For those who have an Xbox One S but are looking for a way to change it up a bit you can now order skins from DecalGirl to customize your look.

DecalGirl is a well-known company for making skins for just about every electronic device known including gaming consoles. The company sports over 1600 skins to choose from and you can now order them made for the One S for $19.99. That price includes a skin for the console and one game controller.

Probably one of the funniest ones is a skin that makes your One S look like an old school Nintendo.

The company usually offers a way to upload custom artwork, but so far that feature is not yet enabled for the One S, but it is for the older Xbox One. I'm sure that feature will be coming soon if you have a particular graphic in mind.

Rumor has it (or was it the mailer they sent me) that if you use the code SUMMER25 during checkout you'll get 25% off your full order.

I have used DecalGirl before for my Surfaces, and I think their quality is top notch. They're easy to work with when fitting to your device making sure you line up everything without any issues. While I don't know if I'd cover up my One S I at least like the option!

See Xbox One S skins at DecalGirl

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