Feedback on the Xbox One's branch of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has been coming in thick and fast, and initially, feelings were mixed. The new dashboard began to incorporate elements of Fluent Design and reimagined the home screen and the guide menu.

The latest build on the Alpha ring has tweaked the home screen again based on user feedback while adding a few other cool features. Here's a quick video look at what's new.

The light theme looks as though it still needs a bit of polish, but if you're not a fan of the Xbox's darker option, it might be just what the doctor ordered. The expansion of the pins section to 40 slots is a nice addition. And the ability to tweak the suggested content algorithm should help to reduce complaints about the apparent randomness of the options served there.

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We still have many more features to look forward to in this update, which will likely go live somewhere around October 2017. New avatars, the possibility of game gifting, and much more are on the horizon, and we'll be here to give you an early look if you're not in the Xbox Insider Program.

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