Xbox Series S leaked with $299 price, Microsoft responds

Xbox Series S Leaked Render
Xbox Series S Leaked Render (Image credit: Brad Sams)

What you need to know

  • Xbox Series S console design has leaked.
  • The leak also reveals a possible $299 price tag.
  • Xbox Series S will launch alongside Xbox Series X later this year.

Update, September 8 (3:18 a.m. ET) — Microsoft unveils Xbox Series S with $299 price tag

Microsoft has responded to recent reports, officially unveiling the Xbox Series S with a $299 retail price in the U.S. The company states the next-generation console comes in its "smallest" footprint to date, with more details to come "soon."

A leaked render has revealed the design and price of Microsoft's unnanounced and upcoming Xbox Series S, a cheaper next-generation alternative to the Xbox Series X. The console's appearance is somewhat more traditional, featuring a slightly flatter design when laid horizontally.

The console is white, and features a black cooling grill in the top portion of the unit when standing upright. It has a USB-A port on the front, and while it's hard to see in the render itself, our sources have confirmed that Xbox Series S does not have a disk drive.

In addition to the design, the leaked render also reveals that the console will cost $299 when it launches later this year. That should undercut the upcoming PlayStation 5 considerably, and allow Microsoft to price the Xbox Series X higher to accomodate for the additional GPU power.

Xbox Series S is just one part of Microsoft's next generation console strategy. The company is also launching the Xbox Series X, a more powerful, more expensive option for die-hard Xbox gamers who want the most power they can get in a console. Pricing has not yet officially been revealed for the Xbox Series X, but my sources tell me it will cost $499.

What are your thoughts on the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X designs? Let us know in the comments.

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  • The large circular grill on the top console surface is an odd design choice on first glance. I'm sure we'll learn more soon.
  • It's a fan
  • I’m glad to finally see it being leaked. Looks descent. I’d get it in a heartbeat but I still have a few games that have disks. Microsoft announced a trade in disk program like 6 years ago. Idk what ever happened to that but I’m annoyed now that we have digital consoles that I can’t even use them to play my older existing games without buying them all over in digital form. For the price I’d much rather get this to replace my aging original Xbox one, but without a trade in program it becomes impossible. 🥴
  • How on earth does Microsoft go from the beautiful designs of the One S and One X to the ugly monstrosities of the designs the Series S and Series X? Smh...
  • This is seriously pretty much a One S with a grill for better ventilation. They probably could have gone with a white mesh to match. Far from a monstrosity. The Series X looks great in my opinion and very functional for cooling. To each their own...
  • Have you seen the PS5?
  • In my opinion the PS5 looks cool, it looks like something way different then we have and I like that kind of stuff, it's like the Tesla Cyber truck for me. The Series X isn't bad, it's just meh and unexpired. The Series S would look alot better if the vent was white instead of black, the way it is, is just bad. The PS5 for me takes the spot from the Fat PS3 as the best looking console followed by the One S alongside the gold/silver limited edition PS4.
  • Everyone is obviously entitled to their opinion, but the PS3 is your favorite console design?! That's ultra barf for me... I personally think that was the poorest looking mainstream console ever created!
  • The PS5 looks like a Cisco router. It seems like Sony, got beat to the punch in design and took a PS2 and two PS3 consoles and put them together. At the end of the day, I could play on a toaster a d wouldn't care. I don't sit there and game and stare at my consoles. Xbox series X, looks slick and there to just play your games, at the highest fidelity.
  • Yes. It looks miles better than any of these.
  • "That's just like, your opinion man."
  • I really don't like the way the PS5 looks lol
  • Like they gone
    from beautiful xbox360 designs to Xbox one fat design 😅
  • I like the series x. Simple, understated and will blend in with the living room. The S however seems like a strange choice of design if correct. The giant black dot makes it look like they forgot to order the white component and that was what was left. From my point of view the PS5 is fugly. Just too much going on with curves etc. I want simple and functional.
  • How many people are going to lay it down in an entertainment center and not even see the circle?
  • Ya don't have to look at it while you're playing a game. Love it or leave it. Since when did dudes start caring about the design of something? Worry about if it does what they say it will do. Design? I could give a hoot! #truexboxgamer
  • When video games started letting you create your own character, then evolved into playing dress up and fashion shows. Aesthetics matter to them.
  • I love this price. 😲🤟
  • That price point is phenomenal! but that design is hideous, I hope it's not real I really do id prefer the other render of it being a small Lil white box.
  • I kind of like the big circle. It's like a giant, disproportionate 1020. 😂
  • Long live Lumias!
  • It's beautiful. Very minimalistic and curting edge.
  • Odd design, but you cannot beat that price. If these rumors are to be true. Also, love the price for the series X.
  • This is only a render. Take this "leak" with a grain of salt.
  • Valid point... Unless you actually read the article.
  • To be fair that comment was BEFORE MS confirmed it. You know, read the time stamp.
  • Any word on having a plug in Blu-ray reader? The price / performance is ideal, but I'm not ready to give up on my disc's.
  • Exactly my problem.. I'd love to buy this console to play my existing Xbox One games with enhancements, especially loading times.. but they're all disc games..
  • There were plans for digital code trade ins, I wonder of that will still happen.
  • Looks like they got inspiration from their handicap controller
  • That's a very PC name for that controller.
  • Holy crap, that thing is UGLY. The grill looks so awkward. It's like they wanted to reuse the XB1S design to save on R&D, while making it stand out as different...but didn't care about making it look good. At least the Series X actually looks pretty nice.
  • Its not the same size though, so it isn't totally the S design reused.
  • If making it so small was somehow saving them money down the chain, that might explain why the fan intake is so 'function first'... but nothing explains two that color choice. It's gross on the PS5 and its bad here too.
  • what's colour or built has to do with a game console. it's not a smartphone that u move about with 🙄