Xbox Video fixes SRT subtitle issue in new update

Xbox Video for Windows Phone has just been updated. The last update for Xbox Video added SRT subtitle support when it came out a few weeks ago. Today's update issues a fix for a problem some users had when storing SRT files on an SD card.

Here's the full changelog for version 2.6.346.0 of Xbox Video:

  • Fixed an issue preventing SRT files in the root of an SD card from being discovered
  • Polish fixes and general improvements

Grab the update and let us know how SRT subtitle support is working in the latest update!

Thanks for the tip everyone!

QR: Xbox VIdeo

Sam Sabri
  • 'Murica
  • After all the music app and video app updates, it still feels the same. Laggy.
  • To be honest, a lot of apps feel laggy. Twitter, facebook, tapatalk, games hub - maybe the problem is actually in the underlying OS.
  • Resuming...
  • I think Microsoft should really work on improving performance in Windows Phone. There are so long start-up and resuming times!!! In iOS you'll never see something like this...
  • That's because the apps are not optimized for wp8.1!
    Why everything has to do with MS? Why you don't understand that the apps are currently built for wp8 and they don't take advantage of fast resuming of wp8.1. For that the app has to be built for the OS.
    Developers have already stated that until the OS (Wp8.1) is adopted on more devices, they will not update their app.
    Simple as that Edit: "In iOS you'll never see something like this"
    THINK AGAIN *iOS 8 for iPhone 4s and 5*
  • Omg dude....this!!!
  • Thank you! App developers need to optimize their apps. Thankfully, with Cyan reaching more and more people, I don't think it'll be too long for 8.1 reaches critical mass (amongst the WP community, anyways) and devs start properly building 8.1 apps. I also think Windows 10 will help, due to its even more increased focus on universal apps, amongst other things. Too bad Verizon and T-Mobile are really holding things back ATM. :/
  • Yes. As the Lumia Cyan is mostly available for Lumia devices,developers will start updating their apps for windows phone 8.1 once the no. is higher then all this resuming and loading screens will be gone for good.
    Whereas the talk about the carriers go,FORTUNATELY I ain't living in America but I feel sad for what they did with ICON and what they are doing with Cyan update.
  • THINK AGAIN *Wp8.1 for Lumia822,521 & 929* Please don't say their carrier is lazy enough to push update.Microsoft should take care of the carriers too or else ditch them & make some sense in making wp's hardware & most of all software wise *Resuming............*
  • Don't even get me started on iOS 8. My iPad Air has a BSOD every half hour of use ever since upgrading to iOS 8. 
  • Thank you!
  • I wish Microsoft's wp division sees your comment.This^^^ is why i get bored of my Lumia 920.
  • You did in iOS 6 and below... Windows Phone, to save power, essentially hibernates apps as soon as you leave them. iOS did this too up until iOS 7.
  • Agree. Gone were the days when WP was blazingly fast. Sometimes, the phone feels like it is running on  old Android versions. Even when navigating back to the start screen will see stuttering of the tiles animations.
  • I lost you when you said that "gone are the days of Windows phone being blazingly fast." Sent from somewhere. Don't worry I ain't illegal.
  • That's not true. Our Lumia 822s and 928 are just as fast running WP 8.1 Update as they were running WP 8.0.
  • and how about the Windows Phone 8.1 for low-end devices like Lumia 520-720? are they as fast as the high end ones?
  • I'm using 520 and running smooth with developer preview..
  • define smooth. my 620, friend's 520 lags in some occasions. idk, maybe because I got used to 1520 performance?
  • I knew that was a joke.
  • Haha i feel you bro my Lumia 920 feels like I'm using Android 4.0 on it Makes no sense in buying or staying on wp8.1 ecosystem.
  • I think the OS has to do something with the lagging issue. Even the Microsoft apps are showing resuming, loading messages. Aren't they optimized?? If not it's a Microsoft issue. If they are not optimizing their own apps for their own platform, House will other developers do the same??
  • Can anyone help me on how to enable the subtitles? I checked the settings and it's always "substitutes off".
  • Video and subtitle must have same names and they have to be in folder "Video".
  • It worked, thanks!
  • Still shits all over our personal.library (TV, Movies)
  • Still doesn't loads subtitle!
  • The app seems to be a fan of Alfred Hitchcock,:P it played subtitles for Psycho, but it didn't for Megamind :/ though both had srt. But then even Moliplayer didn't play subtitle for Megamind.
  • The app pisses me off sometimes. I can't play the videos straight from opening the app. Instead I have to wait for a whole minute for the app to load and refresh. If I attempt to play a video while it loads it never plays :-/
  • The same with xBox music :/ I'm thankful we have MixRadio :)
  • Agree... Sometimes that loading screen can continue upto 5 minutes for me, I've not used default video app ever since I updated from 8.0
  • Yup. MoliPlayer has the best video playback experience. Never touched Xbox Video since upgraded to 8.1 too. Anything with Xbox sucks. Xbox Music, Xbox Video, Xbox Games.
  • Same here. Xbox video sucks.
  • still doesn't load the srt subtitles :(  
  • This is off topic but did anyone else noticed the small UI change in the windows phone store?
    Right now it has BIG feature app.
  • Yeah
    I did
  • Yeah.. I did.. And it's Subway Surfers.. LOL
  • Just noticed it now.
  • Where gone gdr2? Was coming on 8th.
  • Nowhere, it is not released yet.
  • Yes i know but here was a rumor to release on 8th oct.
  • They're all lazy that they can't even update the change log!
  • Did it solve the screen sticking isse after switching the video to full screen?
  • I had a similar problem. Sad :'(
  • I jst cant update the video app from weeks it downloads half d way nd jst wen it shows installing it stops nd shows attention reqd tap here....any solution ?
  • Wish it would allow us to select our personal videos individually using alphabetical letter instead of having to scroll all the way downnnnnnnn!!!
  • Subtitles won't work if you put the video and srt file in another folder inside the video folder. Video folder becomes messy. :-/
  • MS and WP team are pretty glad to see rating of Xbox video.
  • Slightly related:
    in the most recent (or recent-1 or -2) Windows 8.1 version of the Xbox Video: all the playback controls / elapsed time bar and seek bar has COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED from the interface! Actually, there is no other button on the interface than the go back to home button. Everything else disappared completely! Have any of you experienced such an issue? Or is it intentionally? If thats the case, has everyone in Redmond got total retard? I cannot event stop or pause the videos after playback started, this cannot be normal! Plus extra issue: if I switch task to another app while the video playback is running, and I switch back to the video app, it drops me back to the home screen, and the progress where I have been in the video is completely lost. Opening the same video restarts it from 00:00 again. It wasnt wrking that shitty a half year earlier... madness!
  • Am I the only one on the planet who is facing with this? If the latest version does not behave like this for you guys, please also reply with that info!
  • srt support...   what about embedded sub support??? :-\
  • Srt support is great, but why desktop version still has no such support?
  • We don't want an update for a name sake...... The dev r doin nothin to improve d app. Its still d same old laggy app with no improvements in srt section. Y don u guys jus stop giving such dumb updates so that at least we could save some data we r wastin on updating such good for nothin apps
  • I am facing a problem while play video's on my Lumia 720 over Xbox video app and most of the time it hangs or music or voice play first then the images moves. Pls resolve it