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Microsoft's Larry Hryb (otherwise known as Major Nelson) recently took to a blog post to outline some new features coming to the Xbox website. Starting today, you'll be able to sort through your activity feed and even pick up friend suggestions directly from

Here's how Hryb broke the features down in his blog post:

Activity Feed: You can see everything on your feed, make text posts, and like, comment on, and share feed items directly from your browser.Suggested Friends: This feature will help you expand your friends network and find new people to play on Xbox Live with.

As mentioned above, the new features rolled out today, so you should be able to browse that activity feed and expand your friends list right now.

Source: Major Nelson

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  • Xbox needs a windows 10 developer preview update too! :) there feedback make it happen Microsoft!
  •  remember they said that there will be updates to the xbox app on windows 10 once per month. so sometime in feburary or march will see one.
  • I might use the "suggested friends" page if it didn't do things like suggest Major Nelson 3 different times on the same page...
  • It would be more helpful if suggestions were people you played with recently instead of popular accounts.
  • Needs a change gamer tag feature
  • Even if we had to verify our accounts with an email verification code, I would like to be able to change my Xbox LIVE gamertag online as well after the initial change.  At least the option to change Xbox LIVE gamertags after the initial change appears to be coming to the new Xbox app for Windows 10.
  • I noticed it about 3 hours ago.. It has a "go to old Home" if you do not like the new feed. I prefer the old one. I wouldn't mind if they would make a "Feed" tab and have all these features and keep the home page (which I can switch over to, but for how long will they let us do this I wonder!)
  • its not so good like we want.... ! xbox360 was a power of mind and evolution ...and x box one have just a new... scarry and boried designer with all stuff... no more magik on xbox !Material designer is very poor and for kids... it s like paint and he cant be photoshop... !