Xbox users will soon be able to sign into multiple devices simultaneously

Xcloud (Image credit: Windows Central)

One of the biggest downsides of Project xCloud right now is that it utilizes your single Xbox Live point of presence, meaning that when you sign in on your phone, you can be signed out on other devices. For some family household setups, this negates one of the best use cases for xCloud: letting your family watch Netflix or Disney+ on your console while you get your game on with your phone or tablet. Thankfully, that's about to change.

Recently, we saw evidence that Microsoft is gearing up to lift this restriction on Xbox Live, allowing you to have multiple points of presence across different devices and platforms.

You'll still only be able to launch games on one device at a time using your account, but this new system means that you'll be able to play the best Xbox One games via cloud streaming on your phone, without being signed out of your consoles. This means you'll be able to continue using streaming apps and services like Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, or Microsoft's own Movies & TV on the same account, while using Project xCloud on your phone.

It's a relatively minor tweak to the system, but lifting the restriction adds a whole lot of additional usability to Project xCloud, especially in households where battles over the TV are commonplace. This feature is currently undergoing some internal testing, and will likely be rolled out ahead of Project xCloud's September 13 launch date, which comes bundled with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and should feature "over 100" games.

It shouldn't be long until we get more details on the future of Microsoft's Project xCloud. The streaming wars between Microsoft, Google, and others are also only just getting started.

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