Yet another Windows 10 PC build, 10159, to be released today for Fast ring members

Microsoft will release yet another Windows 10 PC preview version, build 10159, to members of Windows Insider program on the Fast Ring sometime later today. This news comes less than 24 hours after the company released build 10158.

Windows Insider leader Gabriel Aul states why they have launched another build so soon after the last version.

"Why two builds so fast back to back?! As you probably know, we validate builds that we produce in internal rings where they're used by engineers in OSG and Microsoft. If they pass all of our criteria we make them available to Windows Insiders, first to Fast and then to Slow once we know it's a stable build. We'd been using 10158 for almost a week and knew it was going to be a strong build, and the data backed that up so we released it yesterday. Hot on its heels though was build 10159, which in addition to more fixes (over 300 of them!), took in one very interesting change. We didn't want to wait with 10158 so we went ahead and released that build while we were still evaluating 10159. As it turns out though, 10159 is also a great build and passes our criteria for the Windows Insider Fast ring."We could have held off on it and picked a later build to give you some time with 10158 but we thought that you'd want to see that one change… Let us know if we chose correctly, or if Fast suddenly got too fast with 2 builds in 2 days."We'll be publishing the build later this afternoon and it should be available everywhere by end of day. If you're actively downloading 10158 when 10159 is published, you may get an error 0x80246017. If that happens, just reboot your PC, go back to Settings and check again and you should see 10159 offered to you.

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Just what is that one interesting change? We should find out later today.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham