Xbox Spring Sale kicks off on April 11 with big savings on more than 350 titles

If you've been holding off on buying games for your Xbox One in anticipation of the Xbox Store's next big sale, your wait is almost over. Kicking off on April 11, Microsoft is kicking off a Spring Sale, offering discounts on hundreds of games, apps and more.

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The sale will run for exactly one week from April 11-17, during which you'll be able to pick up Xbox One and Xbox 360 games like Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, Bioshock Infinite, and many more for up to 67 percent off. Like previous sales, the discounts will extend to movies, TV shows, music, and apps as well. Xbox Live Gold members will also be able to eke out a little more band for their buck with an extra 10% discount. And if you're not a Gold subscriber yet, Microsoft will be offering subscriptions for $1 — though that deal has been limited to new subscribers in past sales.

Lastly, the Spring Sale is set to dip its toes into the hardware arena as well with $15 off at the Xbox Design Lab. That should make it a little easier to spring for your own customized controller.

We don't yet have a full list of the games, apps, and everything else that'll be on sale, but we'll get a better look once the Spring Sale kicks off on April 11.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • my wallet will be sad
  • This^
    I already have more games than I can ever complete in a year, but I still want more :-(, I'll probably be getting them regardless :-)
  • I bought a lot in the last sale and haven't played most of them haha. I will probably get Fallout 4 finally if it goes to £20 as usual, just want to know if it will get a Scorpio patch as I probably won't play it until then anyway
  • Isn't it supposed to be VR on Scorpio?
  • I remember that was a rumour a good while ago but I never tracked it - Great news if it is. I will probably wait until then and buy it in case it is a special edition or something that is needed - Not gamed at all last week or this week as I just moved and when I do play it's Zelda for now - Got a busy Easter weekend coming up so will be working mostly, always try and get in a couple weeks solid gaming around xmas though
  • and even cheaper in the russian xbox store. All you need is a russian adress.
  • Oh?  why cheaper?
  • Russian Ruble is pretty cheap compared to €,$,£.
    You can buy games for 30-40€ instead of 70
  • The ad says $15 off the controller not 15%.
  • Cant wait to pick up a few new games!
  • Nice! I just finished my Black Friday backlog so I'm ready.
  • Sweet been hoping this will hit soon.
  • Waiting for big discount on Forza Horizon 3 and Quantum Break
  • Will this sale be one where all the games go up on day 1, or will there be special daily deals etc.