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Xbox Music and Xbox Video keep getting better and better on Windows 8.1. Both apps were recently updated, but are picking up new updates today as well. They’re not big updates, but they are proof of Microsoft listening to customer feedback. Let’s check out what’s new.

Both Xbox Music and Xbox Video picked up updates on Windows 8.1 about two weeks ago. There weren’t any feature changes for Xbox Video, but Xbox Music did add new features back then. The ability to pin favorite music to your Start screen, improved Now Playing screen, improvements to labelling explicit music were just some of the improvements then.

Today Xbox Music gains the following:

  • Large page headers now hide as you scroll, leaving more room for the content you care about.
  • Drag and drop songs or albums to create and re-order playlists, build your now playing queue and beef up your collection.

Xbox Music Drag n Drop

Small update to Xbox Music (now at version 2.2.704), but we are liking the subtle changes. You can now drag and drop (with either your mouse or finger) music/albums into playlists, your now playing queue or your collection. It should make managing your music a bit faster without needing to do those actions by clicking or tapping.

We also like how the big headers up top will now hide as you scroll down. This helps put more content on your screen. Check the screenshot below to see it in action in the collection section of Xbox Music. 

Xbox Music New Header

On the Xbox Video front no big (or small) features to talk about in the latest update. The app is now at version 2.2.704 and the changelog lists minor fixes and improvements. We’ll just say it seems faster.

Digging the changes to Xbox Music? Sound off below!

In the meantime, head to the Windows Store to grab Xbox Music and Xbox Video

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