Xbox Support's official YouTube channel now features piles of Xbox One S help videos

Xbox Support has been posting dozens of guide videos on its official YouTube channel ahead of the Xbox One S and Xbox One Summer Update's launch.

If you're planning on picking up an Xbox One S, or want some video guides on how to access some of the Summer Update's latest features, you ought to hit that subscribe button.

The Xbox One S features 4K video playback, HDR support, and a few other features not available on the current Xbox One. The Kinect port has also been removed, requiring that users pick up a USB 3.0 adapter instead which you can do over here (opens in new tab). Xbox Support has put together a few videos that detail the Xbox One S's new features and functions, as well as videos that explain the upcoming Summer Update.

Some of the videos include:

Use the link below to check out Xbox Support's full YouTube channel. We're also putting together our own Xbox guides and how-to content for the Xbox One S and the Summer Update right over here.

Will you be picking up the Xbox One S? Let us know in the comments!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Preordered it and picked up a 4K HDR LG that supports both the Dolby and HDR 10, HDR formats.... I can already stream 4K through the built in apps but the 4K HDR bluray will be great for movies. And I plan on picking up a chat pad so I can control my computer via Bluetooth (keyboard and mouse).
  • Cool setup
  • But will the chatpad work over Bluetooth? The video specifically mentions that the Bluetooth connection does not support headphones, which use the same port. I wonder...
  • Yeah, I heard that little caveat last night, when I actually talked to support a few weeks ago, I asked if it would work and they said it should... I am guessing they were in the dark. I also noticed that the Bluetooth does not work with the Xbox One S only with computers. I am a little disappointed but with my Employer discount and a few other discounts, I only paid $246 for the 2TB... And don't ask I am being vague on purpose it protects everyone!
  • No
  • What was the point bringing Cortana across if they removed the kinnect port? At least build a mic into the console. I'm not gonna put a headset on to turn my Xbox on.... Think Microsoft. Use your heads.
  • You can get the adapter for free if you want to use the Kinect.
  • What about all the new users? They cant phase out kinnect for the headset if they want Cortana to be a thing. The console (as does Scorpio) needs a built in mic at least.
  • You can buy the Kinect separate so anyone that wants one can get one still. Nothings changing.
  • Excuse me, FORWARD thinking. Kinect failed, there should be a mic in the console just like your phone. Head; use it.
  • @Iyae the issue with that is - some would say that the entire console is now listening to you 24/7 and reporting everything to MS. They could in theory release a usb mic array.... but thats another accessory to manufacture and maintain.
  • You mean like kinnect? :P
  • .
  • I will be getting my first Xbox with the One S. I am pretty disappointed about the Kinect port being the way it is. Having to buy a Kinect and the adapter is crazy expensive. But I'd love to have it for Skype on the TV, as well as Cortana.
  • You can turn xbox with gamepad. Easy.
  • I wish PlayStation support didn't suck and and was more like xbox s. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Only a black one... When they release
  • I'm waiting for this too haha
  • That's racist! Just like Xbox making the black one bigger and white smaller... Racist! LOL
  • YouTube is great but ads suck. Hate them. There's a new way to block these ads via router DNS. Try Adguard DNS. I've been using it works great.
  • Ublock extension with firefox is a simpler solution :).
  • And still no support for Bluetooth headsets. Un-freakin'-believable. What year is this again? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android