Yes, people still play Fallout 76, Bethesda releases 2020 Year in Review

Fallout 76 Year In Review Image
Fallout 76 Year In Review Image (Image credit: Bethesda)

What you need to know

  • Fallout 76 is the latest in the long-running apocalyptic RPG 'Fallout' series from Bethesda.
  • The game massively changed Fallout's classic formula, to much disdain from players and critics.
  • Bethesda has stuck with the game, however, and 2020 was apparently a very successful year for Fallout 76.
  • Fallout 76's Year in Review shows all the free updates and content it got, how much players participated, and what to expect in 2021.

When Fallout 76 was released, it was certainly an odd one. The game sought to completely alter the classic and beloved Fallout series with less focus on NPCs and more of a focus on solitude and desolation juxtaposed with other real-life players existing in your world with you. At launch, the game was more-or-less panned for its myriad of issues and anemic level of content. Still, Bethesda has commendably continued to support the game with free updates, events, new content, and more, like the recent Steel Dawn update.

In Fallout 76's Year in Review 2020, we see that players are still returning to Fallout 76 in droves and that Fallout 76 isn't quite dead yet.

Some highlights from the review include how Fallout 76-er's died over 700 million times (over 16 million of those unfortunately from fall damage), dropped over five million nukes, completed nearly five million Daily Ops, and removed almost 5 billion Scorched from the world. Bethesda also had a hectic year with a plethora of free content updates and events, which saw scores of new and veteran players alike returning to Fallout 76. The outlook on the game seems to have changed recently, with the continued support bringing Fallout 76 to where it should've been at launch.

Source: Bethesda (Image credit: Source: Bethesda)

Finally, Fallout 76's Year in Review contains an updated Community Calendar, which gives a sneak peek at what players can expect from the beginning of 2021. Bethesda doesn't look to be resting on their laurels here and intends to continue updating and supporting the game at least for the next year. Highlights include Stash Size increases, Pip-Boy UX updates, and a bevy of seasonal events and sales.

If you haven't tried Fallout 76, or simply haven't played it in a long time, it's definitely worth a little bit of your time now. Fallout 76 is included in Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PC, and players can pick up Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to get it in both places, as well as the online access on consoles necessary to get the most out of the game. And, if you want to be able to plead for your life when a higher-level player attacks, consider one of the Best Headsets for Xbox Series X|S and their premium mics.

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