Xbox One S gets torn apart to reveal its upgraded internals

The Xbox One S is the latest iteration of Microsoft's video game console of this generation and the company has packed 4K goodness into this new unit. The team at iFixit carefully took the console apart to reveal what's inside. We've included just the blown up photo from the full iFixit report to show those interest what kind of magic powers the Xbox One S.

Xbox One S

The team noted that in taking the console apart, only a few tools were required. They were then greeted by a modular construct, making access and removal of components a breeze. The only issue was the hard drive, whose removal would both void warranty and require some work to replace.

If you'd like to learn more about the internals of the Xbox One S, be sure to check out the full report.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Microsoft really needs to make the hard drive replaceable. Instead of forcing us into different SKUs.
  • An external HDD runs on USB 3.0 which is just as fast as SATA III. External HDDs run about the same price as internal HDDs on Amazon. Save yourself the trouble and just get an external drive. Makes it a lot easier to upgrade in the future because all you have to do is move the external drive over to your Scorpio.
  • Not to mention USB 3 is faster than the internal SATA 2 HDD
  • Not every one likes all the extra boxes hanging around your consoles.... I like the clean look of them, even the wires are strapped down so head on, you cant see a single wire....
  • external hdd's do not have to be big in dimensions. Mine is sitting behind the xbone in the cabinet, with all cables nicely tied together. If you don't know it, you'll never see it.
  • But then they couldn't charge you 400€ for the 2TB version! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have never paid that much for my XBOne + 2Tb external drive.
  • Just use an external HDD, you can easily get 3TB for around $100 right now. It's way more convenient - think of the external as just another game disc!
  • Yeah how dare they try to be like Apple and make money... For shame.. For shame. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.. But waiting for the HP Elite so I can get rid of this junkie Galaxy S5...
  • Eh
  • Excellent...that thing will replace my Xbox 360 in late 2017
  • Yay, another 5400-RPM drive! And it's non-removable! AND it's Seagate!!! Dear MS, Please use a better drive for Scorpio. Or let us swap the junk one for something better. Sincerely, Every SSD User (and even some of the 7200-RPM users)
  • It's almost as if they didn't give you the option to plug in external HDD's...... Oh wait.
  • Including a faster internal drive would speed up the whole system though. But externals also help.
  • This would be the only reason I want internal ssd. Faster os and putting apps in there to make it better, and every game on external drive = perfect world
  • Faster games on a SSD is very questionable. I dont see that you will get MUCH faster load times for games (maybe startup but, the loading screens wont change much). Most games are designed around a delay on the hard drive and built around it. Your video you watch while it load is timed to the time it takes to load the next level. You'd be shocked on how much this happens once you watch for it... and why a SSD wont make a big difference in MOST games..
  • The first thing I do is add an external drive to all of my Xbox ones. I use the internal for apps, external for games. Never made sense to me to remove the internal drive and trash it just to replace with a bigger drive. And if you really were going to find a use for the removed drive, instead of trashing it, you already would have met that need vs waiting on a console to get released to do it.
  • All this users that want a SSD on Xbox One S calm down, this is a $399 console with 2TB, it will even go to $299 with 500GB.  If you want SSD purchase your gaming rig, but good luck getting SSD and GPU performance of Xbox One S for less than $1000.
  • LOL. The inside print on the plastic cover Anyone noticed the old Microsoft Logo?
  • That's an amazing Easter egg!
  • Lol that is interesting Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (LG V10 or Nexus 5x)
  • Hmm... What the heck is that... Easter egg? LOL
    And why is there a Samsung logo?
  • No, this:
  • Agreed.
  • Where is the Samsung logo? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Guess Samsung is some kind of plastic provider...
  • I don't have a use for an Xbox one anymore. The games I care about, Microsoft is bringing to PC now. But I hate all their proprietary stuff. PlayStation has user replaceable hard drives. Also, taking that Xbone controller apart was a pain. I have torx screwdrivers, but it still was a headache vs Phillips on DS4. Obviously they don't want you doing this, they rather you spend that extra money sending them in for repair or buying new ones. 
  • Does the PS4 allow for external HDD's? No. In fact, the biggest internal HDD you can put in a PS4 is 4TB. Anything higher and the system wont recognize it. Not to mention you have to re-download everything once you do the upgrade. Microsoft's external HDD solution is superior.
  • Yup. I have a 5TB drives just chillin in my Xbox One.
  • Was thinking about just upgrading my Day one Xbox one to 2-3tb (largest 2.5" drive is 3tb right now but, a MAJOR price difference over a 2tb). It's long out of warranty, a 2tb drive is about $90-125 so a reasonable cost to do it... and changing the drive is just adding a few drives to your computer and running a linix VM or dualboot (running off a usb drive) to move data over.... Look over youtube, it does not look hard if your a little techy...
  • 4TB portable external hard drives are also available from Seagate. They are a bit thicker than lower capacity ones but who cares when they are external and are available for about $20 more than 3TB ones?
  • This^
    I don't think I would rather open the console, replace with a new drive and setup or prepare the new drive when I can just plug in any off-the-shelf USB 3.0 external. I don't even think about storage anymore. If MS keeps the external thing going (and they would!) I won't ever buy more than a 500 GB internal Xbox. The external solution has equalized the SKUs IMHO!
  • Cool. Glad you like having extras stuff in your entertainment center.  Talk to me in year when Microsoft is charging you 200 dollars to repair your console cause your hard drive crapped out and I'll let you know how it was such a "superior " solution to have to pay that vs buying one at market value for the PlayStation. 
  • Considering most people will never attempt to open up the console, even if it is broken, allowing an external hdd is a superior solution. I put a small 2.5" external drive that doesn't require a power supply. It isn't even noticable in the entertainment center. 
  • Could not agree more, Hate having all these boxes around in my entertainment center...
  • Here is a cute guy...
  • Positive note is that the outer shell is quite easy to remove.
    That makes custom paint jobs to get rid of the horrible white a hell of a lot easier! :D Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Glad to see its somewhat repairable...
  • Toshiba THGBMFG6C1LBAIL 8 GB eMMC NAND Flash ?
  • "making access and removal of components are breeze." Is "are breeze" correct?
  • One thing people haven't notice or just ignored it but if the upgraded UHDBD is the same dimensions and it has the same connections of the original Xbox one!!!! could we just swap BD drives and see what happens???? Deep color anyone!