Xbox One X owners will get a 4K HDR 'Insects' demo to showcase the leap between HD and UHD

The "Insects" demo was originally built for developers to help showcase how the Xbox One X handles different resolutions vs. the standard Xbox One, as well as make other improvements such as improved geometry and draw distance. We leaked elements of the "Insects" demo earlier in 2017, complete with image sliders so you could see the enhancements side by side.

Now, detailed in a blog post on Xbox Wire (opens in new tab), Microsoft is releasing the demo to the public on the Xbox One X, so that you can see the benefits for yourself first hand.

The demonstration allows you to toggle between 4K and HDR modes, and comes with spatial audio support to showcase what the X is truly capable of. The demo was built by the Xbox Advanced Technology Group, and it allows you to zoom in on the insects, change the time of day, and more.

Demonstrating the benefits of 4K on 1080p displays is notoriously difficult, but for those picking up the Xbox One X tomorrow with a 4K HDR set, Insects should help to showcase exactly how much more detail your console will be able to squeeze into those millions of extra pixels.

The Xbox One X launches on November 7, 2017, priced at $499.

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Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Nice!  A console exclusive.  Just kidding.  I can't wait to get my console tomorrow.
  • Don't forget to mention a good TV needed to actually get its true power.
  • Define "a good TV"
    If you just mean 4k and/or HDR capable, that's kind of obvious and also mentioned in the article
  • At this stage in time OLED 4K HDR+/10 also 1300hz+ for me I would look at Panasonic or LG cost ranging £1500-£3000. I have a Panasonic but not ordered the oneX only have the OneS which is great on the TV compared to my LCD 1080p TV.
  • Getting it tonight. Gamestop is releasing it a day early. Yay!
  • Not even released yet, and it already has bugs!
  • I showed this to my wife, and to my surprise she actually thought it was really cool how the new console is more powerful
  • Where can you find it
  • got my 1X yesterday and holy crap Gears4 and CODWW2 are both AMAZING on my vizio P series! Also, Atmos on Gears is cool as hell. Hearing a dropshot fly over your head is pretty incredible
  • Thanks for the tip on this demo - it is AWESOME!  I love being able to set it to night with the cyborg ladybug!