Check out these hot Forza 5 Windows Phone car decals and update details

Forza Motorsport 5 is one of the premiere titles in the Xbox One launch lineup. With hyper realistic graphics, excellent physics, and innovative cloud-based driver AI, Forza 5 should keep fans of racing sims busy for months on end.

That’s all well and good, but my favorite feature of the Forza series has always been its unrivaled livery editor. Players have an impressive amount of freedom to make practically any decorations they want. An enterprising gamer could even make some classy Windows Phone designs with which to adorn the game’s cars. That’s just what our reader “B0BCAT wp” has done, as a matter of fact. Look at the detail on that phone!

Meanwhile, Forza 5 is set to receive a significant balancing update sometime within the next week or two. More details and custom car design pictures after the break.

Reaching for players’ wallets

Forza 5 for Xbox One custom Windows Phone car design

2013 Audi RS 7 Sportback

When Forza 5 launched, it did so with a heavier emphasis on microtransactions and In-App Purchases than previous games in the series. Rare car prices had been boosted exponentially, to the point where it would have taken literally months of grinding to unlock the full complement of 200+ cars.

Things that used to award free cars to players in previous games no longer did, and players couldn’t sell cars to each other either. Meanwhile, the game offered to sell premium currency on virtually every screen. This caused quite a stir among the loyal Forza community and the general IAP opposition.

Quick turn 10-around

Forza 5 for Xbox One custom Windows Phone car design

2009 Honda S2000 CR

Remember how Microsoft responded to negative feedback about the Xbox One’s online requirements by removing the requirement prior to launch? Well, Microsoft and Turn 10 did the same thing with Forza 5, except a few weeks after release instead of before. Correctly anticipating player preferences would have been better, but at least they’re trying.

Post-update, credit payouts have been increased dramatically. Leveling up used to pay 15,000 credits; now it pays 35,000. On the average difficulty setting, players will earn 60 percent more credits than before, says Microsoft.

Simultaneously, Turn 10 has reduced the prices of the best cars in the game. The Ferrari GTO, for example has had its price slashed by four million credits. It now costs only two million. The cumulative price of all Forza 5 cars has gone down by 45 percent. These changes should allow people to progress through the game at a reasonable pace.

Also, don't forget to visit the Forza Rewards website to unlock free credits and bonus cars!

More improvements

Forza 5 for Xbox One custom Windows Phone car design

On top of repairing Forza 5’s economy in the impending update, Turn 10 has also added a couple of new multiplayer-oriented modes. First, drag races are now available in free play and multiplayer modes. Up to 16 players in a lobby can compete in 1-versus-1 heats. Alternately, 8 drag racers can compete at the same time on the same track.

The second new game type is multiplayer-only tag racing. It offers three variations: try to stay “it” the longest, try to spread “it” everyone, or try to be “it” the least during a match. Tag is one of Forza’s more inventive game types.

The only downside to the new tag and drag racing game types? They don’t appear in career mode. I suppose it would have taken the developer much longer to integrate them into single-player, so perhaps that’s for the best.

More designs to come

Forza 5 for Xbox One custom Windows Phone car design

Getting back to custom car decals and designs, B0BCAT wp did a great job capturing the look and coolness of Windows Phone in his designs. To get these signs:

  • Purchase and hop into the 2013 Audi RS 7 Sportback or 2009 Honda S2000 CR
  • Then go to Paint / Find New Designs / Search / Creator and search for in B0BCAT

Do you guys have high quality Forza 5 designs to show off? If so, share them in our forums! I have a few special designs in the works, but they won’t be ready until early next year. Blame a hectic review schedule. Or blame it on the rain.

Thanks to RJ Priest for showing us the custom car designs!

Paul Acevedo

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • Is the new patch/update actually out yet?
  • Launched last Friday according to Microsoft.
  • I leveled up yesterday and still got 15,000 credits. According to the Xbox blog, the update is still in the review process.
  • Yeah it doesn't seem to be put yet :( I can't wait any longer! Need to beat more lap times!
  • They said might come this week it was announced last Friday but wpc is usually confused
  • Hopefully a version comes out for windows phone....
  • Yeah, I rather have that than asphalt!
  • yeah, hopefully. :P
  • Kind of amazes me that Microsoft still isn't pushing out these marquee titles for its mobile platform. Seems like a no-brainer to me...
  • I agree, but they never will unless we customers tell them too. Particularly, I recommend tweeting to Microsoft Studios (@PlayXBLA) and Phil Spencer, Microsoft Studios VP (@XboxP3) and tell them you want more Xbox games from Microsoft on Windows Phone. Include the hashtag #SaveXboWP to alert your other WP gaming comrades and they'll re-tweet it.
  • Well, normally I would but is it really that hard for those up in WP to understand that they need software titles to lure consumers? Isn't that what Microsoft has been doing for the last 20 years? Building platforms based on rock solid software support. It is just common sense to use your strengths to push other products. Titles like Forza are a must. And as for the Halo thing...yeah, that's one title in the last 3 to 4 years that Windows Phone has been out for. That's not exactly a healthy rate of progress.
  • I hope, but I doubt it will.  Considering that a Forza 3 app was the original app shown for Xbox on WP, and that never materialized I have little hope.
  • -_-
  • Yep, I too would like Forza for Windows Phone and Windows 8 with Xbox Live achievements, multi-player and regular year-round updates (to tracks and cars). A new Forza for WP game every year. Same treatment for Halo and Fable.
  • Xbox games on Windows Phone? Keep dreaming. WPCentral is keeping this quiet for reasons unknown to me, but if you haven't noticed, now not only support has stopped (big devs are no longer releasing Xbox branded games) but Xbox-branding is being removed from games already in the store (EA has stripped Tetris Blitz of its former Xbox capabilities in an update 2 days ago).
  • We're still investigating.
  • Paul, this sudden stripping of Xbox branding from Tetris Blitz by EA has me really concerned that other Xbox games are suddenly going to be stripped / delisted. Are you sure we shouldn't start buying up the remaining Xbox games? Even if we did, though, it seems that publishers can still strip the Xbox branding later on with an 'update'. I guess I'll be refusing all game updates in the store from now on. This is getting ridiculous: how can Microsoft not give us official word on what's going on. We deserve at least that much.
  • This Tetris thing is disturbing...playing this game for weeks, going for 100k lines and now this awesome looking green xbox branding is gone. Xbox achievements are still in the achievement section, but of course my counter is broken. Gonna discuss this more in detail over at x360.
    Tiger Woods got delisted. Looking for some good news once in a while, anyone?
  • I thought maybe the Tiger Woods delisting was because EA is dropping it's relationship with Tiger Woods, but now that this Tetris Blitz stripping has happened, I'm not so sure. I've been holding off purchasing FIFA 13 because I've been waiting for FIFA 14, but not it seems unlikely FIFA 14 will launch with Xbox branding, in which case I'd buy FIFA 13 instead. However, with this news of Tiger Woods and Tetris Blitz, I'm worried EA will suddenly strip FIFA 13 of Xbox branding as well before I can buy it.
  • Xbox games for WP never had a chance. Zero development effort has been places on first party titles, and ports are mainly afterthoughts. Despite wpcentral's silly achievement guides for dopey free to play crap, there is very little in the way of Xbox for WP out there that is worth even a glance.
  • For someone so obsessed with talking about Xbox games on WP, I'm amazed that you've failed to notice how I explicitly named out marquee titles published by Microsoft Studios. If anyone is in the position to bring in high quality XBL games, it is Microsoft and the companies closely tied with Microsoft.
  • Oh yeah, because Microsoft is so good at bringing their own games to their own platforms, right? You've had Age of Empires since WP7, haven't you? Flight Simulator? And Galactic Reign is going strong with no date to the closing of the servers that make the game run, right?
  • Did I say Microsoft was doing a good job? I said Microsoft was in the best position to bring XBL to Windows Phone with its own titles. With anyone else, e.g. indies and 3rd party studios, it is out of their control. I'd much rather Microsoft not care about what they do (so long as games make it to WP) and instead focus on bringing in more titles such as Halo: Spartan Assault with XBL (e.g. Forza, Fable, and new IP). Yes, they're doing a crappy job, but it doesn't change the fact that they're in a position to contribute directly.
  • They are in a position for many things. But they simply can't be too bothered with non-profitable projects.
  • You're right that Microsoft Studios is in the best position to support XBox on WP, and they did get off to a promising start back when WP7 launched, but in the past year their efforts have been dismal. They've published, what, two games (Halo:SA and Skulls of the Shogun)? Not acceptable. That's why we need to take to Twitter and tell them to step up their game: #SaveXboxWP. They should be leading the efforts.
  • Whoa...I didn't notice that about Tetris Blitz because it was still showing up as an Xbox game in my Games  hub. Xbox achievements are still buried in the new achievements section, but you're right that if you go to the Windows Phone store, the Xbox banner has been removed. This is not good. I was holding on to a sliver of hope that, despite Gameloft's, Rovio's, MiniClip's defections, that EA and Ubisoft would still release Xbox games. This can only mean that Microsoft themselves are killing Xbox on Windows Phone because there is no way that all other developers would suddenly start eschewing it. Why, Microsoft!?
  • I did wonder how EA seemed to be pushing out updates for TB so frequently, i actually changed my review of the game stating i thought that somehow MS may have improved the xbl cert process. Now i see that xbl has been stripped from the game, it all makes sense. Nail meet coffin for XBLOWP. :(
  • Just validates my decision not to purchase any more games from the store. Even though i will still suppor the twitter campaign I realy cant see the point in buying games that dont support the platform and can even have those features removed after purchase. Apple has now got to the point where thay have games specially marked as made for ios7 but Micosoft is going full steam in reverse with support for Xbox on WP. It seems with WP buying games and apps is just throwing money away. Not about to do that.
  • I feel you, man. I'm upset about what has beeing going down with Xbox on WP for the past few months, and I also refuse to buy new games that don't have Xbox branding. If it ended up being the case that Xbox on WP is officially dead, I was planning on just buying older Xbox titles that I haven't yet purchased yet but that are good (N.O.V.A 3, FIFA 13, Order & Chaos, etc) since there are enough of them to keep me content for quite some time, but now that this 'stripping' of Xbox via later updates is happening I'm seriously hesitant to even do that. I may never buy another mobile game every again. Without Xbox achievements, it just doesn't appeal to me. If achievements go away forever, I'll find something else to do besides mobile gaming.
  • Not that I don't love Achievements, but... Could you maybe have allowed Achievements to affect you to an unhealthy degree? Achievements have always been a reward for gameplay - they're not intended to be the sole reason you play games. I mean, there are literally hundreds - thousands even - of excellent games out there on non-Xbox platforms. To overlook them just because they don't feed an addiction is to miss out on the great experiences that games are actually all about.
  • No, Tetris blitz is still an Xbox title even though it doesn't say it. Just confirmed it by getting two Xbox achievements, looks like game devs will be able to implement Xbox achievements within the games without being Xbox certified.
  • Perhaps, if we look at Xbox One games, they don't have the Xbox branding on their picture but still have achievements.
  • It sure seems like all Xbox One games have Xbox One branding on their cover pictures:
  • It may simply just have Xbox achievements buried in it because it was formally an Xbox title and removing them would've infuriated a lot of people. It may be possible that they are doing what you say, but if that's the case, it's very odd that Gameloft and Rovio would've eschewed Xbox Live achievement in their recent game releases (Asphalt 8, Dungeon Hunter 4, Minion Rush, Angry Birds Go). That said, even if they do go this route, I don't like it as it'll be difficult without an Xbox banner on the picture to tell the difference between which games are Xbox integrated and which aren't. This is so bizarre that Microsoft is doing  this: I mean Xbox branding is a big part of the gaming experience on both Windows Phone and Windows 8. There are specific Games hubs with Xbox game sections separate from non-Xbox games. So it's built into the OS. What are they going to do when Windows Phone 8.1 launches? Maybe the Xbox section will be removed? That seems counterintuitive to the "One Microsoft" philosophy they've suppoedly adopted. I guess I just don't see why they are doing this and what benefit it  has because in my opinon Xbox branding on Windows Phone was a positive selling point, not a negative one, so why remove it?
  • I'd settle for a 360 version
  • Great work by B0BCAT!  Hopefully we'll see some more Windows Phone designs from the community. Thank you Paul for authoring a great article on this topic.
  • Wow is that real or game graphics
  • Neither, it's the Matrix.
    Too bad it looks like shit in-game.
  • Is it opposite day already?
  • It's Forza 4 HD day. Textures, LODs, antialiasing... how do they work? The PC version back at E3 looked pretty nice though, I'll give them that.
  • It did look better at E3, but it's still a pretty game. You know, beauty (and evaluations of quality in general) doesn't exist on a binary scale. Just because something doesn't look like perfect, that doesn't mean it looks like "shit." That's hyperbole. :P
  • I am part way through my own wp design. Just learning the basics still. Feel free to check out my Mini and Honda s200 designs. Gamer tag is same as here.
  • MS need to make a WP8 version they not doing anything for there OS
  • They couldn't do a gtr come on. Lol
  • I don't get it. I suppose I figured we were supposed to do some actual work to afford high end cars :/ seems dilluted now.
  • It's still "work," it just won't take the rest of your life any more.
  • Thanks B0BCAT. This WP paintjob looks fresh on my S2000.
  • Great article Paul, glad you like the Forza 5 WP liveries and I’m pretty chuffed that you used my pictures in your feature. I have been a Windows Phone Central reader for some time now, visiting several times daily for great WP features and news. I also love to read the comments and forums too which is exactly what I was doing when I came across my own photo’s !! So a big thanks to RJ Priest for spotting my designs in the Forza Forum and posting them in the WP Central forum which prompted my (long overdue) official membership to the site.... yay !! Indecently, my Honda S2000 CR Windows Phone design was chosen by Turn 10 (Forza 5 developers) as one of this months livery competition winners and will feature in the Turn 10 “Picks” which means that when players buy a Honda S2000 CR and are prompted to apply a livery, my Windows Phone design will be at the front of the design page. Great exposure for our favourite mobile devices. The design is my own Lumia 820 which I know doesn’t have too much love here but as I need a high-end Windows Phone with SD card support my options are limited ..... I’m saving for a Lumia 1520 but until then my trusty 820 does the job. These designs combine three things that I’m passionate about, cars, video games and Windows Phone. I am a huge advocate of Windows Phone and have converted many people including family, friends, work colleagues ..... even random people in phone shops to the beauty of Windows Phone. This design was my idea for a little more Windows Phone exposure and thanks to your feature and the Turn 10 Pick the livery has already been downloaded several hundred times so well done us !! So thanks to Paul, RJ Priest and all who downloaded the designs. Regards to all, Robert (B0BCAT wp)
  • Glad to have you here, man. Please stick around and comment more. We can always use some positivity and gaming know-how in our article comments and forums.
  • no yellow L920 :D
  • I make high quality replicas of real race, time attack and drift cars. Non are shared yet but I'll be posting alot in the next couple weeks! (working on a Paul walker tribute and a slew of fast and furious cars) Talbot690 is the gt get at me I may even do requests.
  • Will look forward to seeing them when they're ready, Talbot!