Xbox One digital pre-orders and pre-loading of games start now with Madden NFL 15

Microsoft has decided to jump the gun a bit on their previously announced plans to offer digital pre-orders and pre-loading of games for the Xbox One. That feature is now live for owners who want to get EA Sports' upcoming Madden NFL 15.

Microsoft previously said the pre-order and pre-loading feature would launch in a few weeks for the release of Forza Horizon 2, but the now shows that the digital version of Madden NFL 2015 can now be purchased ahead of its release on August 26. Most of the game's files can also be downloaded to the Xbox One hard drive after it is purchased, but the game's final files won't be made available until 12:01 am on that date.

How do you feel about this long awaited feature finally being rolled out in a limited way to the Xbox One?


John Callaham