You can now open YouTube links directly in Metrotube with minimal effort

Using YouTube in Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 8 can be a bit of a pain. The mobile website is barebones and doesn’t work as well as it should. And as you know, YouTube has yet to release a competent native app for Windows Phone users. Their loss since we’re getting by fine with stellar apps like Metrotube and myTube.

However, every now and then you end up on YouTube in the browser. Maybe you clicked a link in a tweet or someone sent a link in an email. You’re now about to watch a YouTube video with poor playback controls and no option for 720p video. Or are you? Probably not if you’re a fan of Metrotube. You can now open YouTube links in Metrotube with minimal effort. Details on how below.

Just head on over to the Metrotube website to grab the JavaScript code. The instructions are also there. All you need to do is copy the code. Then save that page as a favorite, but replace the web address with the JavaScript text you copied. Do that and you’re ready to rock and roll with YouTube links going to Metrotube easily.

Anytime you find yourself on YouTube in Internet Explorer you just need to pull up the app bar and select favorites and click on ‘OPEN WITH METROTUBE’. You’ll then automatically be taken to Metrotube where the video you were about to watch is ready for you.

A great trick to avoid using YouTube in the browser. Head on over to the ‘Open videos in Metrotube’ website to get going. This is a feature we've seen before in myTube, but it's great to see fans of Metrotube get the option now. 

Don't forget to download Metrotube from the Windows Phone Store

Thanks for the tip everyone! 

QR: Metrotube

Sam Sabri
  • Rudy also did that with 6tag...
  • This is part of the OS, and nothing that Metrotube wasn't doing before. You can do similar with any WP8 app. They've just pointed it out for everyone. But sure, Rudy invents everything so why not eh...
  • MyTube has been doing this for ages:
  • +1
  • EXACTLY!!!!
  • Now fans of Metrotube can do it too ;)
  • Metrotube has fans? Lol wow
  • Best Youtube app out there hands down....but, to each their own...
  • dunno if this a true messuring stick, but metrotube has 800 reviews to mytube's 600.   "Lol wow"
  • Dude, do you even read?
  • Congrats on reading the article.
  • Way to be a dick. No seriously, I wanted to say that.
  • So has MetroTube. Only just got around to making it more public via the instructional video, that's all.
  • We've also supported this feature for some time now however we felt it wasn't being utilized and so we spent some time putting together a detailed blog post and instructional video to make it easier for people to setup. As always, Sam has writted up a great and informative article where he in fact states that this feature is also available in MyTube :) On that note, we were one of first development teams in the world to support the WIndows Phone ecosytem, launching our first YouTube app 2010!  We have seen much competition in the YouTube space over the years and there certainly isn't any shortage today.  At the end of the day, this is how it should be as we all push each other to deliver better solutions for you guys, our awesome users! We'll continue striving to improve and hopefully one day we'll see Google join the party so we can compete with them too ;)!
  • It worked on myTube for a long time now...
  • Mentioned in the end of the article.
  • No need to hate both are great YT apps that! I have both and switch between them all the time.
  • This should happen with using hacks like this
  • without*
  • or shouldn't*
  • LOL
  • I love YouTube HD, but MyTube is the best with everything except for the video record in app.
  • MyTube, that's all.
  • what are the codes to do this for twitter and instagram?
  • yeah, not 6tag but official Instagram and official Twitter please!!
  • Up to now, I don't see any inconvenience using the web version of YouTube.
  • as a heavy texter, I can text and go back to MetroTube with it remembering my playback position.
  • Yup. This is my biggest beef. I actually got the the habit of looking at the time slice snapshot in the multitask view, then skipping back to that point
  • 720p HD vs web's "high quality"
  • Mytube, metrotube... At least these apps are trying their best for WP.
  • +2520 ! Choices is always good.
  • Um seems like a pain compared to mytube which I have now been using since metro when down for awhile there.
  • Seems like a pain? Its literally the same process. I just did both, can confirm.
  • I need the damn official youtube app .. I know metrotube is better , but its about the name
  • Really? Brand over functionality? Sounds like an Apple attitude
  • The brand means alot... Ironically you have the apple attitude.
  • Blame Google. Don't worry, I feel the exact same. I had to make a fake YouTube tile with skinnery and link it to myTube for my friends and family :/
  • I love mytube , mytube loves me too
  • Mytube have this for soo long
  • How does this work if you want to use it with UC Browser?
  • Add the Javascript to your bookmarks.
  • Doesn't work in UCBrowser. Seems that the JavaScript bookmarks works only in IE. Didn't work in Surfy either.
  • I made my own YouTube app that's a 99% copy to the android version, but I'll never release it because I'm afraid it'll be pulled by google.
  • Fuck google, do it anyways.
  • I feel the same way bro, fuck Google
  • Can't read explanation below.
  • Release the apk so others can install it on their dev unlocked devices?
  • Yeah...How about sharing? ;)
  • Can't google will do something to make it not work like Microsoft's YouTube app.
  • *xap
  • Release it hoe! :D
  • Can't read my comment above.
  • You can, you are choosing not to. You have no idea if the outcome would be beneficial or not.
  • Works great. Thanks for the article.
  • Kinda puzzled why none of the better known YouTube apps offer 1080p. Heck, you can supposedly view 1080p YouTube videos in Readit.
  • Youtube serves separate audio and video streams with 1080p and wp currently has no way to merge them or play them simultaneously
  • MyTube beta is testing it now, but they cant get the audio stream to play as well as the video
  • Is this a thing where if WP were more open to devs, we could choose this to be an option by default without tricks and clever workarounds?
  • You could say that. :\ Not sure what kind of abuse they wanted to avoid when locking down access to the http and https uri schemes.
  • Lol mytube has had this for a long time now
  • It's all about choices, and I choose Metrotube all the way over Mytube. Nice to see the developer working on, keep it up!
  • I'm done with this app. Everytime I download and try to play videos it doesn't work, garbage
  • Another tip. If to rename the favorite to #Open in Metrotube so it is always at the top of the favorites list
  • huh?
  • Broken record here, but this has been a MyTube feature for a looong time.
  • Thank you for telling WPcentral something they reported on 4 MONTHS AGO:
  • I don't see what the fuss is about all these YouTube apps if they don't provide other features like captions.
  • I uninstalled metrotube after I tried mytube. And this feature has been in mytube for a while. Metrotube is good but mytube is better so lets not over hype it...!
    wpcenteral; how about acknowledging the presense of same feature in similar apps.
  • How about reading the damn article?! It would have prevented you from making dumbass comments.
  • Everyone STFU about MyTube and MetroTube.. OneTube and Toib Beta needs your love!!
  • Mytube trololol
  • Seriously though. Both are early in their development cycle but are a pleasure to use.
  • Thanks Jack!
  • Toib beta sucks in video playback. I downloaded as a beta tester and uninstalled later.
  • Sorry to see you go! Beta v15 of toib sports a new custom player which allows for HD-playback, both in portrait and in landscape mode.
  • thats why they call it beta! it is work in progress and developer need your opinion so he can make it better!!! why everyone expect betas that are working perfect?
  • Nice to see this. I don't know what all the fuss is about myTube. I tried it for a week or so, and I went back to metrotube.
  • Same here. Metrotube is where it's at.
  • Still need to use you tube in browser to pair phone to tv and use phone as tv controller.
  • Can someone explain to me why Windows Phone won't allow to open the links in the app?
  • It can, it just needs the "myTube:" prefix.
  • Gratz To MetroTube. It's a great feat.
  • Awesome feature addition, or could simply say a great trick, just tried it and that's really good!
  • Still prefer Youtube HD, the best youtube and faster apps on windows phone
  • Metrotube is good, but imho mytube steals the show
  • Agreed. I however choose both. Both devs are great and are doing a great service to WP users. I also use two reddit clients (baconit and readit)
  • Hooray! Now I can stick it to Google right in the wallet by bypassing their adds more efficiently!
  • One thing I like about Android is the ability to open a link with a specific app I wish WP would adopt this feature .
  • I wish we could get this for Facebook. I'm sick of getting sent to a Facebook mobile landing page that gives me an option to install the app. I have the #$%@% Facebook app installed already!
  • Using this often.
  • Is it not available in Indonesia? I can't download the Apps QAQ
  • MyTube. Is so much faster then MetroTube... - Lumia 720
  • Too bad, MetroTube still not working for my carrier. Just don't understand why an app is carrier dependent.
  • Why i cannot find mytube in the WP store?
  • Wouldn't like to be misinterpreted but this so hyped turnaround is like inventing the squared wheel. The whole procedure is at best primitive compared to what other OS offer. I use MetroTube and it's a great app. However what the whole WP platform lacks is proper sharing and integration. Other OS' offer you the choice and show menus from which you can pick up an app to do a certain thing (like using handcent to send messages rather than the original Android app for example). In a WP platform we have to play copy/paste with Java code, open a bookmarked page and everyone amazed and impressed at the extraordinary result, simply achieved at the press of button in a drop down menu in all other OS'
  • Mytube did this first, it was my suggestion :D .
    Mytube is better
  • Why there is a buzz only for metrotube and less limelight for myTube? c'mon wpcentral give some credit where it is due.
  • Just wanted to know whether this is the best YouTube app for Windows Phone. I downloaded an app called YouTube HD and it does reasonably well
  • I'm seriously considering going elsewhere for my Windows Phone news and everything. :S The amount of bullying on this site is too damn high. :( Either 90% of people commenting are twelve-year-olds or those are grown-ups who need to pull it together and stop being such asses. Just because you're hidden behind a nickname doesn't mean you should be behaving like a prick. This psychology of anonymity never ceases to frigthen me. FFS, people, can't we all be nicer to each other? There are prettier ways to tell someone he or she might be wrong. Fortunately for the editors of WPCentral, there is no better place to find high quality content so I just skip over comments most of the times, even though I'd like to participate in discussions...    Anyway, this is pretty neat! I'm a total n00b as far as developing goes so I'm easily amazed. I wonder what else could be done with this simple "hack". 
  • This is awesome. Thankyou Sam!!!
  • How about Youtube HD?
  • My Video Player app for Android, , does that. You can actually just plain copy the Youtube link on my app and hit play, jus like a regular user would do, no need for coding. It will also allow you to download that video or any other videos you have the direct link to.
  • On IPhone and Android this kind of link directly open the conserned app , I don't understand why on Windows Phone is not possible .
  • Say what??!! Lol Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Just tap the app
  • I love this, I hate watching on you tube
  • Great feature! Tho I'd also suggest prefixing the favourite name with a character like a hyphen to put it to the top of the favourites list. Also it would be great if the WP app would open links too... ha!
  • I hope WP8.1 will give us option to open webpage via an app if an app for that web service is installed on the device.
  • Doesn't work for me. I take it this is WP8 only too ... :(
  • And WP7?? It work with others apps like pocket but with metrotube :s maybe there is an alternative
  • Hm ... used this A LOT in WP 8.1. Unfortunately it is not really working in Windows 10 Mobile. At first I had severe problems editing the Favorite's link which is seemingly currently not implemented in Windows 10 respectively Edge. I had to go the long way (create it in Chrome, import Chrome Favorites into Edge on my Desktop, synchronize them with mobile). Now that I have the Favorite in the list, it does open Metrotube but Metrotube tells me it cannot parse the URL. Any hints on this one or is it simply the fact that Edge/WM10 does not provide the URL in the right format and/or the right place?