Xbox Series X 'The Medium' horror gameplay features music from Silent Hill's Akira Yamoaka

The Medium Screenshot
The Medium Screenshot (Image credit: Bloober Team)

At Microsoft's Xbox Series X showcase today Bloober Team of Observer and Layers of Fear fame showed off their upcoming next-gen entry, "The Medium." The game also features the musical stylings of the legendary Akira Yamoaka, working in tandem with Bloober Team's own horror aficionado Arkadiusz Reikowski.

In The Medium, you play as Marianne, a psychic medium who is able to traverse the spirit world. Marianne begins receiving dark visions that revolve around a child's murder. Unable to become free of the visions, Marianne travels to an abandoned vacation resort, which appears to have been where this tragedy occurred.

In The Medium, you'll work to unravel the mystery of the dark happenings within, against a backdrop of dark visions and Yamoaka-style ambience. It should prove to be quite an experience, if you're brave enough.

Interestingly, The Medium is listed as not supporting Xbox Smart Delivery, which indicates that either it isn't coming to past-gen consoles, or you'll have to buy it twice if you want to grab it across both Xbox One and next-gen Xbox Series X consoles.

Bloober Team makes an array of excellent psychological horror games, from the tremendous cyberpunk-style Observer_ to the haunting Layers of Fear, all are unmissable experiences for horror fans everywhere. Bloober Team has also previously announced that Observer_ will hit Xbox Series X as an enhanced title, complete with additional story beats and renewed graphics.

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