Xbox One picks up the ability to record games in 60 fps

I don't think anyone can fault Microsoft for the break-neck speed at which it has been updating the Xbox One feature-set. So far this month, preview members have picked up the ability to wirelessly display other devices onto their Xbox One via Miracast, among other smaller features.

Next up, Xbox One preview members will be able to use the in-built Game DVR to capture gameplay footage at 60 fps.

The news broke last night, as some members of the community noticed that some of their games were recording at 60 fps. Naturally, only games that run at 60 frames per second will support this, such as Battlefield 4, Killer Instinct and so on.

A bunch of users have been uploading clips at 60 fps to their profiles on, but for a quick example check out the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare clip from L'épée Légendaire below:

Note: You may need to enable 720p60 in the quality setting in the player, and even then YouTube may only display 60 fps on a stable enough connection.

If you're unable to watch the embed, you can check out the same clip on here (opens in new tab), which also displays at 60 frames per second.

The next logical step is allowing games to record at their maximum resolution or even 1080p up-scaled, time will tell if we're to receive that functionality.

Xbox One owners have a rich roadmap of new features to look forward to in the coming months, including streaming from your Xbox to Windows 10 devices and a rumoured TV DVR function.

Do you use Game DVR? Link your 60 fps clips in the comments below!

Source: ICXM

Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • I love it when they continously improve products after consumers have purchased them. Obvious exception to the rule was gen1 windows phones.
  • Do the games runs at 60FPS on Xbox one? I mean the actual video output.
  • Some of them at least. :)
  • At least the ones without "cinematic effects" ;-)
  • Depends on the games and the developer. But yes, there are many games @60fps.
  • They'll have an easier time achieving this with DX12, if the expectations are fulfilled. On the other hand, developers might stick to their guns about 30fps being okay and use the processing headroom for more effects. 
  • Lol that's what I'm asking too
  • PlayStation already has this since its launch
  • Soooo?
  • He's lying. PS4 only records at 30 FPS. Just tried it. 
  • Oh, come on dude. The PS4 didn't have 60fps recording at launch, but they added it in Update 2.5 at the end of March 2015... the same patch where they finally gave Playstation players the Suspend/Resume functionality that Xbox players have had since March 2014. Now Microsoft is testing 60fps recording so they can add it to their system either in May or June this year. This generation is pretty awesome on both sides, and steadily getting better as time goes on. Why do people have to go and be all shitty about it just because someone else bought a different console from them?
  • Intresseklubben antecknar.
  • Good for them.
  • He's lying. PS4 DVR clips are just 30 FPS. Just checked it. 
  • The PS4 game DVR records footage @ 30 fps
  • 60fps now
  • It definitely wasn't at launch though..
  • He's lying. It's still 30 FPS on PS4. 
  • No, it's not. 
  • It's not. THis guy is lying. XBox One is the only console that gives 60 FPS built in recording. 
  • I just tried this and it's 30 FPS on ps4. xb1 is the only console with 60 FPS built in recording. 
  • AT 720P don't forget that eh.
  • Yes it does, but it's missing a ton of features that Xbox has and has had, and is getting. So what's your point?
  • I'm sorry but I couldn't find any information about that, not even at their website! Can you provide me a link of article that would expressively say it records at 60fps?
  • Xbox has had more than one good game since launch.
  • I can list a number of features that Xbox had before the PS had, both on the 360/PS3 and XOne/PS4. Should we go to PS forums and make it an issue every time Sony adds a feature that Microsoft had first? Lets start a list of things Microsoft had before Sony did: 360/PS3: Achievements were on the 360 long before Sony had trophies. XOne/PS4: Xbox One had CD playback long before PS4.
  • No, I just tested this out. PS4 only records 30 FPS still. It can stream to the PS Vita at 60 FPS and sharing games with friends streams at 60 FPS but the game dvr still records at 720p 30 FPS. 
  • Can someone add me to the prewiev program? ​
  • Sure, PM me on the forum with your gamertag.
  • Excellent news!
  • I love xbox m xbox people way better den. Ps I mover from ps4 to xbox best thing I could ever done :)
  • That's what I like
  • How the heck can I get in the preview? Can one of the kind people on this site send me an invite? PLEASE?! Got W10 preview running like a champ on my 1520, my older but still decent gaming desktop runs W10 preview as well... Can't get XB1 preview :(
  • I'll invite you mate, what's your gamertag? (Note: the invites go through in waves, so its not instantaneous or guaranteed)
  • i love MS and the new Xbox platform. even looking forward to Windows 10 improving things.
    but seriously, they could've given better specs in the One.
    most games don't even run at true 1080p. it's more like 900p.
    graphics on ps4 (sadly) are much better.
  • 1080p isn't the be all and end all of graphics. 1080p can expose low poly textures, whereas 900p wouldn't so much. There are tons of factors that go into a game's presentation, and the 1080p buzzword is harming developers. Some of the PS4 games that hit 1080p have frame rate issues, whereas their 900p Xbox counterparts do not.
  • The sooner people realise they have made a mistake with Xbox One the better,they were to busy rushing the console out, only realising to late, that they hadn't petitioned enough game space, to much for media, everything else is a knock on effect where gaming is concerned.
  • The PS4 does push better graphics though. Regardless of resolution the visuals on the PS4 are better. In regards to gameplay it makes zero difference but it is the case.
  • 1080p has only been a standard in displays for years. Not like it is some new, unfamiliar resolution the devs have to get used to first. You're right, there's more to it than just resolution but devs - especially the ones related to big publishers - tend to fuck up and even deliver a terrible graphical experience when the resolution is lower than 1080p. And then they dig even deeper and tell people they chose those ancient settings for a more "cinematic effect" (sub-1080p, 30fps max., black bars on top and bottom of the screen, low quality textures,...).  
  • Both consoles are struggeling with 1080p, funny isnt it? Especially with 4k TVs at home. Would have expected to have some 4k Content but well.
  • Without the buzzword of "1080p", you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. There have been side-by-side comparisons where people had to guess which game was running on PS4 and which was running on Xbox One and the majority guessed wrong. The fact remains that on a typical HDTV living room set-up, the difference between native 1080p and 900p (upscaled to 1080p) is so minor that it isn't even worth discussion. Saying that the "graphics on PS4 are much better" is just playing into Sony's current PR tidal wave of ignorance in my opinion when the visual evidence via the human eye says otherwise..
  • "much better" you've just shown you have no idea what you're talking about. You're not much more than the same numbers goons that claim it's better because a number is a meaningless amount.
  • MS plan from the beginning was to enhance games through the cloud. They are still working to make this the end game I think.
  • Much better? That's objectively false.
  • Well take into account that Xbox One really does way more than the PS4.. So you're saying that because the Xbox One does way more than the PS4, it's way better than the PS4? Look they both are great systems, it's whatever system makes you happy.
  • Listen I'm the same where Microsoft are concerned but they have got it wrong with gaming on the XB1. IF it was to launch now it would be perfect. But it was rushed out. I'm lucky as I have XBOX 360. Also at hand XB1 & PS4, next-door has an Alien ware game pc its awsome machine, nephew has Alpha console, so I know the difference in quality compare quality of say eg. GTAV ON XB1 v PC version PC wipes the floor with it graphics wise because XB1 STRUGGLES & that shouldn't be the case should it.
  • Battlefield 4 isn't 60 fps. That Hardline
  • BF4 runs at 60fps in the Xbox One and the PS4.
  • But certainly not in 1080p....
  • best Console Ever
  • Xbox One for President.
  • Would be nice for them to add BD-R and Bluetooth support.
  • The thing is it's only 720p. They seriously need to put right the gaming capability it's supposed to to have before it was launched.
  • They can't. The consoles are either not powerful enough or the devs are idiots. You have to choose between 1080p or 60fps.
  • publish to the GP already
  • I thought some of my clips seemed unusually smooth very lately
  •   Same here. They didn't even look like the same game!    
  • Will someone add a brotha to the preview GT: shantz123
  • Message me on my GT JyslaQuezze, and i'll invite you . Don't expect to get access right away though. 
  • Am I the only person who doesn't like 60 frames for video? I'm still a purist, so the closest to 24 frames you can get, in my opinion, the better, and more accurate, the visuals.
  • I'm with you. 60 frames with video messes with my brain and looks "fake". My last experience with 60 frames at the movies (The Hobbit part 5) was absolutely miserable - bad movie notwithstanding.
  • The Hobbit is actually at 48 FPS, not 60. 
  • You are correct. It also wasn't part 5 of the series but I think the point still stands. Higher framerate at the theater (so far) = no good. I think the 3D on top of that also hindered it. The whole thing looked cheap - like a cheesy British TV show. Hard to explain but it looked wrong and killed what little enjoyment there was to be had out of that crappy movie.
  • So I normally don't do this, but I saw a couple of other people asking... Anyone have a Xbox Preview invite they can spare? I've been wanting in this for awhile now but haven't found the place to really ask..
  • Send me a message to my gamer tag arachNED and I will send preview invite can take a while took a week to get mine
  • Thanks. I will when I get home. I'm currently at work.
  • Kill 30 FPS.   Framerate war now.   Edit: But seriously, I'm glad that the 30FPS sillyness is blowing over, at least in videogames. Hopefully movies will follow suit. I wish the first HFR movie hadn't been the Hobbit. Or that it at least didn't remove all of its glory in the two sequels, by masking the HFR effect until it looked like 24FPS.
  • Would be helpful if some games would actually run at 60fps.....
  • Several games DO run at 60FPS on Xbox One.
  • Can Someone please add me to the Xbox one preview program? I'd really appreciate it. " Isseyphresh " is my gamertag
  • If i get an invite ,I will invite you.
  • If you message me to my GT (JyslaQuezze), I'll invite you. 
  • Please invite me for the XBOX ONE PREVIEW ,pretty please ...nickn reags77 I want this as well
  • Can I get a preview invite, somebody......anybody.MR FRANK CAPONE.oh yeah......60fps on DVR is bananas! I'll use it for strategic situations in call of duty, hardline, etc.