Xbox One is soon getting its first BitTorrent client with Torrex

BitTorrent clients are super typical these days from PCs to smartphones, but one area we have not seen them often is on our TV. That may be changing soon as the developers at Finebits OÜ are working on bringing their universal app to the gaming console.

Finebits OÜ already has Torrex and Torrex Pro as 8.1 apps that can also run on Windows 10. However, the company is in the late stages of beta testing their native Windows 10 UWP app, which will run everywhere including phone, PC, HoloLens, and the Xbox One.

Currently, Torrex for Windows 10 is in private beta testing though I was allowed a sneak peek. While the Windows 10 version has many similarities to the 8.1 one being able to run it on the Xbox One is the real treat.

There are some limitations with Torrex on the console such as not being able to transfer the Torrent from Edge to Torrex directly. Finebits OÜ tells me that they will release their "own browser" for the Xbox One shortly, which will "download files and open all magnet links."

Very cool stuff.

For now, I use an external thumb drive with the torrent trackers already downloaded.

Torrex on the Xbox does let you download, seed, and even play, and video files downloaded. The app can run in the background a bit too, but eventually, it may time out. Finebits OÜ will be making more UI changes as well as this is the Windows 10 version just ported to the gaming console.

Putting Torrex on the Xbox One is a momentous achievement as it demonstrates how the console is quickly turning into just another Windows 10 machine.

I'll keep you posted on when Torrex for Windows 10 and Xbox hits the Store. For now, you can try the current 8.1 version linked below.

QR: torrex

Daniel Rubino

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  • so you can download to local storage, and offline storage? hope they work out the background timeout. and it sounds like it has its own media player. not bad.
  • Yup, although I'm not clear where it goes exactly. That is, those movies don't show up under Movies & TV app, or under Media Storage. I'm sure this will be worked out much like how Phone got a File Explorer to move files around, etc.
  • But the files must go somewhere on the local disk right? Is there any size limit for the downloaded files?
  • Hopefully, though sounds like the OS and UWP on Xbox One limitation rather than the app itself. There may some things they can sort out within their app though such as opening links using their own web browser UI within the app rather than Edge (OS limitation). Wishing that there will be a significant Xbox One update that address all of these limitations under-the-hood that makes these apps on Xbox have some odd limitations that impacts the UX aspects and operations between apps and OS.
  • thanks daniel, hope someone posts and actual hands on review of the app, to show the different options and how it works.
  • Makes it easier to be more lazy. :D . Any way its great seeing all the new apps on xbox. Yaay ecosystem!!
  • As for whether it should be... of course! It should be up to users to choose what apps to run on what is fast becoming a more capable PC type device.  The more open the platform, the more successful it will be.
  • So se can torrent games now?
  • Not sure what to make of this. I'm stoked for the innovation, I'm stoked for another app (possibly something PS may never get), I'm elated that my chosen platform offers this. But, and don't shoot me down, I am not a torrent hound, is there a legal use case for this? ISO files etc, yeah I get the fact that they are torrented on PCs, but the Xbox?
  • Torrent stuff is always a bit difficult to justify for non-piracy.
  • Didn't Microsoft do it for windows 10?
  • For this specifically, I can't say, but for torrents, absolutely. Many legal pieces of software use a torrent system for updates and installs. Also not all file sharing is illegal. Not that I would, but I could create something right now and seed it. I'm not saying this will be the case for torrex, but I don't like the idea of saying, people use it for illegal things, so no one should be able to use it.
  • This^
    Many Linux distros are actually shared via bit torrent. Relieves the servers from having to deliver to every single user.
    That said though, torrent is probably mostly used for illegal distribution i.e. 'pirated' stuff :-(
    Hopefully, that wouldn't cause any issues!
  • You are so sexy...
  • Because that's not awkward or uncalled for
  • Lol
  • Yeah, Torrent is just a tool that is unfortunately accused of illegal usage, which is indeed true on many cases but not all nor it was built for it. Like other said, it's often used to download Linux distros. There are many uses of Torrent that aren't illegal. It's actually a great way to share large amount of files and with big file sizes, though that's why its also use largely for something non-legal stuff. It just happens that torrent is so good at file sharing large chunks of data that is common for pirates.
  • "Putting Torrex on the Xbox One is a momentous achievement as it demonstrates how the console is quickly turning into just another Windows 10 machine." I have mixed feelings about the wisdom of this.
  • Windows RT machine :P
  • Can't wait! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Guessing you're not very torrent savvy Daniel? Because you're transferring pre-downloaded torrent files to Xbox, not trackers.
    Trackers are server-based which basically track everything that's going on: Not criticising, but you might want to update the article.
  • Is this used for illegal activities?
  • Murder.
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We are all pirates!!
  • People will do what they do with Torrents, and that's not my business to judge someone for what they do. (That's up to law enforcement and legal ramifications, neither of which I'm well-versed in.) But I also see purpose in this for downloading files needed that are legal, especially on the Xbox One platform. It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out.
  • Can you give one example of legal file someone would download to Xbox with this?
  • There has been a handful of indie documentaries released straight to torrent. Of course, that doesn't justify the dev cost of this - and I doubt it'll be a huge success (on the Xbox). Honestly, I thought torrenting died a long time ago.
  • you do realize there are countless pieces of art (music, movies, etc.) that are allowed to be freely distributed. hell, even mainstream utilizes it. Nine Inch Nails released an album through torrenting. So, its not even difficult to find one example. I'm just amazed at how ridiculous the question is. It's like asking for a single legal use of fire.
  • Spam, this is is not the place to post this kind of stuff.
  • I'm so glad I'm a member of the PC Gaming Master Race. I laugh at your torrent app from my summit on uTorrent.
  • Pretty sure most people who have an Xbox own a PC and lots of PC owners have an Xbox.
  • Deluge > μTorrent Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Torrex is SO MUCH BETTER than uTorrent
  • tTorrent is much better than Torrex. I do most of my downloading on my phones. Timing out/suspension of downloads is a phenomenon only observed on my Lumia.
  • People like you make me want to run over my gaming PC with a steamroller and play nothing but Game Boy.
  • Torrex is love
  • Can you get viruses on an Xbox?
  • Nope.
  • They can't run on an Xbox One but they can still be downloaded through torrents, so be careful what you torrent even on an Xbox One.
  • "They can't run on an Xbox One"    yet.
  • Very good app. I used it on my Mobile. But now Torrent is banned in my country ☹
  • Isn't illegal to download torrents in USA? I mean I always rely on torrents to download all kinda stuff coz there's no limitation in Syrian Republic and this news looks exciting to me but what about the others
  • Depends on what you download. As some other comments have pointed out there are legal torrents available, but they likely makeup a small portion of the total use.
  • Small is probably an understatement. i'm sure its a sizeable portion. its just not the most visible portion.
  • Does the Torrex media player have built in resume functionality which the defaul Xbox one media player does not have?