Yes, you can use Office on the Xbox Series X|S with a mouse and keyboard

Microsoft Office Xbox
Microsoft Office Xbox (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft recently rolled out the Xbox September Update.
  • As part of the update, Xbox consoles received the new Microsoft Edge, which supports mouse and keyboard.
  • As a result, you can use Microsoft Office through the web with a mouse and keyboard on your console.

Some ask why you would want to use Microsoft Office on your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. We at Windows Central choose to ask why not? The Xbox September Update brings the new Microsoft Edge, which is based on Chromium. The browser has full mouse and keyboard support, opening the door to all kinds of shenanigans. If you have one of the best keyboards for the Xbox Series X or Series S, you can now type up documents on your console.

Within Microsoft Edge, you can browse through gaming how-to guides, media sites, and everything else the web has to offer. You can also go to (opens in new tab). Of course, you could access Office's web apps before this new version of Edge shipped to consoles, but you couldn't use a mouse and keyboard. You could have used your Xbox controller to navigate through your documents and a chatpad to write, but that seems a bit awkward, even compared to using your Xbox to do your homework.

With full mouse and keyboard support, you can use your Xbox console to do your homework, create a PowerPoint presentation, or even play around in Excel. Again, we're not sure how many people will use their browser like this, but isn't it fun to know that you can?

You can update your Xbox console with these steps:

  1. Press the Xbox button.
  2. Select Profile & system.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Updates.
  5. Select Console update available.
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  • Very nice. Good to have a backup if you ever need it.
    I always have a keyboard handy for entering comments.
    But now I can use the mouse also. later
  • Lol, many of us actually joked about this when Xbox switched over to X64 and the unified kernel. This would come in handy for those with managers and bosses who don't know the meaning of weekends.... Or days off.... Nevertheless in this era of hybrid working this has even greater utility, all that's missing is a web cam support as you should be able to use Teams via the browser as well.
  • We were all joking about this up until we decided to make an actual article out of it. And re: Webcam and Teams, at this rate, give it a few weeks.
  • Haha I see and I will do actually. A friend's PC gave up the ghost due to dead capacitor two days ago, highlighting how random things can be - then again he did confirm the motherboard was more or less 8 years old. So being able to use the xbox in a pinch to do some work, would actually be extremely useful. I still have my OG Xbox 1, I'm not selling it as that HDMI passthrough is so damn useful when combined with a HDMI switch. So, I still have my kinect too which I could use for Teams meeting in a pinch too. Seriously glad I didn't sell my xbox as I did with my PS4 (My older bro got me a broken one for £50 as a birthday present, which only needed a hard drive replacement for £30. Later sold for £80 to a relative, it's still gaming away). That relative was a die hard Playstation fanboy however he recently became an xbox gamer (now he's the one pushing me to get online to play the next Halo 🤣🤣) and so did his siblings. Goes to show how much inroads the Xbox team is really making with backwards compatibility, gamepass and xcloud. Being able to run office and Teams on the Xbox? That's a cherry on top, a USP I doubt Sony would be willing to match given how lightweight the browser has been for consecutive generations (PS3, PS4 now PS5). So, it would take a considerable amount of resources to make a more functional browser.
  • What the article forgets to mention is the on screen keyboard that pop ups as soon as you start typing with your physical keyboard, blocking most of your view.