Xbox merchandise store arrives at E3 2018 [updated]

Ever since the Xbox One launched in 2013, Microsoft has revealed clothing items and other merchandise which were either E3 exclusives, competition rewards, or simply gifts for employees. Luckily, it seems like that's about to change because a merchandise store is coming soon. Fans have been requesting this for years now and it looks like it's finally happening in 2018.

Updated June 12, 2018: The Xbox merchandise store is now open and you can purchase items on the website (opens in new tab).

Updated June 8, 2018: Right before E3 2018, Microsoft revealed that the Xbox Official Gear (opens in new tab) store was coming soon.

For the past few months, we've been told that the store was coming, but now it looks like it might be announced at E3 2018. When asked about Xbox clothing and other branded items, Aaron Greenberg, head of marketing for the Xbox gaming division, said more information would be revealed about the store during the E3 conference in June. The company is actively working on this.

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Hopefully Microsoft will offer a lot of quirky items like the "Xbox Onesie" and the coveted controller pillows. Let's wish that the price of these items isn't too high.

However, keep in mind that the Xbox merchandise store might not launch this year. It's unclear how far along it is. Manufacturing physical goods takes time and finding suppliers and factories is an extensive task. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more, but it's safe to assume that we probably won't learn anything new until E3 2018.

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Asher Madan

Asher Madan handles gaming news for Windows Central. Before joining Windows Central in 2017, Asher worked for a number of different gaming outlets. He has a background in medical science and is passionate about all forms of entertainment, cooking, and antiquing.

  • Oh come on MS!! This is ridiculous. E3 is suppose to be a gaming convention. I really hope they won't waste their conference time on this stuff. This is more bs from MS. They are investing more money on stuff that isn't really gaming. I will judge their E3 based on the announce of new major games. And no, I'm not talking of the usual Forza or Halo, I'm talking of the effort they put into making new games. New Ips, diversity in games... And who really want these XB merchandise? Only the usual XB/MS "fans" who owns multiple XB and XB controllers. The same people who will usually support them no matter what. If MS wants to hocus on how to keep squeezing as much money as possible from these people then they should not expect to grow. They won't get new customers. They may even lose current or potential XB1 gamers who aren't MS/XB fans...
  • There's a demand for it, clearly. Calm down. If you don't want it you don't have to buy it.
  • This... All the way.
  • @Asher Madan
    LOL I'm actually very calm. :)
    The thing is ofc I won't buy it. You (and others) probably didn't understand my comment.
    It's not about buying the stuff or not. It's about using a gaming convention to talk about non-gaming stuff. Yes, there is demand and I'm sure people want XB colored underwear but that has nothing to do with games.
    There are the people who are fans of the company/brand (MS/XB) but the majority of people aren't and I believe most people would rather see them use their E3 time talking about games and announcing new games. And when I say that I'm not talking about timed "console launch exclusive" deals... I've already said this, for me, MS got to stop listening and catering to the few and start looking at the majority if they want to grow to new heights. It's about getting money from a much larger audience rather than keep making money out of the small base. There is a limit to this strategy, as we can already see on social media how XB fans are upset about the whole SoT vs GoW in the last few weeks. They can easily talk about this during the Xbox inside thing they got going... Seriously, would you rather they talk of new games or merchandising stuff? Sony has this stuff with playstation-gear, but they never used E3 to promote it.
  • I completely understand where you coming from with your comments and hopefully they don't spend more than 5 min announcing this. you are right though this is something more suited for their XBL show than E3.
  • >Sony has this stuff with playstation-gear, but they never used E3 to promote it. So no one from Sony wore any "playstation-gear" at E3?
  • @Axmantim
    I'm talking about wasting E3 conference time on this.
    As it is they hardly ever announce major new games outside E3 so I'de rather not see them spend time on this.
  • So how will 1-2 minutes of "hey you can buy this" take away from anything from you? You're getting bent out of shape over nothing.
  • 1-2 minutes? How do you know it'll take 1-2 minutes?
    Personally I think it should not be talking on this at all. You may want them to talk about this at E3 and it's fine, I think most gamers (not company fans) would rather they focus on games.
    See we just see it differently...
    Like I said, at the end of the day I'll judge their E3 from the announcements they make. Announcements of new games they are making, new AAA games, new IPs, and not on the usual franchise that goes on forever and not on the timed console launch exclusive games...
    If they talk about this stuff during the presentation, for me it's not a good sign about future games...
  • How do you know they will take any significant amount of time on it? How do you know it will take away from anything? How do you know anything that you're complaining about?
  • I never said they'll spend significant of time on this. I said I don't want any time dedicated to it. I already said based on what I'll judge their E3. Talking of non gaming stuff is already a negative for me.
  • If you don't like xbox or MS products don't use them. Spend less time complaining and more time on the things you like.
  • If you don't like my opinions why don't you just ignore them.
    Oh and I never said I don't like XB or MS products.
    I actually wants them to make good quality GAMES. :)
    I criticise because I'm expecting and hoping better from that company. Also I'm not just someone who doesn't worship companies and support them no matter what.
  • So I never watch the conferences because they are all boring as Hell and I just want to see game trailers/gameplay. Did they mention the Gear store?
  • Over 50 games were announced at E3 and over 10 were MS exclusives. What more do you Sony fanboys want? Go play your God of button masher.
  • I think you need to get out more. lol
  • We all do, but clearly this one does indeed.
  • @Avatar of Apathy
    Can you tell me why? I mean how do you know anything about me or if I'm not outside right now? I understand debating and having a discussion but I can't understand the point you're trying to make...
  • @Kieran Jeffery
    WOW brilliant argument. Ok it doesn't have anything to do with the topic or with gaming but still, brilliant argument... LOL
  • Well that escalated quickly.
  • @Richard Devine
    Yes, I expect a lot from MS at this year's E3
  • Nobody should take u serious as u have been ripping on Xbox every time aotf. U clearly lack the business perspective and the demand for this store has been very huge from the Xbox community after the onesies were made available for a short time. So did people ask for this? YES THEY DID! Btw.. Sony released a playstation sneaker and robot dog. So Microsoft isn't the only one doing it. Smh
  • @ISO_117
    So you think we should take someone like you seriously?
    Someone who replies with something that has nothing to do with the original comment, who makes personal response and who runs away...
    Here are some example: And once again you either didn't read my comment or didn't understand it. Since You'll probably not reply I'll make it short and simple so that even you can understand.
    I want MS to focus on games. E3 is a gaming convention, I want gaming coming to use that to announce new games.
    I did say there are people asking for it, but I also said I believe most people prefers games than this thing. Now if you prefer a XB underwear vs MS's version of God of War, last of us, MLB the show... but I doubt most people are like that. And yes, Sony had products but they didn't waste E3 time on it.
  • Till now we should all know..
    Not his typap tea == not everone's typpa tea.
    His demand == everyone's demand.
    He IS the representative of all gamers. Gamers should game on PC, and EVERYONE buys ps4 for its exclusives. BF? FIFA? GTA? Witcher3? Nah, people buy those from Steam.
  • lol can you support anything you said with actual quotes? Or are you just making stuff up?
  • How about you go and troll Playstation forums or something.
  • How about ignore my comments and opinions if they upset you?.
  • It's worth pointing out that if someone is constantly told they are perfect, they will never improve. Criticism is a good thing.
  • How is there an issue with someone that owns multiple Xboxes or controllers? You really are a snot nosed brat.
  • @Axmantim
    Ah the personal insults... I'm talking of the XB fans who supports MS no matter what. I'm talking of people they already have to put on a leash...
    Is personal insults allowed on this site?
  • You regularly resort to them so obviously yes. No one is doing anythibg that affects you, so grow up and deal with the fact that people buy things. No company in the world cares about you. They all care about money and making as much of it as possible. They have 0 loyalty to you and they shouldn't.
  • Really? Can you post a link where I called you names?
    Your comment is actually hilarious. Because I have ZERO loyalty to any company and I never said they have loyalty to me or they should. See, I'm not a fanboy to have loyalty to a company... Sure, they can do whatever they want to make as much money as possible. Sure companies can screw gamers with pay2win, loot box, microtrancations... Companies can lie and mislead us... They can do everything as long as it respects the law... As a consumer, I expect gaming company to focus on gaming in a gaming conference. And as a consumer, I have the RIGHT to give my opinion and criticise a company. The problem here is that you guys don't seem to understand that consumers have rights too. You also don't seem to understand what freedom of speech means.
    I don't live in North Korea where I wouldn't be able to criticise or voice certain opinions... The problem with you guys is that when I criticise MS or XB, you feel the need to attack me personally. For some weird reason, it looks like you're taking it at heart... Maybe you guys are taking this too personally. Relax, I'm only criticisng a company and giving reasons for it.
    Now, if you don't like my opinions and criticism against a certain company, you are free to ignore them and not to resort to personal attacks and insults...
  • > when I criticize MS or XB, you feel the need to attack me personally
    Like when you call me a company fan or MS fan? When I said PSV is dead for years, you ask me for source, calling me a troll. I gave you the source and you left me with no reply. You said ps4 controller is the best controller of all time. How's it logical? You said MS, devs, newer API and HW providers should all still support those dying OSes. Calling yourself a programmer? You are dreaming. All those Sony-also-support-cross-play defending / damage control... You know no business. When I talk about J-devs's struggle and how costly making game is, BP and stuff... you seem to have hard time believing it? All corporation, enterprises are evil right? There's NO RISK so they should try to earn as less as possible with each product they create. No mater what genre, what typpa gameplay or progression, ALL games with micro-transaction in it should be sold as a f2p... cause they have the same business model as those mobile games, progression design's the same too. Sounds like you don't even have logic... Really some kinda troll you are.
    All you are doing is repeat and repeat "This is how I felt / think" and there are people like me out there.
    How many? Are they even correct?
    Felt the need to categorize / group / label people? Typical consumer with "believes"... (but it's a good thing tho. Business need fans like you)
  • ps: Building a merchandise store is also a good way to interact with the community (e.g. like the ability to open a xbox game's API with Mixer. Interact with other systems, and you can build a lot more around it). It's a hot topic in IT these days and there's a degree for it.
  • LOL you posted so many lies and bs!!
    I mean see what you posted :
    "You said ps4 controller is the best controller all time"
    Can you post a link where I said something like that? ofc you'll never be able to find that because I never said it. LOL "All you are doing is repeat and repeat "This is how I felt / think""
    Well, yes. It's called posting opinions. Oh and I also post facts to back my opinions. Sometimes I just post facts.
    Do my opinions and facts hurt you? Are you calling me a troll because they hurt you?
  • > You said ps4 controller is the best controller all
    > time This is all you can do too. When did I said it?
    > Give me the link.
    Unfortunately, that one's like... a year ago? > All you are doing is repeat and repeat "This is how I felt / think
    It's not hurting me, just, how valuable is you opinion? What can we learn / benefit from it? Is it correct? Are those "facts" correct?
    Is that what's happening to the business / industry? Are you learning something or just doing trashy talk? This one's prob from half a year ago too. Do you remember your reply after I said "Most ps4 exclusives are low sales, they don't really mattter"? You did argue with me saying MS should put support on (dying) older Windows and imagine devs will support dying OSes forever when we talked about UWP didn't it? You were defending / damage controlling with Sony-also-support-cross-play argument didn't you? Even though, it's such an obvious business strategic / decision. When I give examples about Sony gave up on PSV, how J-devs're struggle, what makes'em decide where to publish their games, how costly making game is, BP and stuff, you call me bullshit didn't you? Want me to post the link one more time for you? You did call me a company fan or MS fan didn't you? What was your mental state at the time? What was on your mind?
  • The difference between my facts is when I post them I can back it up and prove it.
    I'm not someone who makes all type of statements and then just say: "Unfortunately, that one's like... a year ago?" when asked to prove it.
    Enough said, I don't like to discuss with people who makes stuff up...
  • You regularly label just about everyone on this site as a fanboy, or company fan, or some idea thereof. You spend almost literally every article you comment in personally attacking someone. >You also don't seem to understand what freedom of speech means.
    No, it's you that has a confusion there. As someone that has no government authority I cannot infringe on your 1st Amendment right in anyway. Your free speech is not protected against me, or anyone on this site (including the site itself). No one said you don't have the right to give your opinion, but as a result, I (and many others) have an equal right to think you're an *******. You seem to feel some sort of superioraty to others on here, and you have neither earned it, nor have you demonstrated ANY inkling of it being true. You jump down peoples throats because of what they purchase and then have the audacity to claim that someone is a fan or a fanboy because they bought it. Same with if someone offers ANY counter arguement to anything you whine about. You want personal attacks to stop? Learn to be civil and have an intelligent conversation with someone instead of resorting to calling someone a fanboy.
  • Once again a whole post of accusations without actual links.
    Read my original post again. I criticised MS a company. I gave clear reasons why. Those are my opinions. I mentioned MS "fans" without naming anyone.
    The people who are not civil here, are those who take it personal and start name calling another poster. I criticise companies, you attack personally people. That's the difference here.
  • While I obviously have no idea who you are or what you do, this comment really shows a lack of marketing savvy. E3 is one of the largest gaming conventions that attracts an audience from around the world. This is the perfect forum to announce anything related to Xbox, Playstation or Switch. The audience is your core market. Announcing something like The Xbox merchandise store here is the obvious forum, it will get the highest exposure to your core customers possible.
  • yeaa I love merchandise ^^ please take my money >
  • I hope, that clothing will be not only small sizes, but 4XL or 5XL also.
  • MS should focus on exclusive titles. Sony is killing them with GOD OF WAR.
  • Totally agree. Unfortunately there are people who will defend the situation no matter what. For me, these people are doing more harm to XB than those asking for games.
  • If Sony is killing it with exclusives how come I never see those exclusives at the top of sales charts? It's always multiplats such as COD.
  • @jams_11
    So are you trying to imply that exclusives aren't important?
    I've already posted multiple reasons why I think they are. Do you want me to post it again?
  • Why are they if nobody buys them? Please explain.
  • Nobody buys them? Did you see the recent sales in UK?
    Of the top 10, 6 are console exclusives. But yes, I'l explain. I've already talked of this in the past. There are reasons as to why exclusive or even (to a lower extent console exclusives) are important to a console.
    1) It's simply logical People buy consoles to play games. Exclusive is one of the main reason why many people will buy one console over another. The point is When you're talking of multiplats like COD, FIFA, BF, NFL. They boost PS4 and XB1 sales.
    God of war or Spiderman or Horizon: Zero Dawn don't boost on XB1 sales because they aren't on XB1. The only way a PC player can play Horizon is by buying a PS4.
    2) Image is important
    When choosing a console to buy a COD, FIFA, BF, NFL, people might buy one platform knowing that one system has more games than the other. It's always a selling point when a person who likes baseball, Jrpg, story-based games, action adventure, RPG... knows that a console makes games that you may like...
    More choice, more games, more diversity is important.
    Even MS talks "exclusives", "exclusives", "exclusives" during their E3 conference or at Gamescom. Would they talk of it if it wasn't important?
    3) History shows the importance of big library
    History that the console with greater number of exclusives and game library always finised on top of a generation. Now, while the Wii got most of the support after the initial popularity others had bigger library very early on... The NES (bigger library) beat the Master System
    The GB (bigger library) beat the Game gear
    The SNES (bigger library) beat the Genesis
    The PS1 (bigger library) beat the N64
    The PS2 (bigger library) beat the Gamecube and XBox
    The DS (bigger library) beat the PSP
    The Wii (bigger library) beat the PS3 and XBox360
    The 3DS (bigger library) beat PS Vita
    The PS4 (bigger library) beat XB1 and Wii U
  • Yes I did infact see the recent UK sales charts. I did not see a single PS exclusive in the list until God of Bore came out. I've kept an eye on it for the past few months and did not see any PS exclusives on the list. Why are you lying to everyone and yourself? I see one PS exclusive a few nintendo exclusives and the rest multiplats. So of those 6 you mention how many are PS exclusives? What's the point of making exclusive if nobody is buying them on PS4? Please do explain.
  • Still waiting to hear your explain why there is only one Sony exclusive on this list and it's Sony biggest game so it's expected? But why isn't there more than one Sony exclusive on this list? Why for months have there been no other Sony exclusives on the UK sales charts? Again if nobody buys Sony exclusives outside their biggest game what's the point?
  • So no reply? lol That's what happen when discussing with people like you... You know people who use terms like "God of Bore"...
  • LOL Did you even read my reply?? I've clearly explained point by point the importance of exclusives.
    1) logical reasons, 2) the image and why companies like MS themselves hype exclusives and with 3) historical reasons. You just ignored everything and keep saying they don't sell.
    That is clearly a lie since a game like Horizon sold more than 7.5m, Zelda botw sold 7.7m, Uncharted 4 sold 8.7m and Mario Odyssey sold 9m all in less than one year. There are number of console exclusives that sold more than 2m on PS4, Switch or XB1. Sony is killing it in terms of number of exclusives and in terms of highly rated ones. And for argument sake I'll look at UK sales in the last few weeks. And I'm talking about exclusive as a whole. We've not had a PS exclusive released recently so it's normal not to expect them to sell every week. But that doesn't mean they haven't sold.
    We are talking about exclusives, console exlusives or company exclusives.
    So week of :
    3 March it's 5/10 console exclusive.
    10 March it's 5/10 console exclusive.
    17 March it's 5/10 console exclusive.
    24 March it's 4/10 console exclusive.
    31 March it's 4/10 console exclusive.
    7 April it's 6/10 console exclusive.
    14 April it's 6/10 console exclusive.
    21 April it's 6/10 console exclusive. Your main argument is that no one buys PS4 exclusives. You said "I never see those exclusives at the top".
    I've proved that it is a lie because GoW is at the top right now. Others have topped charts in the past. I've aleady showed that exclusives are important as a whole. So when will you bring proper argument and don't argue with lies for once? "God of Bore"
    I guess everyone can see what you're all about with that. LOL
  • So you are saying the fact that Forza Horizon 3 has 9 million players is completely meaningless because it's an exclusive and nobody buys exclusives?
  • I just recently bought my first playstation ever because of exclusives and after using it won't be buying many more new games for the Xbox 1..
    I've been a Microsoft "fan boy" since the original XBOX, the 360 and the XBOX 1, Have bought every flagship winmo since the touchpro2, lumia 920x2, 1520x2, 2520 tablet and Lumia 950x2.
    I feel dumb now to have waited so long to buy a playstation Ill admit it, the PS4 is awesome and the league is amazing, GOW is even better in 4k!!
  • Does this count as a Xbox true exclusive?
  • LOL I guess it's cheaper to invest in making t-shirts than on loads of games... and some people would support it no matter what.
  • It's almost as if you are replying to your own comment from another account of yours.....
  • It's almost as if people cannot have the same opinions. LOL
    By your logic, all the people defending MS are the same people...
    Anyway, if you want to check just ask Jez... :) PS: You made 4 comments here and only 1 was on topic and was talking about gaming... Can you please stop going off-topic?
  • Lol you are the troll constantly bickering back and forth with other members. Not me. I don't have multiple accounts just for trolling.
  • Neither do I. That's just something you made up. I was the first who posted my opinion. My post was purely gaming and on topic. It's you guys who came and attack me personally just because I happened to criticise MS.
    It's you guys that bring non-gaming arguments to prove something.
    From what I've seen in comment section when people run out of argument they usually attack personally and not talk on the subject discussed.
    Can't you just keep it gaming?
  • uch.. reading Guest_aotf troll attempts again. its making me sick how far these ponies go to prove their wrong points. anyways... just got hold of the xbox hoodie, shirt and cap before ''Out of stock'' happend :)
  • Incorrect comment, deleted.
  • So I went to the gear store to see what they had for xbox gear and either I've reached the age where I just don't get fashion anymore or that is some of the ugliest clothing I've ever seen. I went in expecting to see a nice range of items including some that I would actually consider buying but instead was met with clothing that I would never ever wear. The only thing I might ever consider is the plain black hoodie, other than that, uggggh. Am I just that old now or does anybody else think that those are some pretty unattractive options.