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What are the ports on the Xbox Series X?

Xbox Series X Vent
Xbox Series X Vent (Image credit: Microsoft)

What are the ports on the Xbox Series X?

Best answer: We now have the official full rundown of the Xbox Series X ports. The retail units will have three USB-A ports, an HDMI-out port, an SSD card expansion port, an Ethernet port, and a power socket. See below for more details.4K while you wait: Xbox One X (opens in new tab) (From $300 at Amazon)HD today: Xbox One S (opens in new tab) (From $212 at Amazon)Discless HD gaming: Xbox One S All-Digital (opens in new tab) (From $160 at Amazon)Contract option: Xbox One All-Access (opens in new tab) (From $20/month at Amazon)

Official Xbox Series X ports

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

Microsoft recently detailed the Xbox Series X retail version in full, giving us a look at the full list of ports we can expect when the console launches later in 2020.

  • 3x USB-A ports: Two in the back, one in the front. These are for USB accessories primarily, including headsets, controller recharge docks and cables, USB storage expansion drives, keyboards and mice, and so on.
  • HDMI-out (2.1): This connects your Xbox Series X to your TV. The 2.1 interface adds ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), which ensures that your TV automatically switches to its "game mode" setting for lowest latency gaming possible. It also includes VRR (Variable Refresh Rates), which makes games like smoother in motion. Sadly, the HDMI-in pass-through available on the Xbox One S and X for TV integration is gone.
  • Ethernet: This connects your Xbox Series X to your router via a Cat5 cable; it will also have Wi-Fi, of course.
  • Power: There's a figure-8 power socket as well. We have confirmed that the Xbox Series X will have an internal power supply too, like the Xbox One X and Xbox One S.
  • SSD expansion: There's an additional rectangular slot that was initially thought to be some sort of port for proprietary debugging tools, but it's now revealed to be an SSD expansion storage card slot, allowing you to expand your Xbox Series X's base memory.
  • Kensington lock: Next to the sticker, there's a small rectangle with a padlock icon. This is a Kensington lock port that allows you to tie hardware down to a table or something of that nature.

What, no SPDIF?

Source: @Doug_DragoX (Image credit: Source: @Doug_DragoX)

Owing to a previous leak, we saw some ports on the prototype units of the Xbox Series X. That leak included SPDIF optical for some higher-end audio devices, like the Astro A50 headset. Astro has stated that its headsets are planned to work on the Xbox Series X, but hasn't yet described how they will work. Either Microsoft is planning some sort of HDMI adapter that will offer a SPDIF port as an optional extra, or Astro and others will have to move to a USB-interface for their devices instead.

If you can't wait for the Xbox Series X, there are a lot of options for picking up an Xbox One console today, and every game and accessory you pick up should carry forward to the next-gen console too.

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  • "There's a figure-8 power socket as well. We have no idea if the Xbox Series X will have an internal or external power supply," We know for a fact it's an internal power supply. Because Figure-8 power sockets are an AC-power standard. And power supplies are just AC/DC inverters.
  • Cheers, had no idea!
  • In support of what im said (and in case the dog eats yours), it is an IEC standard C8 plug, and takes a C7 cord end.
  • I wish Microsoft would have added a few more USB-A ports and at least have two on the front of the console and maybe 3 or 4 total on the back.
  • Do we know what speed those USB-A ports will be? I'm assuming they will be USB 3.0 but we all know what assuming does...
  • Usb 3.2 on all ports
  • I know it seems unlikely, but any chance we'll get some more media capabilities (especially HDMI-in) through the USB ports as paid add-ons? Is that even possible without violating HDCP? I would gladly pay extra to preserve my Xbox-centric entertainment hub, which requires HDMI-in.