Xbox One will also support Xbox 360 DLC backwards compatibility

Thankfully it looks like good news on that front as the official Xbox Support Twitter account has responded to such a query confirming that it will be supported.

"@SomberShadowI Hey there, good question! While the console allows it, DLC of specific titles is up to the publisher :) ^GC"

Microsoft said that all Xbox 360 games will be supported by the software emulator it has created for the Xbox One, but that allowing support is still the responsibility of the individual developers. The exact same process seems to apply to DLC as well, so hopefully all the boxes will be ticked and we'll be able to play all of our Xbox 360 collection.

We took a look at backwards compatibility, currently available to Xbox One Preview members, and found it to be an extremely slick process. For more on that check out the link below.

Source: Xbox Support

Richard Devine
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  • I want Far Cry: Blood Dragon
  • If Transformers: FoC gets backwards compatibility, all DLCs please :D
  • BF3 + DLCs would be awsome
  • I'm hoping for Bad Company 2.
  • I want both BF3 and BC 2!
  • I think you could get everything on that xbone emulator, because they're not emulating a game or something, they said it would be more like the WHOLE XBOX 360 (at least OS).
  • A lot of people are calling for Black ops 2 and modern warfare 2... But now cods gone to the dark side, it might not happen :'( if it does however, it'll be a big win for xbox :)
  • Yeah, COD is "basically" the same every time. But I've been wrong before.
  • Yes! That's perfect! Now I don't have to worry about not getting DLC for my 360 games!
  • Far Cry 3 please! Already voted
  • What's DLC? I always wonder.
  • Downloadable content.
  • Is Small Arms supported? I've seen conflicting lists. Helix shows up for me but not Small Arms. Anyone else who owns that game and can verify?
  • I have the same problem with Small Arms
  • Gonna post it to the devs in the preview app.
  • Zuma too for me.
  • Portal!!! (1&2)
  • Love those games. Hoping for Orange Box.
  • La Noire too
  • Reach!!!!!!
  • Will Kinect games be backwards compatible?
  • Not initially, at least.
  • That's a bummer; I want to play Child of Eden. Ubisoft should port it with updated Kinect 2 controls.
  • It's because controllers other than the XBone aren't supported yet. That also rules out Rock Band-type games that use USB controllers. I'm sure they'll get there eventually.
  • Yeah! Wanted to complete Toy Soldiers DLC, and wasn't available. Good game Microsoft!
  • Yea I want Kinect compatibly and its a buy..
  • I can't wait to play through the Mass Effect trilogy again. About 18 months until the next one launches, which is plenty of time to do at least one full playthrough again.
  • Well, if it's like a VM as they say, everything SHOULD work.... I bet they thought of this when designing this for the Xbox one... Still want to see a updated list of games, give us more AAA titles so I can really check out how this works...
  • Aside from the DLC just not being available yet, Mass Effect 1 has worked flawlessly so far for me. Probably even better, actually as I'm noticing shorter load times (even shorter elevator rides!). Especially considering it's free, it'll definitely be something worth everyone's time for their old games. My only real complaint right now is that it doesn't support local saves. It's the xbox cloud save only. It's not a bad thing if that's an option since that'll help with transferring saved games, but I don't want that to be the ONLY option.
  • They need to get Kinect games working in back compatibility.
  • S k y r I m !!
  • + Sweet roll
  • Can someone invite me to the Preview program?
  • Check the Xbox One forum.
  • Thanks.
  • I'm guessing DLC for games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero won't be approved. Because music industry.
  • I want Yaris.
  • They said at E3 that DLC would be supported.  Why is everyone and their brother posting today that this is news?