XSplit Express Video Editor review: Making editing easier for gamers and streamers

Game streaming is as big as ever, and as much as people love a live stream, you can't catch everything. Because of this, streamers often upload clips, highlights, and entire broadcasts for people to watch later. The new XSplit Express Video Editor makes it easy for streamers to mark highlights, snip clips, and get gaming footage ready for uploading.

The app is built with game streamers in mind. It works with cue marks from XSplit broadcasts and has a simple click and drag interface that makes it easy for streamers to create videos without having to study video editing. It's a basic editor, but it does just enough to merit a look.

What you'll love about XSplit Express Video Editor?

XSplit Express Video Editor is built with streamers in mind. The app supports importing video from OBS, Streamlabs, and XSplit, which makes it easy to grab footage from streams. If you use XSplit Broadcaster, you'll be able to use cue points, which make it much easier to grab highlights. As you stream with XSplit Broadcaster, you can mark any highlight as a cue point. XSplit remembers this, and you can quickly jump to it within XSplit Express Video Editor. This is an excellent little feature for creating stream highlights.

The interface of XSplit Express Video Editor is simple. It's a single timeline editor which makes for simple editing. You can snip clips, trim and tail clips to make them the exact length that you'd like, and can export a clip or an entire timeline. It does all this without having to render videos. As a result, you can drag in a video clip, find your highlight, and export a clip for social media in just a couple minutes.

What will frustrate you about XSplit Express Video Editor?

XSplit Express Video Editor is in early access, so if you use it right now, you'll feel that it's missing features. It's great for if you want to take a clip from a full-length stream and make a highlight for social media, but it currently lacks the ability to add graphics or use custom audio tracks. This is understandable because it just became available for early access at the end of July. XSplit has already shared that they plan to add several features, including a title editor, scene transitions, and support for additional audio tracks.

I also find the interface of XSplit Express Video Editor feels dated. The timeline and editing features are fine, but if you look at the image above you'll see how it works with the File Explorer. I'd love to see a newer app like this feature a modern design and maybe even some larger touchpoints for users on laptops with a touch screen and 2-in-1s.

In its current state, XSplit Express Video Editor is too simple, but I think even in its current form it's useful for creating highlights and clips.

Should you download XSplit Express Video Editor?

XSplit Express Video Editor is a great little video editor. It's purpose-built for streamers and has features that I think streamers will find useful. Cue point support and the simple interface mean that the app has a low learning curve. You can easily jump in, place some footage, grab a highlight, and export it for Twitter, YouTube, or anywhere else.

I think the interface of XSplit Express Video Editor feels dated, like some features aren't yet available. However, I'm confident that XSplit will add new tools over time. XSplit has already outlined several things that will be added, including a title editor and support for additional audio tracks. If you're a streamer looking to create highlights and clips to share your favorite moments, XSplit Express Video Editor is a simple tool that will get the job done.

Sean Endicott
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