What you need to know

  • Xbox Live appears to be experiencing issues at the moment.
  • Numerous Xbox One owners report that they can't launch games.
  • Users keep on encountering sign-in errors.
  • Take your console offline if you want to avoid this.

Updated October 23, 2019: Xbox Live is back up and running. We were able to verify this on our Xbox One X and games like Destiny 2 are working again.

It's another day and another Xbox Live outage. This time around, gamers are reporting that they can sign in, but they can't open any games. If they're connected to the internet, they get a message saying you need to "sign in with the account that purchased the game." We were able to verify these problems and also received the message.

If you aren't gaming sharing with anyone, the solution appears to be to take your console offline. However, that means that you can only play single-player titles that don't require the internet. Unfortunately, titles like Destiny 2 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint are always-online titles, so if you're trying to play them, you're out of luck.

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Xbox Support is aware of the problem and is working towards a solution. The Twitter account said that it would provide an update as soon as one was available. We'll also keep monitoring the problem and will keep you posted as soon as it's resolved. Until then, try going offline to play your games.

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