Yellow Lumia 920 now available on Rogers for $50

The Lumia 920 has been added to the catalogue of Windows Phones available at Canadian mobile operator Rogers. The unique colour is one of the rare variants, along with the grey and red versions. Priced at the same points as other Lumia 920s listed on the company's website, the $49.99 on a 3-year contract isn't a bad deal (though it is for anyone who's used to 1-year and 2-year plans).

If the plans aren't up your street, Rogers also has a full purchase option for $599.99 outright. The mobile operator is also giving away a free Nokia Wireless Charging plate with purchases (any variant is eligible for this offer it seems).

Source: Rogers; via: MobileSyrup

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Red isn't very rare compared to yellow, cyan, and grey.
  • Little late there Rogers. I guess I missed out on the charging plate cause I already have my phone.
  • I picked up the yellow one yesterday.. passed my black one down to my g/f. What a mess might I add getting in my hands. Rogers is a complete disaster in their back office. I reserved one online and it arrived for pick up last Weds but they couldn't actually hand it over because it wasn't in their systems yet to process the upgrade. But whatever, it's my hands now and it was worth the wait. I did a restore from my old one. It was 99% successful. For some reason 3 apps wouldn't transfer over, now says not available in my region in the store?! And btw, the free charging plate is only for new activations as in assigning a new ph#. I tried to score one but no luck.
  • Is there a way to get this to use on virgin mobile Canada?
  • Yes its Pentaband, works on all carriers in Canada unlocked
  • My yellow lumia 920 was $649 out right without contract or voice/data plan. I wonder why it says $599 here. 
  • $599 price is still locked to Rogers. $50 to unlock. Yes full price phone still locked to carrier even if you buy it at MSFT store. Welcome to Canada
  • Just use a 3rd party unlocker on eBay. Its a lot easier for a Rogers than ATT (actually it's damn near impossible for ATT).
  • Finally got mine last friday.
    The phone is fantastic. The glossy yellow body actually looks better than I expected.
    For those who paid $649, ask for a refund since it was a mistake in Rogers' system.
  • I bought it mine for 599$ questions asked. Im on Fido. However, I had a friend..with an active Rogers account placed the reservation for me.
  • I always wanted a Lumia 920 with color other than black but Rogers never had them in stock so I settled with the black version. Now I have no choice but to sell my Lumia if I want the yellow or red version
  • $600 outright? At least AT&T is cheaper.
  • That's because it's still subsidized and locked to AT&T with no way of getting an unlock code.
  • Tru dat.
  • Goddamn you Rogers.
  • Darn you, Rogers.  I just purchased a black Lumia on Sunday, and played on it 30+ minutes.  Was waiting for a yellow one and gave up on it.
  • I'm the "you" that waited. ;) Now I just need to go find one in the wild - I'm not crazy about buying online.
  • NOW $0.00!!!