Xperia X2 due on Vodafone Nov. 6; LG GM750 is out this Friday

Remember how Vodafone said customers can expect the LG GM750 in October and the Sony Xperia X2 in November? That was it. No actual dates attached.

But never fear: We've gotten (very blurry) word that the X2 (aka the Vulcan) is due Nov. 6. Price and plans still to be determined (or at least leaked).

Even better, the GM750 should be on hand this Friday, Oct. 2. As you can see, £25 a month gets you 300 minutes and unlimited texts, and the phone itself is free. Unlimited data will cost another £5 a month.

For us, the question remains: Will either of these phones see love on this side of the pond?

Thanks, anonymous tipster!

Phil Nickinson

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  • It's great to see variety coming to Vodafone.
    X2 and GM750 are great and hopefuly will bring them some more users.
    What intrigues me is the difference in device offer between various areas.
    In Australia for example Voda had the iPhone 3GS since July, while in UK they just struck the deal.
    In the same way there are many WinMo devices available in Europe which never made it to Asia or Australia.
  • I was agonizing waiting the Xperia X1 for an eternity. Sony Ericson blew it. I can't trust them anymore. I don't even care how the X2 looks like.