Xbox Series S could see June reveal via 'platform and services' event

Xbox Lockhart Concept
Xbox Lockhart Concept (Image credit: /u/jiveduder on Reddit)

Xbox Project Scarlett E3 2019

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft will host a June live stream to "highlight the Xbox platform and services," Bloomberg reports in an interview with Xbox head, Phil Spencer.
  • The scheduled monthly event could serve as the potential unveiling of the long-rumored Xbox Series S, alongside the growing focus on services like Xbox Project xCloud and Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft's upcoming Xbox Series X continues to gun for late 2020 availability, with further reveals slated for the flagship next-generation console. The initial focus has fallen on Xbox Series X hardware, receiving a glimpse at its monolithic tower-style casing, and a granular dive into system specifications. The console shows promise, expected to lead the market with sizeable performance gains, establishing a firm baseline for the next console cycle.

The biggest mystery currently surrounds games — an area of focus of Microsoft on May 7, with the first of its "Xbox 20/20" streams. In an era of social distancing, the platform holder adopts monthly live streams, each spotlighting various elements of the next-gen box. The first includes a showcase of third-party titles from Microsoft "partners," with its July installment focusing on first-party titles from Xbox Game Studios.

Microsoft skirted reference to the expected June event in its Xbox 20/20 unveiling, focusing on the imminent third-party event and its Xbox Game Studios event two months later. However, it looks like June provides an outlook for the Xbox platform, potentially host to the long-rumored Xbox Lockhart — AKA Xbox Series S.

In an interview with executive vice-president of Gaming at Microsoft, Phil Spencer, Bloomberg reports June will "highlight the Xbox platform and services." Aaron Greenberg, general manager, Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft, also teases the June event, stating "news will be done differently than [an] Inside Xbox show."

Talk of Xbox Series S has circulated for years, with Microsoft reportedly exploring a two-pronged next-generation approach. While the Xbox Series X current represents the pinnacle of upcoming hardware, Redmond continues to explore a more affordable entry point for budget-conscious gaming. We understand Xbox Series S targets graphical performance around four teraflops (TF), with some next-gen features, compared to the 12TF of Xbox Series X. But the main sell of Xbox Series S will be affordability, putting a focus on that price — still a mystery for both consoles in early May.

The event may also feature other fundamentals from the growing Xbox services and subscription library, such as Project xCloud, the upcoming Xbox game streaming platform targeting a public release in 2020. Xbox Game Pass also remains a continued focus, recently clocking 10 million subscribers across Xbox and PC.

Expect additional details in the coming month, following the Xbox Series X gameplay reveal on May 7. Let us know what you hope to see from Xbox 20/20 streams in the comments section.

Xbox Series X/S


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  • My guess is entry level with no disc drive... like the Xbox One All-Digital edition... kind of strange to make it less TFs than the Xbox One X though... maybe if they are only targeting 1080p they don't need the additional 2 TFs?
  • From this "Xbox Series S eyes June reveal via ‘platform and services’ event" to this "Xbox Series S could see June reveal via 'platform and services' event" ... nice?
  • 4 Teraflops would make it even less powerful than the Xbox One X. How's that going to work for a next gen console? Either way, this is a surprisingly speculative article for Windows Central. Definitely gonna just have to wait and see what happens in June.
  • I'd agree, I'd hoped they'd go for 6TF. But, I'm pretty sure DF or Redgamingtech did a comparison. I seem to think that an RDNA 2 4TF would be not a million miles off the 6TF offered by One X. For me, it'd be almost pointless otherwise. In terms of strategy, when they make the wafers for the processing units, some don't come up to snuff. Hence why MS ordered a 56CU machine, but turn some off to make all of them 52CU. It means that more of the wafers can be used. Perhaps there are alsom some that don't make the 52CU limit. Could make a Lockhart from them. Would make the production have a near 100% yield.
  • 4TF of AMDs new architecture would be the same if not more graphical power then the 6TF in their older architecture found in the one X.
  • ,4 teraflops of RDNA 2 is way more powerful than what's in the one X. Based on the number, it sound like it's less capable but it's actually the opposite.
  • Xbox series S (in this concept) is cute!!
  • The whole key here is pricing. If the PS5 and XBSX are both $499 then the XBSS could be a good option for $299. However, If the PS5/XBSX is $399/$449 it would more tricky. Maybe drop the price under $299? But at those prices both XBSX/S and PS5 would be losing money on each console sold.
  • Still hope that Lockhart is a disc less XBSX, then I would buy it. Don't know where you came with that 4TF number and why you're taking it almost for granted.
  • This information has been around for literally months now.. It was out at the same time that the rumor that the series X would be 12 teraflops. Google or YouTube it. This has been common knowledge
  • I'll buy the Series S one day....since i already have a PS4, for me the Series S seems like the best option.