Xbox releases firmware updates for Xbox Wireless Headset and Controller with bug fixes for Xbox Alpha testers

Official Xbox Wireless Headset Review Shots
Official Xbox Wireless Headset Review Shots (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Insiders on the Xbox Alpha and Alpha Skip rings are getting new firmware updates to test for two major Xbox accessories.
  • The Xbox Wireless Headset and Xbox Wireless Controller are both getting new firmware updates with some important bug fixes.
  • The Xbox Wireless Controller update focuses on Bluetooth, reconnection, and stability fixes.
  • The Xbox Wireless Headset update focuses on stability fixes when turning the headset off, and removes the auto-quiet feature for Xbox audio when taking calls.

The Xbox Insiders program exists to test future software and firmware updates before they're released to the public, and Insiders on the Xbox Alpha and Alpha Skip rings are getting a couple of goodies today. New firmware updates are rolling out for the new Xbox Wireless Headset and Xbox Wireless Controller, which includes a handful of critical fixes for both wireless accessories.

To start, the Xbox Wireless Controller is testing firmware update 5.7.2688 with stability fixes for pairing and reconnecting the controller, Bluetooth stability improvements, and some fixes for using the Xbox Wireless Controller with Steam Link over Bluetooth.

Finally, the newly-released Xbox Wireless Headset is testing firmware update 0.9.8 with stability fixes when powering the headset off. This update also removes the auto-quieting of audio playing through your Xbox when you take a phone call over Bluetooth on the Xbox Wireless Headset.

If testing is successful for these firmware updates, then they'll hopefully roll out to the public in the near future. In case you missed it, Xbox also recently released the Xbox March Update, which includes new features and bug fixes across the board, including for the Xbox Wireless Headset and Controller.

The Xbox Wireless Headset and Xbox Wireless Controller are already top of their game for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC. In our Xbox Wireless Headset review, our own Jez Corden said that "For those who seek a $99 option that combines Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless, there probably isn't a better-value option on the market right now."

The Xbox Wireless Headset is certainly one of the Best Headsets for Xbox Series X|S, while the new Xbox Wireless Controller dominates our list for Best Controllers for Xbox Series X|S. You simply can't go wrong with either option, especially as they continue to improve with new firmware updates.

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