game Pass at Gamescom 2018 (Image credit: Matt Brown / Windows Central)

Microsoft just revealed Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, an all-inclusive Xbox One subscription, compiled of its existing Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold memberships. The former currently grants access to a Netflix-style library of over 200 titles, while Gold unlocks the full capabilities of its gaming network. Bundling the two in-house Xbox subscriptions into a cohesive package, the merger makes the duo available for one $14.99 monthly fee.

As first unveiled during Microsoft's Inside Xbox broadcast, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is roughly $5 cheaper than purchasing Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass separately, on a month-by-month basis.

It's an ideal proposition for those invested in both services, cutting down monthly cost and condensing payments. However, Microsoft has committed only to $14.99 monthly pricing, without any indication of upfront prepaid annual plans.

From Microsoft's press release:

We heard you. Today, we're excited to announce Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will include all of the benefits of Xbox Live Gold with Xbox Game Pass. That means the full Xbox Game Pass library of over 100 high quality games, and Xbox Live Gold online multiplayer, in one convenient membership for $14.99 a month. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, gamers will be able to play together on the most-advanced multiplayer network and discover their next favorite game.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate expected in 2019

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is "coming later this year" and will be available across all existing Xbox Game Pass regions. Microsoft plans to trial the package via the Xbox Insider Program in the meantime, now distributing invites to a "limited number" of members.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate pairs smartly with the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, its ambitious disc-less console set for a May 7, 2019 release. Ditching its optical disc drive to pursue a $249 retail price, Microsoft continues to embrace the ever-connected nature of online gaming services.

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Matt Brown is Windows Central's Senior Games Editor, Xbox & PC, at Future. Following over seven years of professional consumer technology and gaming coverage, he’s focused on the world of Microsoft's gaming efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbrown.

  • imagine having to pay to play online
  • So the same price as a year of Gold and Game Pass. What a saving!
  • Any info whether there'll be an "upgrade" path for those who already have Gold? Other than waiting until the current subscription expires?
  • This is so weird. Game pass is actually only half a service at 10 bucks per month. For that price, you can only play single player games. I would think it's normal that if you rent a game you'll be able to rent the full game but no, not with XB/MS and game pass.
    A game like SoT cannot be played on XB1 unless people also pay for gold, yet it is often used to promote the service. And what is even worse is that the only XBL users who need to pay to play online are those "premium" customers who actually bought MS's console. For everyone else (including, android, switch, steam...) users it'll be free...
  • Switch is not free online and hasn't been for months. It is now paid and easily the worst online service of any of the consoles.
  • It also only costs $20 US for a year and includes access to over twenty NES games (would be nice if they opted to include SNES as well, but maybe down the line) with added online functionality. But yeah, I do imagine the service wouldn't be exceptional, but at less than half the price of the competition, what do you expect?
  • And in Gold you get two Xbox One and two back compat games FOR FREE every month to keep forever. Gold is more than just playing multiplayer.
  • Well, forever so long as you keep Gold for XB1 titles, but at least you get to keep 360 and XB titles (2 per month) no matter what.
  • Even if you give up Gold, as long as you don't delete the Xbox One games, you can keep playing them.
  • No You can't. I let gold expire last year and I can't play any of the GWG XB1 games anymore. It tells me I have to have gold to play them.
  • @ladydias.
    No, you can't. You may still keep playing the X360 games though.
  • Switch Online also gives you games.
  • I think you know what I mean. Non XB1 users can use XBL service and network for free.
  • Yeah its pretty sad. Iirc they tried making PC players pay for Live when GFWL launched and it obviously didn't go over very well.