Xbox Games with Gold for April 2020 include Fable Anniversary and Project CARS 2 (update)

Fable (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Xbox Live Gold grants you access to multiplayer and free games.
  • Project CARS 2 and Fable Anniversary are now available for free.
  • The other games for April include Knights of Pen and Paper Bundle and Toybox Turbos.
  • Xbox Live Gold is part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (opens in new tab).

Updated April 3, 2020: The other two games for April include Knights of Pen and Paper Bundle and Toybox Turbos. They'll be available on April 16. In Knights of Pen and Paper, take on the roles of in-game players taking on the roles of their characters in a traditional pen-and-paper game session in the ultimate meta roleplaying experience. Toybox Turbos is a racing game by acclaimed developer Codemaster which reboots classic tabletop racing experiences. However, there's some confusion about whether Toybox Turbos has been replaced by Blinx: The Time Sweeper.

Microsoft hasn't revealed the Xbox Live Games with Gold for April 2020, but it seems like they're already available for download. Today, many gamers on Reddit and Twitter noticed that Project CARS 2 and Fable Anniversary were free with the service. You can download them right now through the Microsoft Store in a browser or your console.

According to Slightly Mad Studios, Project CARS 2 is the thrill of intense racing action in beautiful cars at stunning venues. Authentic and intuitive handling, truly dynamic weather, and a wealth of game modes delivers racing fun for everyone.

According to Microsoft, Fable pioneered every player's choice having a consequence. With Fable Anniversary, a spectacular remaster of the original Fable, players will be reminded of why the franchise is so special and unique. All-new textures and models, an entirely new lighting system, a slick new interface, achievements, and all of the content from "The Lost Chapters," make Fable Anniversary the definitive Fable experience.

We'll keep you posted as soon as we know what the other games for the month are. Your guess is as good as mine.

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  • Project CARS 2 is nice and I'll give it a try, the Fable games I got bored of pretty quickly so I'll pass on that one.
  • Not really bothered for these two. In fact, not really had any I care for, for a long time.
  • Just looked, Fable Anniversary is in Game Pass. Obviously should still "purchase" it, if you like it, just so it attaches to your account.
  • That's becoming a fairly regular occurrence.
  • I had KoPaP on my phone, I stopped playing because it forced me to spend actual money to accumulate enough gold to pay the troll/ogre thing. I assume this, being an actual release, won't have the same situations.