This is what Xbox One X games look like on 'Project Scorpio,' on 4K and 1080p displays (exclusive images)

We exclusively revealed that Project Scorpio would be able to provide various visual enhancements, even on 1080p TVs thanks to supersampling. The 4K images powered by Project Scorpio will provide noticeable improvements even without a 4K TV. Now we have a look at some of the ways Microsoft privately demonstrated these capabilities to its partners.

Note: The images ahead are uncompressed. To view these image comparison slides, make sure you're viewing this page in a web browser and not our Windows 10 app. Some ad blockers have been known break the image sliders, so consider disabling them for this piece. This article is best viewed on a larger display — you're not going to see the differences while viewing on a mobile phone.

At the private event, Microsoft demonstrated Project Scorpio's 4K enhancements, supersampling on 1080p TVs, and various design techniques artists can use to utilize Project Scorpio's sizeable GPU overhead to enhance images with finer details.

The first demonstrations showed a scientist lady in a lovingly detailed steampunk laboratory. (See image above.) Unfortunately, the images shown here only represent tech demos, rather than actual games. And that's a shame because I think she looks rather awesome!

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First, let's have a look at the differences between 1080p and 4K. Microsoft used these images to compare what a game running on Xbox One would look like stacked up against the Project Scorpio version, which runs all the way up to 4K. Pay close attention to the details in the background, face, and hair. Everything appears far sharper in the right images, which are powered by Project Scorpio.

Update: Since I've received a few questions about this, note that the images that represent 4K footage have been zoomed in and cropped to 1080p. The results in motion, on a 4K display, will be far more impressive. These images are just to give you an idea of how easy it should be for an Xbox One title to see improvements on Scorpio, while leaving lots of additional GPU overhead for further updates.

Xbox One @ 1080p (left) | Project Scorpio @ 4K (right).

Update: Note that these images only represent resolution bumps. When Microsoft demonstrated similar resolution improvements to Forza to Digital Foundry, it left the console with almost 40% of additional GPU overhead for other enhancements. A game running on Scorpio, in theory, will also sport various other artistic and technical improvements, as images further below demonstrate.

Next, here's a look at the same lady running at 1080p on Xbox One, compared to the 4K Project Scorpio version on a standard 1080p HD display. Once again, pay close attention to the details in the face and particularly the hair, both of which are noticeably enhanced even on a 1080p display running from Project Scorpio.

Xbox One @ 1080p (left) | Project Scorpio @ 4K on a 1080p display (right).

The above slides were designed purely to exemplify the differences in resolution between Scorpio on 4K, Scorpio on 1080p, and the regular Xbox One. Here's what each render looks like side by side.

Xbox One @ 1080p (left) | Scorpio @ 4K on a HD display (center) | Scorpio @ 4K native (right).

Xbox One @ 1080p (left) | Scorpio @ 4K on a HD display (center) | Scorpio @ 4K native (right).

Of course, developers will be able to enhance their games in various other ways utilizing Project Scorpio's six teraflops (TF) of GPU power to create finer details and more complex textures.

For an example of this in action, look at the yellow ladybug below.

Project Scorpio @ 4K (left) | Project Scorpio @ 4K with enhancements (right).

The left image shows a ladybug that has been rendered at 4K using existing Xbox One assets. With Xbox One assets, zoomed in, the ladybug's textures begin to look a little cartoony and bland. The right image has been given vastly improved textures to grant the ladybug an air of photorealism. The flower textures have also been given a large resolution bump, and additional 3D geometry has been added to give the ladybug leg hairs.

What this all means

While you will undoubtedly need a 4K set to see the true benefits of Project Scorpio, you will get many enhances textures, geometry, and effects on standard HD displays. These images show enhancements Scorpio can make to existing Xbox One titles by virtue of resolution bumps alone, without any additional tweaking and features that utilize Scorpio's monstrous specs.

It's looking like a 2017 holiday-season launch for Project Scorpio. The console will be compatible with all of your existing Xbox One games and accessories, it comes with 4K game DVR and UHD Blu-ray, and it will leverage 6TF of GPU power to produce 4K games.

And we absolutely cannot wait.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

Jez Corden a Managing Editor at Windows Central, focusing primarily on all things Xbox and gaming. Jez is known for breaking exclusive news and analysis as relates to the Microsoft ecosystem while being powered by caffeine. Follow on Twitter @JezCorden and listen to his Xbox Two podcast, all about, you guessed it, Xbox!

  • Impressive differences.
  • Yeah, developers are going to start coding pimples now.... What a time to be alive.
  • lol comment of the day right there.
  • its not that hard to be better then the ONE... One is a fail from the HW and SW perspective. Thats why PS4 is leading the market
  • Uh, no. Haha.
  • And still the PS4 is not backwards compatible with PS3 games. Oh Well! What a great software!
  • This again?  Honest question, but why would you want to play PS3 games on a PS4?  I have both a PS3 and a PS4 and I only use my PS3 as a media server client as it's still far better than the PS4 in this regard.  I can sort of understand if you didn't own a PS3.  But nearly all the games worth playing on PS3 are getting remastered on PS4.  Even if the PS4 had backwards compatibility, you'd still have to buy the PS3 games to play them - same as on Xbox One.  I just don't understand why people make a big deal about a complete non-issue.  On Xbox I can understand as they don't have that many titles, but on PS4 you should have more than enough current titles and remasters to keep busy.  Or if you really really want PS3 that badly, just get one on the cheap.  They are worth it for the DLNA capability alone.
  • please take a look how many ps fanboys bagging for BO2.  Then take a look how many people playing BO2 on the xbox one right now. There are more people playing then the best ps4 multiplayer game.
  • and by the way ps4 has around 1200 games and xbox 1050 and if we add back compat we have more games. so go play your playstation
  • Yeh but you don't buy a new gen console to play old gen games. It's a nice side feature. PlayStation has HAMMERED Xbox recently. There have been relentlessly good exclusives released on the ps. Xbox has been poor for a few months. This is coming from someone who has had Xbox as the primary console since the original was released.
  • I never really used it much until Stacking and Black Ops 2 arrived. Who wouldn't want to be able to continue to play all their games they already paid for. Xbox is finally killing off console "generations" (within reason)
  • I can understand someone saying they don't want to play older games but a lot of people do. Also if you own the game digitally​ or you still own the disc you don't need to purchase it again. Games like Bioshock infinite play better.
  • Made an account just to reply to this particular comment.. The difference between a backwards compatible game and a remaster is that you need to RE-purchase the remaster. If you own the selected backwards compatible game (or if it is simply in the selection of monthly "Games With Gold") it's free. There is just no good argument to be made against a freely included backwards compatibility feature. Arguing why someone would want to play an older game on a newer system just doesn't seem to have a solid point to stand behind. Would you rather have 2 systems plugged into your TV, or one? Would you like to root against Virtual Consoles on Nintendo systems as well, simply because you can hook up a cheaply priced Super Nintendo instead? Note: I've purchased most systems released since the NES, and I also routinely game on both Xbox One and PS4. This isn't a pro-Xbox post by any means, but I don't see why people try to put down what is a gratiously provided feature. It'd be like trying to put down the awesome Cross-Purchase ability between the Vita + PS4; baseless.
  • In theory you're correct.The difference between PS4 and PS3 architecture however is not something you easily emulate.(From my understanding it would require all of the power of the PS4 GPU to even make it run)It's not the same situation as the consoles/handheld compatibility.That was taken into account by design and has no impact on the actual hardware.
  • I love having BC because the Xbox one is my first console. Thanks to this i've been able to play through the mass effect trilolgy, the first three gears games, Dead space, Saints row 4 and Halo wars in addition to playing through tom clancy's vegas 2 with my brother all for the first time, because I missed these games being more of a PC RTS man back in the day
  • 1st Don Matrick got hired at SONY???? 2nd No Don... You do NOT have t rebuy your game if you own the disc you load it and play it... AND M$ Saves ALL your progress on XBLIVE for your 360 game and brings it over to XboxONE. XBoxONE has DNLA and CD compatibility AND BlueRay 4K and BW Compat. And if you want to cast your movies or videos to in just hit the cast to device button.... Sony wants me to Buy a PS4 a PS3 and a PS4 PRO Just to STILL not do what an XBOXONE S can do... Not to Mention this beaty of aa console they are throwing at the table... Um yeah you can keep all your Anime BS Titles.... But if you really want to play your games at the best resolution and all around BEST gaming Xperience... its XBOX hands down... ALSO MICROSOFT has the servers in place to fire up and offered Cross Platform Play... SONY said NO. Then MS has Win10 play anywhere. Buy your game on XBOX play it on PC no extra charge... Heres the Nail.... in the shape of an X
  • Honestly, I still play the orignal Forza Horizon on my Xbox One S. And it's great to have this feature. So, why not?
  • Think of it more as a way to make sure you'll always be able to play all your games even if the Hardware it was initially released on dies at some point. 10+ years from now your PS3 might suddenly die without you being able to find a replacement ( at a reasonable price? ) leaving you stuck with a pile of Games you'll only be able to play again in your memories. Meanwhile Xbox 360 Users will simply be able to move on to an Xbox One/Scorpio and continue there =)
  • and xpa + free unlimited cloud sync, etc
  • But the scorpio is also noticably better than the PS4 and PS4 pro
  • ..and you know this how exactly? From a still image carefully put together to highlight differences, or do you already have a Scorpio console with native games? Thought not. Probably just a fanboy believing every printed word. Wait until whatever MS release is released. Wait for the AAA games that *might* materalize. Wait for the reviews. Myself, I can't see whatever MS release (at the price it will be) toppling Sony this time. This is a desperate measure from MS - they just want to say they can p*ss higher than Sony, that's all.
  • Hahahaha I guess you havent seen the specs, it's like saying hmmm 8 GTX1080 might not be more powerfull than 4GB GTX 1060. Desperate measure? Sure Sony was so desperate that they risked having only 4GB of ram, so desperate they are affraid to anounce anything untill they see how it turns out for MS. Just because you wish some fantasy to become true it doesn't make it a fact
  • 4 GB of RAM?  The Pro has 9 GB with 6 GB being available for games.  Even the standard PS4 has 8 GB.  Not sure what you're going on about? While the Scorpio will undoubtedly be more powerful than the Pro, Sony's various upscaling techniques work pretty damn well.  And while Scorpio will have better numbers on paper, how will this translate into perceptual differences?  Titles such as Ratchet & Clank and Horzion Zero Dawn look absolutely stunning on a high-end 4K display.  Are people (as in most gamers - not tech enthusiasts) really going to care what wizardry is taking place behind the scenes to make it happen?  And let's not forget the far more important thing - content trumps hardware (as long as the hardware isn't completely incapable.)  MS really needs to come out swinging with compelling first party titles if they are going to have any chance.  If the Scorpio is going to be delegated to running multi-platform titles, the vast majorty of its target audience (enthusiasts willing to shell out more money for better visuals) likely already have equally capable or better gaming PC's.) That being said, I'd really like to see MS turn things around.  But if Scorpio is just for bragging rights about having the most powerful console for a time then I don't see much changing. One thing they should do is give Xbox One users a discount or trade-in program since they knowingly released an underpowered console than can't even handle the advertised 1080p resolution in a vast majority of games.
  • Pro has 5GB available for games at almost 100GB/s slower than Scorpio. Scorpio comes with 12GB with 8GB reserved for games. Is that not equivalent to 4GB vs 8GB of same speed?    Pro has same upscaling techniques as does original xbox one, I don't remember it stopping anyone stating how the game is 900p and MASSIVE difference compared to Sonys 1080p despite xbox actually upsacling to 1080p. you mean Scorpio has EVERY single number higher than Pro unlike PS4 where it had more powerfull GPU and weaker CPU. Anyone who saw difference between 900p upscaled to 1080p vs native 1080p by using 12x magnifying glass will for sure see even bigger difference between 1440p and 4k.   Even 900p Ryse looks stunning, Forza Horizon looks stunning on native and upscaled 4k your point? Sure those common folks won't care about resolution? Is that why they all flocked to Sony in order to play "superrior" version of multiplat games where 900p vs 1080p was such a drastic difference according to all fanboy exagerations, what makes you think that even bigger difference won't matter all of a sudden? Funny considering first 2 years xbox one had more AAA games than PS4 by large margin yet it didn't stop people buying Ps4 to play multiplats did it? then Sony releases single good game when xbox didn't release anything at same moment as they released few months before and all of a sudden Ms has no games? How about the fact that all those previous gen games, which look better than 90% of all those Sony indie games, are not available on Pas4 and are on x1? Do you think that indie game that looks like it could play on N64 is more important than Witcher 2 through BC? Anyone who bought pro and Ps4 for better visuals will be buying Scorpio, then all those PC guys wanting budget builds which accounts for 90% of gaming PCs are less than 3TF machines and Scorpio will cost less than half the money to build equivalently capable Pc!   both sony and ps4 released underpowered consoles and yes xbox one can handle non advertised 1080p, and I thought you just said that resolution didn't matter especially such small margin between 900p and 1080p with both having final output at 1080p. And of course they always have offered trade ins even with xbox to xbox 360.
  • Developers say native is easier to pull off than upscaling and that it looks better at the same time, Scorpio gets pc versions of the games which are always the best version, and a hardware poll done by steam showed that Scorpio will be more powerful than 98% of gaming pc's. This has all already been discussed and proven to be true independently not by Microsoft.
  • Developers saying its easier to develope for native 4K and then saying its less work... are two different things. Mary Cerny explained how he provided less of a headache for developers with checkerd board rendering. You still have to "fill" Native resolutions in general for them to be justified. Scorpio does not get "PC" versions of games. Scorpio gets "Windows" version of games..hints "X"box (DirectX). Scorpio has alot on paper but has yet to   "prove" anything about its hype on display other than Forza in which is not a demading title on hardware resources in the first place due to it being a very linear game. A image does not count. When its comes to cross titles, Sony and its 4.2TFLOPs will be utilized efficently without cross code. Scorpio will need 6-TFLOPs to do the same job due to software and hardware communication and optimization.  Sony is actually utilizing architectures that count in thier AMD (Polaris) GPU and they also have a better OS (Orbis) that has MUCH less overhead than Microsofts bloated Windows 10. The fact that Scorpio needs 4GB for system memory is a HUGE idea that its going to be a very bloated OS.  Long story short, Sony will have developers support and favor due to being able to focus more on making games than filling pixels at high frame-rates. Scorpio will be hindered by the Xbox One regardless. Without exclsuives, Scorpio is a dud. 
  • The pro has 8gb of ram
  • The pro has 8gb of ram
  • Ha the PS4 is more powerful, certainly but I've used both and the Xbox One is leagues ahead in software. It looks better, is more intuitive, and most simple tasks are just faster. The Store is so far beyond the Playstation Store it's not even competition.
    And in all honesty, you can't even notice any differences between the PS4 and Xbox One S with identical games unless you're resolution peeping. The only advantages I've seen that the PS4 has are a decent lineup of exclusives and some apps and games launch a little quicker. That's why my Xbox stays in my room, where I spend most of my time, while the two PS4's stay in the living room for the rest of the family to enjoy. The PS4 isn't a bad console by ANY means, but it's preposterous to claim that Playstation has Xbox beat on the software front.
  • i as well own both and one thing i noticed that sony defintely needs to fix is the network adapter it takes so long to download a game its not even funny. it cant even regonize my download speed of 300.
  • With your logic, Apple is a fail as well since Android leads the market. Hey Cortana, "Hide all Pappale comments from this point on"....Done.
  • Android leads market due to mostly cheap(sub $100) hardware offerings but if you look at high end devices apple dominates model vs model.
  • Seriously man... your all things microsoft hate gets old.
  • No, PS4 is leading the market cause there's actually games to be played on it. If you think the hardware makes the sales you're an idiot... 
  • Ok, my two cents an some information... Um, not much of a failure in the market, nor is the hardware or software lacking in any way. The XB1 maintains higher and more consistent FPS that the PS4. - Something that is very important in online gaming where unexpected and sudden FPS drops on the PS4 can cost players the game. (There are many professional gamers that choose the XB1 version for competitive play on this alone.) In titles/engines that ACTUALLY use the XB1 technlogies, it can hold solid 60FPS even in unpredictable online gaming situations.  There are developers that choose NOT to use the technologies out of politics or because they are using older gaming and engine models that didn't support the new technologies in the XB1. (This isn't a failing of the XB1, this is the industry figuring out the advantages and scrambling to implement them to catch up.) As the XB1 stands today, it simply out performs the PS4 when using the XB1 specific features, especially properly using the ESRAM and dynamic scaling which drops resolutions in a way that is not perceiveable to the player, as it is happening on only a percentage of frames in tiny sub second intervals.  The XB1 also uses the NT scheduling technologies to offer more CPU/GPU boost with less thermal throttling, a key thing that creates the FPS drops in PS4 titles as the APU has to drop frequency, and is not predictable. (This same NT scheduling technololgies for thermal balance exist in all versions of Windows 10, even WM10, which is why the SnapDragon 810 in the Lumia 950XL was significantly faster than any Android device using the same CPU, and it didn't have thermal issues.) Essentially, the titles that use the XB1 specific technologies, always upstage the PS4 versions, especially in FPS consistency. The same was and is true of the XB360 technologies, which were so successful, the entine PC and Console gaming and GPU industry is now designed around the hardware and software technologies of the XB360, just as the industry is moving to adopt the XB1 technologies.   So even if you personally HATE the XB360 or the XB1, just be happy that gaming is getting massively better because of the UNIQUE technologies they created and introduced to the gaming industry, especially the XB360's impact where its technologies are used in everything from cell phones, OpenGL, OpenCL, CUDA, Mantle, and is also the basis for all video card GPU designs over the past 10 years. As the XB1 technologies are understood, just like the XB360, which took a few years, future games will get faster and look better, just as they did on the XB360 that was able to not only match the PS3's performance, but usually best it in visual quality. (And this is considering the XB360 had 1/3 the GF performance, a bigger deficit that the XB1 has in comparison to the PS4.) The XB1 technologies are also unique in that they depend on the NT technologies, which the PS4 will NEVER be able to offer as the OS and GPU driver framework do not have the integration or GPU scheduling technologies that NT does. The only way a PS4 could get these features would be a massive effort by Sony to write a custom Kernel with a new object based OS model from the ground up, that essentially works like and can provide the features NT does.  (This is a big roadblock right now, as OSS and even OS X base kernel and OS models prevent them from managing and use the CPU and GPU in the way NT does.)  
  • I upvoted you for your envy and insecurities.
  • Yea dont kidding your self
  • I'm gonna keep my Xbox One and see what TEH CLOUD can do. I heard it like the power of 32 Xbox Ones. It's gonna be great. Hey Jez, can you ask Phil about it the next time you pick up your check?
  • Where is this diffrent, this same what on PS4 vs PS4 PRO!!
  • 720p ou 900p in Xbox one.
  • Chola mais soninho
  • Great article, 16XAF on un patched Xbox One and BC Xbox 360 games will always make a pretty big difference in Image quality right out of the box
  • It is impressive, but in the middle of the action of a game will we really notice the difference?
  • That's what I said about 25 years ago to a guy in a computer shop for a $400 16 bit video card. :)
  • Yes you will notice a significant difference.  In fact the difference is more obvious in a moving image than it is in a screenshot.  I bought a 4k OLED HDR tv a couple months ago and enough gpu power to make sure I can max out my PC games at 4k 60fps and the difference is pretty staggerint, even more so if the game outputs in HDR.
  • HDR is a bigger perceptional difference. 4k was DOA without it.  In the 10 foot distance of TV viewing. 
  • Yes you will
  • In the middle of action is where it shows the most
  • So where's the ladybug game for Xbox? Just some relaxing ladybug gameplay. Would be ladybug awesome.
  • Agreed. We want Ladybug Simulator, Kick start anyone? :D
  • is it just me or are the sliders completely broke??
  • disable ad blocker, that fixed it for me
  • Thank you :)
  • Works fine in Edge with ublock origin. Upgrade your browser.
  • Ready and waiting!
  • It's ladybird!
  • Damn, I was going to hold off this purchase, but now...
  • I don't see what would change that here. The images aren't all that impressive imo. Going to need to see some actual games in motion. Looking forward to e3.
  • and you are going to need a better TV / monitor too
  • Not really, the difference will be huge on a 1080p set too.
  • you WILL NOT need a better TV.....(sigh)...I asked my Cortana to hide all Pappale comments from this point on...not sure why its not working...
  • "it comes with .... DVR..." Where did I see that before?
  • Haha nice picture
  • Not worth £500  for them differences
  • This will be under my TV this fall, probably day one
  • It'll be £399.99 or less, No way are they releasing at a higher price than PS4 Pro. Especially since Sony will cut price by £50 as soon as Scorpio releases.
  • it will be more than ps4 pro it has to be with all the gear inside it i would say a $500 release and compared to what is in it i would say thats a good price. remember they are not going after the average gamer they want the life gamer
  • Then it's not for you, simple as that. As for those that can see a difference we're happy to buy a scorpio. Maybe just stick to a base ps4 or Xbox one , that seems more your speed 
  • These are interesting images.  I actually think I was expecting a bigger difference in the 1080p vs. native 4K view, but it is nice to the see the improvement.  I'm actually more pleased with 4K image displayed at 1080p because the supersampling is making for a much better image on that display, although it seems to have brought the contrast slightly up in the process.    
  • Remember, though, that the 4K version of the 1080p image has simply been given a resolution bump. There's been no additional work to improve textures and effects and so on, which is something that will happen on a Scorpio title. When Microsoft demonstrated these resolution bumps on Forza, there was almost 40% of GPU overhead left over for other improvements.
  • There might be some headroom left to make improvements on the native 4k image, but from a lighting and effect perspective I've got to think the 1080p supersampled image will be better.  As someone who still only has a 1080p TV (and will for some time) I'd rather they supersample, and throw every lighting and effect they have at it and present it at 1080p.    
  • SuperSampling is natively built into the hardware as is anisotropic filtering at 16x which to me makes much more obvious difference
  • What this article shows me, is ... Use really don't need 4K to play games, but if you want one, by all means buy one. NO TV Network on the planet support 4K programming, and from what I've read none have plans to offer 4K programming, they are effectively killing 4K as they did 3D telecast. Directv has agreed to carry some of Fox Sports programs in 4K, pretty much like ESPN did with 3D, then decide it's to costly while they rake in BILLIONS of Dollars in profits each month. To buy 4K TV to just play games to me is NOT worth it. Then to, if you are young and stupid, this is right down your alley. Enjoy folks.
  • We have 4K TV content in the UK. Granted not much, but we have it.
  • No need to call people that want 4K gaming "young and stupid." It's perfectly understandable that you aren't interested, but that doesn't mean that anyone that has a different opinion from yours is "stupid." That being said, I have 4K TV, and I watch Netflix originals and UHD Blurays in 4K. I welcome the addition of 4K games in the near future.
  • Broadcast TV isn't really the driving metric it used to be though.  4K is being adapted fairly quickly on streaming services, by the movie industry and physical media like UHD.  Youtube 4K video is a good example of this.  And with new compression like HEVC reducing the required bandwidth, you're only going to see that grow in the near future.  It's good that broadcast services are dipping their toes into the 4K pool, but I think you're overestimating the cost differential involved in doing live sports in 4K.  At this point, if they're shooting digitally anyway, it's a fairly minor investment.  Also, the 4K adoption rate will drive the networks to invest in it sooner, just as the rapid adoption of HD sets did.
  • Looking at difference on non 4k display doesn't show you true difference. What killed 3D is that it was a gimmick requiring you to wear silly glasses. 4K + HDR is bigger improvement than going from 720p to 1080p. People are adopting 4k much faster than they did 1080p, so that tells you something too
  • I own a 4k tv and even upscaled content wheather through games or regular hd tv looks much better and richer than on my 1080 tv and that's not even native which there's tons of content on Netflix and others that offer 4k.
  • What game is that exactly? Can't really tell (and usually I'm pretty good at that stuff)
  • It's a tech demo, not a game. It says in the article.
  • Its like an arranged marriage, she is mine just doesnt know it. 
  • Resolution bumps are nice but what makes a real difference in gameplay is higher framerates. It would have been nice if there was more focus on that than 4K. I guess "4K" makes for a conveient little buzzword for marketing purposes though.
  • Crucifiy me all you want, but why does it feel like MS is trying *too* hard? And at what price are they gonna sell this thing? Who's their target?
  • LOL, just buy if you want, nobody is forcing you
  • I feel like a ******* idiot for not seeing a difference.
  • The best console imagery ever is being produced truly a MONSTER! Xbox Scorpio is a beast!!
  • reminds me of the time I installed my 3dFX card and Quake 3 came to life
  • Don't mean jack squat if you don't have the games I want to play. It's like owning a Ferrari without the wheels. It may look fast, but it's going nowhere. Microsoft needs to do something about its crappy games lineup. I know what some of you may say, "They are waiting until E3 and they'll have games in November." That's great, what about now? Since this Scorpio is a monster and can upscale and make One S agmes looks great, we could use some decent games now that can upscale later. Sadly, this generation, Sony has all the best games and exclusive deals on games and content (i.e. Red Dead 2, Destiny 2 and Call of Duty). Sony is also going into this year with the PS4 Pro, with all those great exclusives and tons throughout 2017, with Death Stranding next year as well as God of War, they already have great games for 2018. I'm not sure what happened, but somewhere after the 360, Microsoft lost developers, exclusives and even gamers. Don't believe me? Call of Duty's content was exclusive to Xbox, not anymore, now Sony has the deal for content. As I said, Red Dead 2 and Destiny 2 both have more exclusive content for the PS4/Pro and just go Google Sony exclusive games for 2017. They are crushing it with indies and Japanese developers too. Then facter in nearly 60 million PS4s sold, to the Xbox One/S of barely 30 million. Horsepower is great and I'm sure many of you will buy the console on specs alone, but as I mentioned earlier, horsepower doesn't mean jack if you have nothing to show off.
  • Why do you want games for Scorpio "now", when Scorpio isn't out until Holiday 2017?
  • Sony doesn't have exclusive rights to all those games just advertising rights... they'll still be released on Scorpio some before PS4 and some same day with just a few coming later. Also the JP indies are also coming to Xbox as they were never exclusive to begin with. The PS4 dose have a larger install base but that could change and some of the great game developers don't care about install base they follow power and ease of development to make the best game they can. So I say we'll see how it goes.
  • What are you talking about Robert? First, like Destiny 1, Destiny 2 has exclusive maps and features that Xbox won't have for a year. Second, Call of Duty has had an exclusive deal with Sony for 3 years, giving Sony players DLC for 30 day before Xbox players, not just advertisting rights. Lastly, straight from Sony's own website, Red Dead 2 will have exclusive online content. Also, Nioh is not coming to XBox (see here: ) and neither is Nier (see here: ) So everything you just said was WRONG. You may want open your eyes a tad, as everything I posted was correct. Sony HAS exclusives deals for content with those games, not just advertising. SMH, only adversting, LOL, you're crazy. Also, you couldn't be farther from the truth about developers. Developers need to make money, they need money to fund their projects. They make games for the console that will provide them with the biggest opportunity to make money back. Making games for all three is not a problem for companies like EA, Ubisoft or Activision, they have billions. But for Indie devs, they don't go for power, they go for install base, because they have a better chance to sell their game with 60 million people, than with 30 million. That fact alone is why the Wii U failed. No third party support. Because it never sold. Developers ABSOLUTELY go where the largest install base is found. 
  • You do realise Sony are struggling as a company, they only make money from PlayStation, and they then go and throw loads of money at other company's, for limited exclusives. They cant even add a 4k player in to ther supposedly top machine, oh and you do realise the one s upscales all video output including games to 4k, cough cough. after Scorpio is released, you do realise Sony will bring another version out, and you guys will end up buying that, so who is the fool now. microsoft is looking at a whole game system that can be played on console and pc, and can be made playable on consoles in the future, breaking down the generation barrier, were you can't play your old games when a new console comes out. microsoft live has been better than psn for many years, they care about online community's and game play, Sony are playing catch up from the last gen still.
  • This website is crap, you can't edit, something 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
  • That's like saying let's release breath if the wild 5 months earlier than the switch release date. It would be pointless because by then people would want newer games and wouldn't care for the games that have already been released for the scorpio
  • Not quite. Zelda is a system seller. Nothing Microsoft has comes close to comparing to Zelda, with the exception of Halo, but even that is no longer as popular as it once was. But releasing Zelda prior to the Switch, would have hurt that console, immensely, that game sold more than the damn console did. So that's not an accurate comparison.  I'm not saying release Crackdown (as bad as that game looks) before the Scorpio, as that game will surely show off the system's processing power. I'm saying games that are done, (ex. State of Decay 2) that aren't system sellers should be released, because right now, Microsoft is losing steam and because of the lack of games, Sony has regained the monthly console sales crown for almost 6 months now. State of Decay 2 is the type of game that isn't going to sell the Scorpio by itself, but if released now, could garner attention, make people by a One S (people will buy this console, regardless of the Scorpio), tell their friends, get more people to play and when the Scorpio is released, this game will still play, will be upgraded visually and will more importantly make people who love it, say, "Man, I want to play SoD2 on Scorpio, in 4K and with better framerates, I hear it plays so smooth" etc, etc. Then all their friends will come with them. This would make people bridge the gap, if they enjoy a great game on the One S, they are more inclined to carry over to the Scorpio. Howevre, if they aren't playing Xbox at all, chances of getting them to come back for just a powerful console, is not enough.
  • And when you do put it that way, then I can see what you mean
  • Sorry for placing my comment in random locations, my internet wasn't working properly and only some of the page was loading
  • I'd rather have games that were ment to be released now, now. Instead of holding off until the Scorpio is released, just to fill the quote of launch games with games that aren't "truly" Scorpio games. It will make the launch games look less than stellar. The problem is, there are no really must have games with the exception of maybe State of Decay 2 and Cuphead. The rest are "meh" games at best, certainly not a system seller.  And don't bring up Crackdown like it's a system seller, the first game was a novelty, the second game was terrible and the third game apepars to be built around a gimmick of destruction, not actual story and gameplay. "Oh, look, this build can come down and crush that shopping cart, which then flies down the road and breaks that window. What? Story, oh we didn't write a good one, we just made the destruction cool... see, watch." If we get a Halo 6, I get the feeling it will be rushed, Gears 4 was last year, so another one of those is years away... Crackdown looks terrible, what's left? What MUST HAVE franchise is going to convince me to buy a Scorpio, that my PS4 Pro and XBox One S can't already do? Look, I own all the consoles and I have a nice 60 Samsung KS8000 4K TV with HDR, so 4K gaming is my bag, but I'm not seeing a reason to get a Scorpio yet.
  • You aren't alone fella. Apart from the TV  (mines an lg) I'm in the exact same situation as you, ps4 pro owner, xb1s, I have a powerful gaming pc (that I never use because I prefer consoles) with a 4k hdr tv but I see no reason to buy the Scorpio based on current info and the lack of quality of games that Microsoft has released in the xbox ones life time.
    Microsoft needs to concentrate on making games for proper gamers again instead of for the casual gamers who spend more time playing games on their phone than they do on console.
    The way to make scorpio a buy for me looks like this:
    1. Interesting, original games with new mechanics.
    2. NO MICRO TRANSACTIONS! (A big one)
    3. A variety of games instead of the same driving and shooting *****.
    4. A variety of control methods (so keyboard and mouse for rts etc because Halo wars is OK but it isn't anywhere near Dawn of war or it's ilk and it's the controller that kills rts on console for me) that aren't locked to the xbox family of systems, I'd like to use my £200 mech keyboard on the Scorpio.
    5. No more niche crap like kinect that then gets no support from devs.
    6. No more announcing cool games that get cancelled (Scalebounds cancellation almost drove me to sell my xb1s). I could probably add more but these are big ones for me.
  • Still think ill prefer my gtx 1080ti with my 1440p 144hz g sync monitor any day.
  • I hope you would. That thing cost more that a Scorpio and ps4 pro combined.
  • Yeah, I guess if you pay more, you get more. Who knew?
  • Why do people waste time posting stupid comments like this. By all means use your infinite cash on your liquid 4X sli super computers. NGAS.
  • That's like saying let's release breath if the wild 5 months earlier than the switch release date. It would be pointless because by then people would want newer games and wouldn't care for the games that have already been released for the scorpio
  • Just read my reply to your same comment above, it's not like that AT ALL.
  • Basically flushing 500 700 dollars down the toilet. Thanks for confirming.
  • To be honest I'm not all that impressed. I'll be sticking to my Xbox One. 
  • If this Scorpio can really do 4k at 60fps then that will be the console/pc everyone will be. That is what everyone is wanting right now and will satisfy all gamers alike. That is what every pc gamer wants to achieve. Well of course the gamers that want even more but for the most. So at the end other console maker can only achieve these same spec but at a cheaper price, that with be the war at that point. And to the people still talking about the previous console war, and games. Ps4 has the best single player games xbox has the best multiplayer games. Take your pick.
  • Gaming is so boring to me now. The only game I enjoyed last year was Inside. 
  • Cool that we'll potentially be getting polygon count differences.
  • The Ladybug is not an example to show the greatness of xbox scorpio, this could do ps4 in its beginnings, by the way was not impressive for me, I just lack the resolution. Https:// I think that in the end everything is derived from the optimization, if this is not reflected in the games of xbox scorpio, I think there will be a fix, if this is the example that gives microsoft do not know what to think, graphics are improved, But I think that mimicking things will not make others great, but as I said, everything is derived from optimization.
  • LOL this is not impressive...scorpio all power no substance like the xbox brand in general...
  • Hey boys' and girls', remember that famous word that was used a lot back when it was just the under powered x1 and more powerful ps4? you remember don't you? PARITY! yes, we ps4 owners used to get pissed when almost every 3rd party game was held back on the ps4 because developers didn't want to upset the measly 20 million x1 owners. so what do you think they will do when it's an install base of more than 60 million? you guys laughed it off, but i want to see who's laughing when games like Red Dead 2, Star Wars Battlefront 2, and many more are looking almost the same on both the Pro and the Scorpio. funny eh? i can't wait to hear the screams of injustice coming from the xbox community. According to Dr. Chris Jenner of Ubisoft Reflections, the PS4 is not being fully utilized in their upcoming game, The Crew. Jenner's reasoning is simple: "The PS4's GPU is very programmable. There's a lot of power in there that we're just not using yet. So what we want to do are some PS4-specific things for our rendering but within reason - it's a cross-platform game so we can't do too much that's PS4-specific." Without coming right out and saying it, Jenner is quite obviously pointing out the unfortunate fact that because this title is also for the Xbox One, they must be reasonable with the disparity they create between the two versions of the game. This is a terribly sad truth, and telling of the damage Microsoft has done to both themselves and this upcoming generation by choosing to include a Kinect in every Xbox One purchase. This had effectively minimized the budget for the console hardware itself, and forced Microsoft to create a console that is significantly less powerful than its primary competitor.
  • I had to make an account just to say this: SHUT... THE F**K...  UP!  ALL YOU IDIOTIC FAN BOY'S!  Like seriously.... Both sides.... Shut... The f**K up! If you actually have so much spare time you can sit here and argue over the least important bs EVER.... you need to get your priorities straight!  I have owned both consoles last and current Gen.  They BOTH have strenghts and weaknesses.  End of story.  But guess what?  That's what helps us! One manufacturer one ups the other in some way,  the other responds and so on and so forth,  driving increased goodies for all.  So next time you want to spend 20 minutes typing some love poem and out of context quotes... Just remember this mantra... SHUT... THE F**K... UP! Your parents just thanked me HA
  • I feel like I should give full usage rights for anyone to copy paste that last message to every stupid thread of this nature 
  • I did have both the PS4 and Xbox one, and there is nothing I dislike about either, in the end I sold the PS4 as I rarely used it. The PS4 does have a better line up of games currently but from my point of view my Xbox has 250 games on it and I struggle I have so many I haven't touched yet, so new game lineups exclusive or otherwise don't really affect my purchase decisions as I have soooo many games still to play and complete. I am currently saving for Scorpio as I do have a 4K HDR TV, so it's a natural progression, but if I had not known Scorpio was coming out, I would probably of had the PRO by now, a little gutted I will never get to play horzion zero dawn, but it was my choice.  Lets just be happy for console competition, without the PS4 or PRO we wouldn't be getting Scorpio, and withought xbox maybe there would not of been a PRO... who knows.
  • wow look I see two or three more hairlines on the Scorpio O..O .... who really cares all comes down to which has the better and more enjoyable games...Xbox was more powerful than the ps2... whats the point.
  • I own A PS4 Pro with PSVR and a One S both running on a 4K TV, I'm in a minority I know but do like how 4K console gaming is coming on.  However the thing I'm most interested in on Scorpio is VR, MS have three headsets with room tracking built in on the table getting ready for release.  Funny how Scorpio has just enough grunt to push 2 x high quality 1080P images.  Also MS have been working on windows 10 platform for some time refining it, honing it.  How come no one ever mentions that up until Scorpio all the ports were going from xbox to PC, will we see PC to Scorpio boosting exclusives as pretty much any PC game out by the year end will run easily on Scorpio? Keyboard and mouse support has been confirmed but no date so will the Scorpio be the first real contender for console RTS? lots of possibilities potentailly and people just focus on graphics go figure.  Anyway would be nice to see MS make some ground back as Sony's efforts of late other than the great game lineup is pants.