You can now open YouTube links directly in Metrotube with minimal effort

Using YouTube in Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 8 can be a bit of a pain. The mobile website is barebones and doesn’t work as well as it should. And as you know, YouTube has yet to release a competent native app for Windows Phone users. Their loss since we’re getting by fine with stellar apps like Metrotube and myTube.

However, every now and then you end up on YouTube in the browser. Maybe you clicked a link in a tweet or someone sent a link in an email. You’re now about to watch a YouTube video with poor playback controls and no option for 720p video. Or are you? Probably not if you’re a fan of Metrotube. You can now open YouTube links in Metrotube with minimal effort. Details on how below.

Just head on over to the Metrotube website to grab the JavaScript code. The instructions are also there. All you need to do is copy the code. Then save that page as a favorite, but replace the web address with the JavaScript text you copied. Do that and you’re ready to rock and roll with YouTube links going to Metrotube easily.

Anytime you find yourself on YouTube in Internet Explorer you just need to pull up the app bar and select favorites and click on ‘OPEN WITH METROTUBE’. You’ll then automatically be taken to Metrotube where the video you were about to watch is ready for you.

A great trick to avoid using YouTube in the browser. Head on over to the ‘Open videos in Metrotube’ website to get going. This is a feature we've seen before in myTube, but it's great to see fans of Metrotube get the option now. 

Don't forget to download Metrotube from the Windows Phone Store

Thanks for the tip everyone! 

QR: Metrotube

Sam Sabri