Will the Xbox Series X have an internal or external power supply brick?

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X (Image credit: Microsoft)

Will the Xbox Series X have an internal or external power supply brick?

Best answer: Almost certainly the Xbox Series X has an internal power supply. While we don't have official word, the figure-8 power port and our own information points to an internal power supply.4K while you wait: Xbox One X (From $300 at Amazon)HD today: Xbox One S (From $212 at Amazon)Discless HD gaming: Xbox One S All-Digital (From $160 at Amazon)Contract option: Xbox One All-Access (From $20/month at Amazon)

Power bricks be gone

Source: @Doug_DragoX (Image credit: Source: @Doug_DragoX)

The original Xbox One from 2013 shipped with a monstrous hulking power brick complete with its own cooling, as Microsoft sought to take as much heat out of the Xbox as possible. This was possibly a reaction to the heat issues that plagued the original Xbox 360, which led to hardware failure.

Cooling technology has improved generally over the years, with Microsoft itself investing heavily in cooling and power-optimization methods for both its Xbox consoles and its Surface computers. The Xbox One S and X both have internal power supplies, which regulates power from your wall socket to your console.

In the leaked photographs of the Xbox Series X, we got a glimpse of the ports on the back of the console, and we can see a standard figure-8 style power socket similar to what's offered in the Xbox One S and X, as opposed to the 3-pin socket on the original Xbox One from 2013. We've confirmed with a few sources that the Xbox Series X does indeed have an internal power supply, as you might expect.

We'll likely have some confirmation from Microsoft sooner, rather than later, but it's fair to expect that there will be no external power supply brick with the Xbox Series X, keeping your playspace tidy.

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