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What you need to know

  • Xbox has released an absolute deluge of new information for Xbox Series X.
  • Part of this information is a new loading test that shows State of Decay 2 loading on Xbox One X vs. Xbox Series X.
  • The difference is staggering.

Today, Xbox released tons of new information about its upcoming console, Xbox Series X. One of the biggest boosts players will get is from the SSD, which allows games to load much, much faster than on the hard drive in an Xbox One or Xbox One X.

To demonstrate this enhanced loading, Xbox has released a video showing State of Decay 2 loading on Xbox One X vs Xbox Series X. You can watch the video below but suffice to say, there's a stark difference.

State of Decay 2 goes from loading in about 45 seconds on Xbox One X to just seven seconds on Xbox Series X. Even more impressively, this is with no extra work or optimization done, that's just how much State of Decay 2 benefits when installed on an Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X is currently scheduled to release sometime in Holiday 2020.

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