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You can now convert Word documents into PowerPoint presentations with AI

Word To Powerpoint Demo
Word To Powerpoint Demo (Image credit: John Moore)

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Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • You can now turn Microsoft Word documents into PowerPoint presentations.
  • The feature is available on Word and PowerPoint for the web for Microsoft 365 subscribers.
  • At the moment, the feature only supports text content.

You can now easily convert Word documents into PowerPoint presentations using a new feature from Microsoft. The feature is available in Word and PowerPoint for the web for people with a Microsoft 365 subscription.

The feature uses AI to make slides based on the headers in your documents. It also looks at key words in your document to suggest images, icons, videos, themes, and fonts for your presentation. The feature only works with text content for now, but you can add your own media after it converts things over.

Here's Microsoft's description of the feature from a Tech Community post (opens in new tab):

This feature uses artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to save you time and provide you with slide suggestions powered by Designer in PowerPoint. The slides are derived from your section headers in the document, so make sure to organize your Word document accordingly for optimal suggestions. Based on key words in your document, Designer in PowerPoint will suggest imagery, icons, videos, themes and fonts to arrange your content. You can always change the suggested content if needed.

Since the feature converts documents into a PowerPoint presentation, you can easily enhance or tweak the presentation in case things don't port over as you'd like.

The first comment on the Tech Community post is a fun demonstration of the feature in action. Microsoft MVP John Moore pasted the article about the feature into Word and exported it to PowerPoint.

From what we can see, the feature seems to do a good job of creating a functional presentation from a Word document. I tried doing the same thing and saw similar results.

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