Xbox One backwards compatibility turns 1, adds Skate 3

The Xbox One's backwards compatibility feature turns a year old today, and Microsoft is celebrating the occasion by adding the much-requested Skate 3 to the list of compatible Xbox 360 titles. Skate 3 has followed a busy couple of weeks that have brought other big titles like Mass Effect 2 and 3, along with Blue Dragon to the program.

Skate 3 is currently available at the Xbox Marketplace for $12, or $10 for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Here's a little about the game for those unfamiliar:

The SKATE™ franchise is back and rolling into new territory as SKATE™ 3 heads to the brand new city of Port Carverton. Delivering a unique co-op skateboarding experience, build your own customized skate team and change the face of the city by taking on unique team challenges, competing against rival crews online, and shredding the streets of an all-new skaters' paradise.

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Following the addition of Skate 3, Microsoft says that there are now more than 280 Xbox 360 titles that are backwards compatible with the Xbox One. That's up from 100 when the feature launched a year ago. That's a pretty impressive increase, and the pace of new additions show no signs of slowing down, with multiple Xbox 360 games being added every week.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Forza 4 still not backwards compatible after one year. Not that I would play it on my XOne, since I won't get rid of my X360. And there's already 4 Forzas on XOne.
  • Sadly, you're not going to be getting it - licensing expired after four years of release, and Microsoft rushed to get the later posted Horizon 1 onto the store before that entered End Of Life.
  • Okay, I see. I was assuming that because it's Microsoft published game, it would come to BC, but there's that licensing issue.
  • what a stupid and pointless comment
  • I hear ya, There is a lot of games that I still would like to see... a lot and a few of them are in the top 10 requested and most of them are in the top 20... This is no question better than it was going from the ORIGINAL Xbox  to the 360... There was maybe 50 tiles that came over and about 65-70% of them had issues, like controller, crashes, or display issues. It was a joke back then. If you got a game that was solid, you were lucky. Even the controlls were not right, a oddball placed button made games hard to play. It was not fun at all. Time will tell but, so far from what 360 games I played, it works pretty well.  
  • Um... There are over 450 original Xbox games backwards compatible on the 360, which is around half of the games that were released for the console. And the only game I ever had trouble with was Morrowind GOTY, which had major slowdown in certain areas. Others like Ninja Gaiden, with native 480p widescreen, were amazing experiences on the 360.
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  • Actually, there was offically 460 games (I did look it up), funny. I had about 25 orginal games and only about 5 of them played back on the 360 (that were on this list, I compared them) and out of the 5 I had, 4 of them had problems. Video problems were very common, and controller layouts on 2 of them were different. On a lot of the games (and look over older fourms), a good percent of the games had issues of some type. On a lot of the games, they just played it for 10 min, it works and bing, it was approved but, a lot of issues were not noticed till later in the game. Out of the games I had (and fairly common ones), this is why I remember there being a lack of titles...  My mistake, sorry about that.
  • Microsoft has been updating the backwards compatibility support steadily. At first I had a number of games that seemed pretty jerky, like Gears of War Judgement. But after all the updates, it certainly feels like they all play at least as well as on 360, including Judgement. I love it! I would really like to see SF4.
  • Sf4?
  • Yeah, Alan Wake played very well too.
  • Want Max Payne!!!!!!
  • wasn't max Payne 3 already added?
  • No, it's not in the list!
  • Awesome, I'll have to grab this from the store at some point.
  • Great advert.
  • I'm buying it today!
  • Burnout would be really great!!
  • Sadly, the disc doesn't work. I already own the game.
  • .
  • Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
  • Really hoping far cry 3 gets added!
  • I would love to see a NCAA football title since there are no new ones
  • Finally!!!!!!