Xbox Series X 'The Medium' gameplay trailer showcases dual-horror realities

The Medium Lead
The Medium Lead (Image credit: Bloober)

The Medium is an upcoming PC and Xbox Series X game set to launch alongside the console in the holiday season of 2020. Not a huge amount is known about the psychological horror title, but some key details already have it riding high on our most-anticipated games list.

In the game, you follow a haunted medium, who can perceive an alternative reality full of twisted horrors and nightmarish landscapes, inspired by the likes of Zdzislaw Beksinski. Traversing the real world and the spirit world will be key to navigating the game, co-scored by Silent Hill legend Akira Yamoaka.

Bloober Team is an increasingly prolific horror title creator, with games like Observer and Layers of Fear propelling it into the spotlight. The Medium looks set to be another step up in quality for the Polish studio, which launches exclusively on the Xbox Series X and on PC in the holiday season of 2020. For everything you need to know about The Medium, head here.

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  • Just added that to my Steam wishlist. Definitely looks good based on that trailer.
  • Yep, I knew that.
  • This looks great. A modern Silent Hill. With fixed camera angles. So happy about this. And it's this holiday as well.
  • I'm not really liking the split screens, please tell me these are just to demonstrate the game and not actually how the game is.
  • Given the two different characters in each location I think it might be how the game is, but it could also be a co op option, whereas a single player might just switch between, I dunno. The effect of the world shifting looks really impressive though.
  • Yeah, thars what i was hoping for, shifting back and forth between worlds. I hope that's what mainly happens, and if there are any of those split screens that it will be in limited amounts.