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Why you shouldn't buy the Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro with Windows 10 Mobile

In just two weeks time, what may be the last ever Windows 10 Mobile device to go on sale will be launching in several European countries.

The Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro, launched late last year in the United States, is finally making its way to other parts of the world. But in 2017, should you even consider buying a new Windows phone handset? The answer is a resounding no.

Windows 10 Mobile is in a bizarre place right now, its Insider Program is a sad state of affairs, and support for the platform from developers and indeed Microsoft itself is nothing short of a joke. The entire platforms mantra has transitioned from being a platform for fans to a platform on life support for HP and its Elite x3 in the enterprise market.

There's zero consumer focus with Windows 10 Mobile in 2017, and the Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro is just that, a smartphone for consumers. It's not an enterprise device like the Elite x3; it's for people like you and me, who buy smartphones with the intent to use them every day for communicating with friends, taking photos, watching YouTube videos, and staying informed. For most people, Windows 10 Mobile is dead.

Buying a new Windows 10 Mobile handset in 2017 is a risky purchase because we simply don't know how much longer this platform has before Microsoft ups and abandons it altogether, as it did with Windows RT and Windows Phone 7 before it. I'm betting Windows 10 Mobile has no more than a year before Microsoft leaves it in the dust for whatever it has planned next.

Microsoft is, in fact, working on yet another attempt at Windows on phones, but in its inability to actually communicate with fans, Microsoft won't say if existing handsets will be supported when its next attempt is finally ready. If history is to repeat itself, the answer is no; they won't be supported. Of course, Microsoft may surprise us, but we've got no reason to believe that will be the case.

The question is simple: Will existing Windows phones like the HP Elite x3 and Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro be upgradable to Microsoft's next version of Windows on phones? If the answer is yes, then recommending the IDOL 4 Pro would be easy, but Microsoft won't say if this will be the case. Since Windows 10 Mobile isn't even getting an actual full Fall Creators Update release, I wouldn't bet on it.

So, no, don't buy the Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro. Until Microsoft can clearly and coherently outline its plans for Windows 10 on phones, recommending a Windows phone to anyone in 2017 would be unreasonable and unfair. It's a shame, too, because the Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro is a great phone on its own, but with Windows 10 Mobile's future so uncertain, it just isn't a phone that can be recommended to anyone.

If there's anyone out there who should buy this phone, its Windows phone fans who refuse to give up on the platform. If you're a Windows phone user in need of a new phone and have no plans on switching to another platform, then the Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro is a great buy. But for everyone else, steer way clear.

See Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro at Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Until Microsoft announces anything concrete on their mobile strategy and plans I would not buy any phone that runs Windows Mobile.  
  • If your a super fan I don't think what their strategy is matters so much.
  • Fan but, Microsoft didn't care us. So good bye 🙋
  • If you are a super fan, a better Microsoft experience is had on Android and iOS. You can expect support on those platforms.
  • But it's not Windows. It looks and feels nothing like Windows....just sayin. Even being a fan im thinking of getting a android or iPhone as a secondary device. But the look and feel of Windows on my 950xl will keep me here till the bitter end.
  • Windows Mobile doesn't look or feel like Windows either. It feels the exact opposite of Windows. Locked down, limiting and poorly supported isn't what Windows feels like to me. Android is much more similar to Windows then Windows Mobile.
  • I don't understand the downvoting. Windows Mobile doesn't feel like Windows at all! It's like your weird cousin you rather avoid. If Ms gave WM the same love they gave to their Surface line, things would be so different. Both Android and iOS have their issues (I have tons of weird issues with Android and iOS is so amazingly locked-down that I actually ditched it for a cheap Nokia 5 Android phone), but it has the apps (sadly). I just hope they get their act together and make something thats a little more sustainable in the future. I don't like being on Android, but I don't like being on a platform that I can't use because it lacks the apps I need for my job. People actualy laughed in my face when I pulled out my Elite x3...
  • Nice people to laugh at you for your choice of phones. Sorry to hear that. I personally don't care what others think about my choice in phones.
  • Your so wrong, perhaps it would be a good idea for you to try it out yourself. Microsoft, for a long time have been putting all their efforts into android, the experience is much better, is constantly updated and indeed better rendered on Android devices regardless of spec.
  • Was this directed at me?
  • Outlook on iOS only just got the ability to push contacts from the app to the built in contact list - Some of the integration on iPhone is AWFUL. I would just use the Apple equivalents on iPhone a lot of the time.
  • You're off your rocker. You definitely do NOT get a better Microsoft experience in Android and it is no where close to being more like Windows than Windows 10 on mobile. If all your services are with Microsoft the lack of integration on Android makes the whole experience pretty annoying. Outlook is nowhere as good as it is on Windows. After using Android for the past 8 months the only advantage is the available apps, as a business phone it pales in comparison in terms of productivity IF you're tied to the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • OneDrive on iOS can't even continually sync in the background, Outlook has more features in iOS but much worse integration - It's almost walled off from the rest of the phone, maintains contacts separately etc.
  • I have a backup Android device for my Lumia 1520. I use it for Messenger phone calls. That's it. Windows Phone RULES!!! 
  • Said almost no one, ever.
  • So many haters, no wonder why no one has hope, not everyone has killed off winmo
  • Schadenfreude makes wonderful lube... 😅
  • they are mighty cheap tho
  • I would still buy it if I had the money. I love windows 10 OS.
  • Unless we, including the writer, know for sure that the rumored W10 mobile device is indeed coming within a year, I would NOT to advise any existing W10M users NOT to consider either HP x3 or Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro for upgrade.  Even the new mobile device is actually coming, it could be extremely expensive or lack of adeguate phone features initially.  x3 would be my backup phone in case my L950XL fails, as long as HP sells it.
  • Wether it comes or not, W10M will still get minimal support from developers and Microsoft themselves. It sounds like it might get a couple new enterprise features in the Feature2 update, but after that don't expect any support at all.
  • Alcatel should have brought the device to Europe since launch. It would have sold better than the almost non existent X3, given the VR headset and acceptable price
  • Harsh but true. Good that WC says it in the clear.
  • This article is true - a 100% true...
    So it'll be interesting how the known Windows Insider Engineers comment about this (in a conversation) - especially Brandon LeBlanc. The guy Mobile fans have started hating. 😶
    Edit - On further thought, there is nearly zero chance of him tweeting about this. They don't care.
  • Or he has been ordered to say nothing.
  • Only as a recplacement! But good on Alcatel for putting one out there - it is a good looking phone! MS is really doing so poorly on communicating.  Not a good way to build company loyalty for consumers and business.
  • OK - something I can agree on.  In the US on Verizon - there is a zero-balance for Windows 10 Mobile #Insiders.  The 735 is an underpowered and under-batteried daily driver - all-day battery if not used for anything 'fun'...  If you replace the battery on a dieing Nokia iCon (you get your W10M device - with No #Insider builds).... 
    Asside from the HP, and the very few customers that its carriers reach - no W10M future in the US, either. #JimItIsDead
  • Agree with the article: Stay away......🕚😉😭
  • Can actually be applied to all windows phones right now
  • Can be applied to consumer and corporate phones alike, including the HP. Seriously, if Microsoft thinks they can get by doing "mobile" only for the enterprise it will go nowhere. Today's enterprise has invested too much infrastructure on their own iOS devices and BYOD.
  • .
  • My only ray of hope.... or at least wishful thinking.... Considering I own one of these (4S T-Mobile) is that Alcatel /TCL knows something we don't. Could it be that the X3 and 4s will miraculously survive into the next generation of "Windows on something Mobile"? If they don't, why in all good conscious would they expand the release of this thing?
  • "If they don't, why in all good conscious would they expand the release of this thing?" Probably because almost all of its costs are already sunk and this is one way they can try to recuperate some of them. I know I'd buy it, if it only worked on Verizon.
  • I own one t-mobile branded one too, but, everyone believes the next play is Windows 10S on ARM...that requires an SD835.  ie.  This phone is dead.
  • To be available as a replacement for a broken phone, or to add to a fleet of business phones. 950 and 950XL are no longer available.  HP E3 is more expensive. Having the Idol 4pro available as a mid tier reasonably priced replacement phone is good (even ethical). I see no way that any existing phone will be fully upgraded top what ever MS releases next. I wish MS would just say this. It would increase their credibility.   
  • Beh depressing for someone w
    ho bought a lumia 950 10 days ago because he got bored of android and missed Windows phone
  • Doesn't sound depressing that you got a new phone. How do you like the 950?
  • I loved the phone, but I had issues with the Camera. yasserm777, do you have any issues with the camera? My screen would look wobbly when zooming in taking photos 
  • I occasionally have that issue, especially if I switch between photo and video modes. Hence, I've decided not to use the zoom at all.
  • You are right zooming makes photos blurry i don't know why plus processing photos take a while
  • that's why I went right back to my Lumi 1520. Camera is amazing
  • I like it great screen and performance Windows 10 mobile is way better than a year ago when i left but my main problem. Is with battery life the phone overheats too much i can't have a full day charge even with moderate use enabling battery saver restricting background tasks...
  • Still using the 950.  Heating problem seems much less of a problem.  No reason to zoom to take a picture.  Just take the picture and then zoom.  I dont see how the Windows 10 mobile will die.  They may not add any features, but I would assume as Wondows 10 imporves the code for windows 10 mobile improves as well.  I thought that was the whole reason to go to Windows 10.  One OS for PC, xbox, mobile, etc...   Of course not sure how the ARM processor works.  But if Windows 10 will sit on an ARM device, why wouldn't work in my 950?  Underpowered?
  • I'm curious why despite mentioning the HP, the title and strong words to NOT buy focus on the Alcatel. If the point is to tell people to not buy Windows phones, HP in the title would draw more readers since its more well known.
  • The Elite x3 isn't new. A new Windows phone is coming to Europe, called the Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro. That's why.
  • I think the focus on the Alcatel, as the opening paragraphs point out, is because the Alcatel is just recently being released in other regions. This presents the device in markets it was not previously available in to customers who may have been able to easily purchase it before. So thought eh content discusses other points, the focus is on the Alcatel for those reasons.😉
  • The focus ought to have been on the stunning and unreferenced statement that mobile won't be getting the autumn creators update. This is the first I've heard of that, which is odd considering much of the first CU was delayed until the autumn update as well as all the promised Continuum updates. I've done an initial search for some statement from MS to back up this claim but I can find nothing so far. Personally, I think that's what should have been the headline.
  • That's been known for a very long time. Platform is dead son, time to move on.
  • 'Windows 10 Mobile isn't even getting an actual Fall Creators Update release...' Huh? When was this announced? Much of the first CU was put off for the autumn CU release on phones, and there's still the promised updates for Continuum that we're delayed until the autumn CU. I've not seen an announcement going back on that plan. This is the biggest news in this article. Please include a source for statements like this! I'm now off for a search for this statement from MS, a link would have helped. Heck, such a statement deserves an article all to itself.
  • You may possibly be the only one on this site that does not know. I'd look for the articles to help you catch up, but they passed so long ago.
  • Nah, that was the branching of the OS. No mention that the new Mobile branch won't get the changes that we're delayed until the autumn update that I can see.
  • Windows Mobile was cut from RS3 builds months ago and they now say there is no plan to merge them. Feature 2 seems to be the end of the road.
  • I know about the Feature 2 spur. When did they state plans to merge have been cancelled though? That is news to me. Link?
  • I found that with a quick Google search. Microsoft had confirmed it during a recent podcast. I think Donna also recently tweeted about it.
  • That is indeed sad news. I had not seen this statement. Really disappointed in MS now. I think I'll move to an 8 inch tablet with LTE when one finally goes on sale in the UK. Until then, I'll use my 950 XL to provide internet for my current 8 inch tablet. I'm just about ready to give up on smart phones. If MS truly dump its customer base yet again there's no point in getting whatever else they come up with to reboot. We all know how it will play out because we've seen it all before time and again. It is unfortunate that MS waited until they'd sold all their 950 stock before telling us. Very nice of you Nadella. Extremely sharp practice.
  • The only LTE tablets I know of that can make calls are running Android...You can't send SMS messages either from a Windows 10 PC tablet with LTE so that would need to be a new class of device or involve big OS changes if you want that to run Windows - Will probably happen but you are probably better off keeping your 950XL through 2018 and see what happens. That's what I'm going to do - Phones are boring as **** right now no matter which OS you talk about
  • I hate to break it to you, but none of that is coming to existing phones. Microsoft pulled development away from the rest of Windows with RS3 (Fall Creators Update). Microsoft will release an update, and will probably call it the Fall Creators Update, but as I said, it will not be the full Fall Creators Update.
  • Ah, in the article you stated 'actual' fall creators update rather than 'full'. I know about the branching of Windows to separate Mobile (though last I heard that's temporary) but I still expect the changes that have been delayed to make the new branch. I've seen no statement going back on that yet. Is there such?
  • Typically in development when branches are split thats what happens, delayed features are given once the branches are remerged. Indeed thats what MSFT told us officially when the split happened - that feature2 was because of ongoing work on one core, and would be temporary. Which given andromeda, windows on arm, windows s, and the new console UI, makes sense. 
  • Brandon has said a few times they won't be adding features they consider consumer focussed. Such as Night Light - He said nobodies eyes are going to melt if it doesn't get added so it's not that important. They keep saying they are doing some "Enterprise Work" and have mentioned HP a few times but I don't know why anybody would choose to standardise on a W10M device in enterpise at this point anyway - HP should really pull the Elite X3 if you think about it, not sure how their salespeople could push it to Enterprise at this point
  • There is no such official statement. Windows insiders, who are according to leblanc specifically NOT privvy to anything long term beyond their work, have said there is no current plan to remerge. The upshot of that is, win10m probably wont get FCU features. There is however no offiicial word on next year, or whether the many promised features (timeline, continuum etc) have been cancelled. THAT is all speculation. 
  • What phones will be available next year though that are still within support? As soon as a device is out of support they can drop it from production updates, they can drop a device from insider builds at their discretion. As soon as the existing phones reach EOL there won't be anything to push updates to
  • So true and quite a sad situation. It could be that Microsoft want to keep everything a secret so eventually they come out with this killer product or..... they want to be able to kill it off on the quiet.
    My last 950 had zero support from B2X and I'd not recommend this platform to anyone in it's current state.
  • Capitan obvious to the rescue!
  • Sad how Microsoft handled WM in all honesty I didn't really want to leave the platform but there's no choice buying a Windows phone these days seems like a waste even if Microsoft were to say something like they will still support Windows it seem like a waste there's like zero interest in Windows mobile in all honesty I believe Microsoft should just admit defeat, fork Android and develop a new branch they already have a bunch of developer options to create windows and Android application side by side in visual studio. Nobody is going to come to Windows when there's no apps no matter how much people say it's a great OS they can skin android and eventually develop it along into a completely different flavour but as of now there's no point buying a phone with no apps Idc what people ay about apps aren't the future well the future is still a few years off Microsoft needs to worry about now and the future
  • There I a reason why we use periods in sentences, it makes text legible.
  • Its simple i should not buy it because its a windows phone
  • In other news, water is wet
  • Microsoft should release a statement whether they are going to support this platform or abandon it.
  • They won't do that. Their silence is almost proof they aren't supporting it much longer. Announcing they are killing it will not look good and will probably negatively effect their stock price. They won't do that, they have no good reason to.
  • A lack of evidence is never evidence. 
  • Indeed, this is the sad story of windows phones and their users. We are an endangered species after all...
  • I think the decision to buy the Idol or another Windows phone comes down to the buyer's needs and having realistic expectations.  I bought the Idol 4s Pro a couple months ago in the US through T-Mobile to replace a Lumia 640 that was having issues.  I looked at various Android options, but stayed with Windows because 1) I like the OS; 2) my work Exchange account doesn't play nice with Android; 3) the Idol was a great deal for how well it's equipped.  I follow Win phone news closely, and I knew when I bought it that it likely wouldn't get much (if any) feature updates beyond the CU. As long as MS continues to provide security updates and bug fixes, I'll use the Idol until it breaks down. I'm a little concerned about developers abandoning key apps, but I already access some apps through the web browser anyway, and I figure I'll be doing that more frequently, especially once MS releases a new Surface mobile device NOT running WM.  The Idol works for me, and may work for others, as long as they realize they're purchasing a phone with an OS that will be largely abandoned in the next 1-2 years.
  • Keep the flame (we can't well call it a *fire*) alive!
  • Probably a few girls here that don't have snapcrap, so they say "abandon ship". I have all of the apps I need to make my life better. Apps that are missing I normally deal with by using mobile sites. 
  • You might want to look into feature phones, they likely have all the apps you'd need too and can be significantly less expensive.
  • They really don't, unless you count tethering and add a tablet. Have you SEEN the web browsers on feature phones? If you consider them fine, you have very simple needs indeed.
  • I have seen the web browser on feature's called EDGE.   
  • @Adams (Familiy?) Haha, Nice try. Try again.
  • Really?  there is nothing but the browser and ****** continuum on windows moible deivces.   Apps are NON EXISTANT.  All you can do is make calls, text,  and use the web browser...again,  as I said many times i am not talking about snapchat or pokemon go,  I am talking about usefull ADULT apps.  
  • I have roughly 100 apps on my windows 10 phone. This is absolute nonsense. 
  • Agreed. I have well over 100 "useful adult apps" on my Lumia 950XL.
  • My phone is full of UWP apps too. I think by 'ADULT apps' he's talking about accessing specialist gentlemen's media that may not be a priority for everyone?
  • Huh, guess you guys are right.  It's a vibrant app store with no deficiencies. If there's no app gap, must be that the platform is just substandard then & that's why no one uses it & it died.
  • Never said it had every app or every app you might "need" or want. I'm just saying I have all the apps I need and want and that plenty of the app in the store are in fact great, useful apps.
  • If you have 100+ useful app on that windows phone I'm guessing 73 of them are different calculators you downloaded. But whatever, if you like using it, enjoy it while it lasts.
  • Calculators?lol.. Hardly. Only need one calculator and that's the Microsoft one.
    I do and I will...Thank you! Pretty sure it will last quite a while.
  • No.  I am talking about Banking, travel, and payment apps as examples.  Banking apps are non existant or just web wrappers,  ALL travel apps for hotels, car rentals etc are just web wrappers, I cannot get square payment apps or Paypal payment app on windows phone....Open your eyes.  Apps are not apps on windows 10 moible,  they are web wrappers...there is a HUGE difference in the quality and useability of apps.  
  • Ok, both Royal Bank of Scotland and Natwest are native apps. I use London Travel for underground and Oyster (native UWP). I use UK Trains for my live train feeds. I have British Airways apps for flights. I use Waze for sat nav \ driving or I could use Maps. I use Pingit for PAYM mobile payments. I use a local car parking app ( Windows 8) for parking. I don't have every motel \ hotel app as frankly, I don't need them. Do I want to use my phone to open my hotel room door? No. We have contactless cards in UK so don't need phone payment systems. Certainly, I have what I need.
  • Royal bank of Canada does not have deposit functions and is just a are westjet and air canada.  On IOS i use my apple watch to board flights,  just by scanning my watch, keeps me up to date on times and delays...the windows app just gotos the website to book flights...there is NO comparison.  My Hilton app, for hotels,  lets me unlock my room,  any other place in the hotel I would need my key for....same with Shereton SPG app.  On windows mobile...just another web wrapper to book a room...again,  no comparison.  Windows mobile is like a mobile phone OS from 10 years ago when all you did was basically play a few games and text.  IOS and Android are far more advanced for real mobile useage now.....MS dropped the ball in a HUGE way.  
  • Not sure what you are saying. Last time I stayed at a Hilton, I went to the front desk to check in. It was empty. Everyone using their phone to check in? I chatted to the desk guy and walked away with free room upgrade and breakfast. I do use the British Airways app on my Win mobile to chuck in, Book flights and it stores my boarding passes. Think of how much you spent in your iPhone. Think of how much I spent on my 950 XL then wonder why my camera is still better, I have more storage for movies via SD card, I have a better screen FHD AMOLED and I'll be thinking of you tapping your phone against you hotel door lock, after arriving late because Air Canada lost your luggage and I'll be relaxing in the executive lounge after a free upgrade because I bothered to speak to someone. :-)
  • Reading the comments here compared to previous articles like this warms my heart. Seems W10M users are finally coming around to the truth their platform is facing. The denial is finally fading 👍🏻
  • Are you calling it denial because we're still using the OS?  Why do I need to "jump ship" when my L950 is still working fine?  Most of us already know the state in which Windows Mobile is in.
  • Wow, why don't you tell us how you really feel Zac. Good PSA article though. I will not be buying another Windows phone again until MS builds up a reliable reputation of supporting the platform. What good is any innovation if it's just abandoned and left to shrivel on it's own.
  • 500 EUR phone that doesn't support Facebook.
  • as far as I know, I've always been using Facebook on my Windows 10 Mobile. Just looked in the store and it is still a listed app... Don't know where you get your info from...
  • From the fact that the app is ultra slow, outdated and never getting updated.
  • You just described the entirety of the W10M experience...
  • It is understandable for "indie" devs to abandon the platform but it isn't for a multi billion dollar company like facebook.
  • I just got a 950 and love the voice to text for all fields. Phone works great and have no regrets at all.
  • Thanks for an honest article Zack.
  • "Windows 10 Mobile is in a bizarre place right now, its Insider Program is a sad state of affairs, and support for the platform from developers and indeed Microsoft itself is nothing short of a joke." Zac, I am proud of you
  • Why buy windows phone all apps games gone from store
  • Not everyone buys phones for the games.  Or apps for that matter.
  • There's loads of games in store that are true UWP. Loads of apps too. More than amazon app store, and no one is shoing people aware from amazon products. 
  • If only i could post a full stitched together screen shot of my entire apps list.
  • Great article, true and to the point. Its a pity MS has the communicating skills of a rock, otherwise making choices would be a lot easier.
  • I had my previous Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM stolen in mid-June and I bought a Microsoft Lumia 650 in it's place: 1GB RAM, 16 GB storage, 8/5 MP cameras, versus the 512MB RAM, 8GB storage and 5 MP camera (no front-facing). In spite of the relative newness of Windows 10 Mobile (650) compared to the not-supported Windows Phone 8.1 (on my old 630), I still praise the relative stability and maturity of Windows Phone 8.1. Windows 10 Mobile is not much faster on 1GB than Phone 8.1 on 512 MB (with half the storage). My friends tried to convince me to move to Android. I could get phones with Android 7.0, 16MP cameras (both front- and rear-facing), good screens, and so on, but I'm used to and appreciate the Windows platform and design language. Microsoft makes it difficult to *love* their attempts at a mobile platform. Too many changes and too little commitment. They have *not* carried the fans along and they seem to think those who are most committed will automatically return when they release whatever magic device they plan to launch. Depending on how Microsoft handles the next few months (especially in communication), this may be my last 'phone' powered by a Microsoft OS. They have it all to lose (or gain) for themselves. The consumer market is not the same as enterprise. Until they learn this, they are doomed to fail.
  • I can't resist, but how do you double the price of a Lumia 630? Put it in a case!
  • That's cold bro.
  • I feel so sad for a company like Alcatel and HP.
    Microsoft's inability to communicate is just stunning.
  • The only thing that keeps me on Windows Mobile is Continuum. I use it at work and it's so much better than lugging a laptop around. Once that's gone, so am I ☹
  • I am happy with mine but there is no support. Camera is slow and not very good, and no firmware has or will be coming to the device.
  • I am so glad this article did not hold any punches.  I know this site is a Microsoft centered site, as such, there's a bit of sway and bias which irked me a little as things got worse and worse with Mobile.  I really appreciate this piece calling it for what it uncertain time for Windows Mobile to say the least.
  • I'm just sitting back and waiting for the prices to fall on all the Lumia 950xl so I can snatch it up for cheap. I need a good one for nostalgia purposes much like my Lumia 750. I'll look back at it in a fews years and be like, "Remember when...". Which reminds me, I need to check Ebay.
  • Memberberries.
  • cant microsoft just fork android and also add windows mobile features ?  Blackberry did this and it worked great for them.  they use android with blackberry's security features.  Amazon also did this with their tablets.  It's 2017, Ive held out for as long as I can, but if there isn't any new announcement by the end of this year, I'm getting Galaxy NOte 8.  I am already carrying two phones:  A windows 10 mobile, and blackberry's Android phone (Priv).  I see myself fiddling with android more everydya than my WP, but the battery is  terrible.  Windows phone lasts me a full day, and the android cant even make it half the day.  
  • Amazon also forked Android for their FirePhone and look how that turned out.
  • Firephone really had no incentive.  Microsoft has the Office apps for businesses.  Office is the most downloaded app for productivity on the iphone and android.  Amazon doesnt have anything like that but their store. MIcrosoft has mish mash the OS.  I really hate the battery life of android phones and how laggy it gets overtime.  the architecture of windows 10 mobile is so much better.
  • Why bother forking android when they can simply develope apps for the Google play store? Microsoft is a software company and they can offer a better Android experience through their apps instead of developing an Andriod verson of thier operating system. 
  • A couple months ago I dropped and broke my L950.  Got a Samsung S7 and hated it.  Got an Iphone 6s and hated it.  Got an Alcatel Idol 4S and like it enough but hated that it didn't have wireless charging and the odd placement for the camera button drove me nuts.  I eventually got a used L950 for cheap and I'm perfectly happy.  If I break this L950 and nothing's available, I'll just buy another used one.
  • My wife dropped and shattered her 1520 last week.  I just couldn't see getting her another windows phone, even though we've been on windows since the windows phone 7 days.  I picked up the new Nokia 6, and I really like it.  She is not enjoying the transition, she hates change.  But the phone is really nice, works well.  I still have my issues with Android, but at least it isn't iOS.  When my 950XL dies, assuming no Surface Phone, I'll be going to android too (I've been on windows phones since the old 5x days).  Very sad state Microsoft has put us in.
  • Zac. It is really good to see this honest and frank article. Unfortunately there is not much we as fans have to look forward to. I have my ICON as my main driver. I bought the 950xl and was going to switch to AT&T but my service sucked so I kept my ICON and just use wifi for the 950xl and slow ring updates. I am using an Iphone that is on a Sprint line for business. Using the IPhone is suckee but there are some apps that are handy. Unfortunately, I still like the WM interface, so I will use it until it dies and after that I am strongly considering a flip phone! Seriously!
  • Don't buy any phone for that matter. Abandon ship now
  • I'm selling my Alcatel Idol 4s. New condition of anyone would like it. Keeping the Elite x3 for now.
  • We told you so. They decided pocket PC / Windows mobile as a way to make your phone look like your PC was not such a good idea. Then they came out with the best mobile OS ever with 7, 7.5. I just needed a few missing features. Then they decided to take the. Look of that OS and make desktop PCs look and act more like a phone. Bad idea again. Then they decided to take the best mobile OS and try to make it like more like your desktop OS again by going back to the Windows mobile philosophy. Stupid. Obvious outcome. And to think that WPC / WC was cheerleading them down this road to mobile destruction the entire time. Sad.
  • My thoughts, MS will give up on a mobile OS and instead focus on apps/cloud for mobile. So we will be stuck with ****** UI's for mobile devices (my opinion)
  • I would recommend it It's an awesome phone people need to stop hating especially this website that suppose to be Pro Windows.
  • Pro Windows. Not, however, pro MS because MS is certainly not pro Windows.
  • I keep using my 950 until it either dies or the first truly small windows on ARM with cshell devices hit the market... If before that time my 950 dies I'll see what to do in the mean time. And I really don't understand how people can say that MS apps on ios or android are a better experience than on windows 10 mobile. Outlook looks like playing with Duplo! there's not even a week view and everything is way too big. Onedrive on ios? what the?! it only syncs data when you change location? really? well, anyway, I've tried both ios and android on multiple brands and it only underlined why these devices are great for the majority of the users out there. They're perfect for people who need to be told what they want.
  • We should all bash MS for their lack of commitment and communication so hard their stock market falls. Then they have 2options pull the plug or get really committed and communicate.
    I mean seriously a company this big could do amazing things with mobile but they keep ******* things up and the new CEO only cares about cloud and short term stock market. The next IBM is born because in a decade every pc or other device will go the Android way and the reason for this is that kids grow up with mainly Android.
    I just don't understand that all that so called smart and well paid people don't see that.
    Even Apple is beating MS on AR with their new IOS update.
  • Zac is being brutally honest, I like it, far better than the grand delusions churned by few other writers here.
  • Grow up. Do you want a cookie.
  • When you invest in a platform all you want is for it to work effortlessly. I hate Google but it's such a platform. I truly believed MS and their vision of being mobile with the power of azure in the backend. But as everyone complains their vision and reality are far apart. I like many others want to be everything windows but the company working so hard to push us to other platform and they did succeed. I'm all Google. Except work laptop don't see a need for windows. I love my SP4 but if chrome book comes up with a good 2 in 1 probably would switch. There is tiny hope hanging in there somewhere for MS to bring a miracle device that is mobile, holographic, windows 10 and continuum to adapt to any screen in my home..
  • I refuse to use Google - why would I want a carrier that reads my mail?
  • Not news to anyone with eyes and a brain observing Microsoft over the last few years and their "retrenchment".
  • I think Nadell has been making a vast number of cost cutting measures killing off massive revenue from the future, the stock market though rewards companies that make short term decisions, especially when they back it up with stock repurchases. The fact that windows phone had 10%+ of the market in several European countries shows it was starting to take off, if they'd kept up the same level of support today they would have 20%+ of Europe and making inroads into the US.
  • There is a lot or discussion about W10M on smartphones. However my initial attention was grabbed by model.
    I brought this model for my wife (as replacement for damaged Lumia 640) and to play with WebVR (since there is nice headset). However there are few problems with this device and W10M on it:
    1) Autofocus has huge problems. Doesn't try to focus or make attempt but results are really bad.
    2) Sometimes it isn't possible to answer call. Button doesn't react until device reboot.
    3) WebVR. Alcatel triggers own VR wrapper and I haven't found way to turn it off and interact with demos right in Edge. And in VR games there are some problems with angle tracking so - not the best experience. Taking into account bad buttons layout (it is even worse than on L950XL) I won't recommend buy this device even without depressing state of W10M
  • Just bought 40 hp x3 devices. I have tested 3 demo devices. Now the software is ok and stable with windows 10 mobile. :-) with continuum it's like a computer. Cradle, keyboard and screen. Web applications, remote desktop, superb. Still a believer
  • If this is addressed to me - I still love my L950XL and not looking for iPhone or Android device.
    My wife still think that W10M is good OS that does almost everything she needs. Just at this point we are disappointed in Alcatel Idol s4 and won't recommend this device. Unfortunately when I looked for L640 replacement - L950 wasn't available and HP x3 was overkill with high price. As for Continuum if I lived in place where we have places with at least displays where I would able to connect L950XL it will be awesome. But without available displays in co-working spaces and offices it isn't so useful.
  • 40 X3's? You personally have like 35% of X3's in the wild then. Outstanding.
  • I've had this phone since it was first released in the U.S. and it is a beautiful phone that works great.  Haven't had any issues with it.  Great picture taking, audio is the best of any phone I've ever heard.  I don't put a case on it because it looks and feels so good in my hand.  I would buy this again this month if it just came out, it's that good.  I replaced a Lumia 925 that was in my opinion the best Lumia ever made as far as design, I never put a case on that one either.  My next phone may have to be a different OS in the future, but since this is available now, it's what I would pic.
  • I still have a question: what had in mind the sales department from Alcatel when they decided to put the device in a few European markets now? Does Alcatel have a stock of Idol and they decided to try to sell them in Europe instead of simply recycling the raw materials from them? Are they trying to find some gullible customers in Europe?
    In short: what's the point?
  • Hey Daniel, why did you hire this guy?
    I think he's a android fanboy looking for a challenge.
    I don't think he should write for Windows central.
  • No one asked for your opinion. Windows phone is dead, get over it.
  • Zac? Really? I don't think so...
  • "Microsoft is, in fact, rumored to be..." Aren't rumors, by their very definition, not facts? ;-)
  • Dropped and cracked my 950xl last month so got the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, and I'm happy enough with it. Its form is the candybar shape of the lumina 900, and includes a dedicated camera button that works like my 950xl's did. I put the SquareHome2 launcher on it so that it looks very much like my old Win phone homescreen (altho none of the tiles are live). I hold out hope that a Surface Phone or device will materialize, but in the meantime I have all the MS apps, along with *any* app I want/need (which is soooo nice).
  • I can only imagine a flagship from Sony with Windows 10 :). Hope they will release one in the future when MS decides what they are going to do with this platform.
  • If I had to choose anything but windows phone I'd have a look at the Sony's.  But I really do want instead to see someone produce a handheld computer.  Dell are getting closest to it, but why are we still using ARM's when an X86 can run low power enough to do the job?
  • Intel abandoned x86 mobile SoCs last year. Never gonna happen.
  • I buy it and i recomment it to every body... it is great phone with high quality and smooth OS
  • Microsoft dropped support for windows phone 7 for one reason only, it moved the architecture over to windows NT to be compatible with desktop windows. Now I could only understand them dropping support for windows phone 10 if the new phone moved to an X86 processor to be 100% compatible with any desktop/laptop/tablet, that would make complete sense. If Microsoft did that then they would have the resources to make a goodwill gesture to write an emulator for old apps, but better just let people write native applications.  One way to build fast market share would then be a hand in program for windows phone users registered over X time giving them a hefty discount off a surface phone handset (or cashback/coupons for accessories). If Microsoft produce a phone that is 100% compatible with the desktop/laptop/tablet then they have arrived and every year of production will slowly suffocate the phone market. If they produce a new surface phone based on software/hardware that is not compatible with the rest of Microsofts platforms then they've just produced another glorious failure.  However at least in the past they had the excuse that the handheld hardware was not fast enough, now they'll have no excuse at all.
  • Last ever Windows 10 Mobile phone? What happened to the upcoming Wileyfox? 
  • Why you shouldn't buy ANY phone: The company will just make another phone next year and maybe it's better, at best you get 2-4 years before the manufacturer or software developer no longer supports the aging hardware! Heck, the world might end, a war breaks out...whatever. These things are temporary and don't really matter, so do what you want! I don't care 😅 -Mike E. Delta Cool, where's my money?
  • Why you shouldn't buy ANY phone: The company will just make another phone next year and maybe it's better, at best you get 2-4 years before the manufacturer or software developer no longer supports the aging hardware! The platforms and governments are AFTER you! Heck, the world might end, a war breaks out...whatever. These things are temporary and don't really matter, so do what you want! I don't care 😅 -Mike E. Delta Cool, where's my money?
  • Uncertain future?
    This is an euphemism. No future would be closer to reality.
  • Microsoft is looking for "get Reacher faster" this f***ers can't hold their ground for nothing, they change like women their clothes. People are tired of their insecurity and stupidity, it is like they do not know how business work. It takes time!!! Morons! Well, they probably don't know what that means. Bill Gates is not their to instruct the idiots. Anyways, since ever microsoft was an hostile company, sysadmins you all know what i mean. Kudos too all of you out their, few know what this work is all about, respect!
  • Microsoft, don't make me buy an iOS or Android device...
  • Put my HP elite X3 away this week. Bought LG g6 to give it a go. hated it at first, as my mind had to retrain itself (I have had a windows phone since Windows mobile 7) before that i was on PALM OS. Understanding how to use Android was very frustrating the first few days. When I say I had to retrain my brain, that is an understatement. I now have my LG configured the way I like, and have my Microsoft Apps installed. I do have to say, I don't think I'll ever go back unless MS truly realizes full Windows on ARM support. I do miss being able to have a clean operating system and being able to participate in beta software (Pixel 2 is not out yet), but am looking forward to buying the Essential phone if it ever comes out. Sigh............. It's been a good run. RIP.
  • i am curious. Why did you put the X3 away? What need/want did it not meet? The X3 is the current top of the line and HP will need to maintain it to please their corporate market. If you like the MS phone system, you are in good condition to wait it out and see what the next thing is.  
  • Probably apps.
    The camera sucks as well.
  • I disagree. Even if things change with the OS, this and the HP will still run well. Look at people still using the 1520 etc...sorry, but to much exaggeration just like the app thing. I can do everything on my HP.
  • "I can do everything on my HP." Now there's the exaggeration...
  • "use them every day for communicating with friends, taking photos, watching YouTube videos, and staying informed." That's exactly what I am doing every day with my windows mobile device...   
  • well I don't think in Europe they are aiming this devices at consumers either, Look to the MS Store UK page and the first headline for the phone reads as follows: Perfect amount of unreal
    The Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro is a high-powered, multi-purpose phone designed for the boardroom and beyond. It delivers indispensable business features like Windows 10 and Microsoft Continuum, which give it PC-like power.
  • My partner and I recently bought two Idol 4S phones through T-mobile and are very happy with our purchases.  The price for each was was around $275, which we feel is a steal.  While it's not a perfect Windows phone, it does have some plusses: -great feel in the hand, very thin -almost fingerprint-free screen, and quite bright  -fairly fast processor -long lasting battery, ALL day -excellent sound quality Some negatives: No wireless charging, camera does not have internal stabilization, no Glance screen available. Great phone for the money overall!
  • I bought Lumia 710 when it came out, and back then I found this website too,, and learned there will be Windows Phone 8 coming and all current phones will be updated to WP8. I didn't even get WP 7.8. I paid almost $600 for Lumia 928. Verizon was terrible at releasing updates but I luckily got 8.1, but WM10 that MS promised to everyone also didn't come (tried it on 925, = terrible), I don't even want it now. I'll be done with Windows Phone/Mobile when my 928 dies. I should have stopped buying WP's after 928 (got another 3 after)
  • The real question is the survival of the hardware and it's capability to receive continual upgrading. It's not a question of whether Microsoft will keep supporting old hardware that is not capable of keeping up in the cycle of upgrades I think we really have the answer because Windows 10 has been demonstrated on a given hardware set and that in itself was an experimental baseline of what is expected in Qualcomm next generation of hardware which is an upward advancement in the power threshold. What's the purpose of having a subset OS when the baseline OS will run on the same ranges of processors from Qualcomm-Intel/AMD. Over the past decades Microsoft has been supporting multiple OSes as many as 3 perhaps more at  a significant cost of time and resources of which Windows 10 will consolidate. However and I must say this that having one OS as a single entity would also allow for a single focus of attack and if successful can really cripple a much larger population base in the same time frame of which was minimal against having 3 OSes which in reality served as a good defense though it was expensive in resources. There is more to be said but I will stop here.
  • Microsoft has no choice but to introduce a new category of Windows 10 on mobile device that is not a phone.  The reason is simple. No matter how good a Windows 10 mobile phone is, reviewers and Android/Apple users will always list "Lack of Apps" as a con, thus driving away potential buyers.  If on the other hand, Microsoft introduces a full Windows 10 computing device like a small ARM mobile Surface mini, then the comparison with phones will be gone and so will the "Lack of Apps" label.  To further move away from the phone comparison, the first small mobile device will probably lack telephony ability at launch but will be sporting top specs otherwise.  Once everyone accepts that Windows 10 on mobile is not a phone and agrees that "Lack of Apps" is no more a concern, a software upgrade or a new device will probably happen enabling telephony capabilities.  This telephony capabilities may even extend to non traditional Windows 10 devices with LTE module.  This is why Microsoft continues to develop CShell, pushes out updates for their mobile apps like Word, Groove, Xbox, etc but refrain from adding features to Windows 10 mobile. On a related area, Windows 10S in my view is not a suitable permanent competition to Chrome OS because it is too good in comparison.  Windows 10S is likely a temporary solution until the new Windows 10 on ARM with CShell becomes available.  This is also why Windows 10S is upgradable to Windows 10 Pro.  Windows 10S is just an excuse to offer a cheaper Windows 10 to OEMs temporarily while waiting for Windows 10 on ARM to be ready.  
  • Tech fans read reviews, and analyse operating systems. Ordinary consumers do not. 
  • If they brought a foldable windows phone, I'd buy it no matter what! 😉
  • If they brought a foldable windows phone, I'd buy it no matter what! 😉
  • I'm curious why so many are in love with Windows Mobile 10? As an owner of every iteration of Windows "phone" I find 10 to be less than 8.X. I own the Alcatel idol 4s and its a great looking phone. And it feels good. I only wish it were smaller and it could run on 8.1. I just can't get use to the app store. It's a total mess. Yes, because of a lack of apps but mainly because it doesn't separate music from games or videos. It just seems like a clutter. Here's hoping the reboot takes the platform back to the 7.X days but with even more modern flare.
  • Microsoft has decided to shutdown Skype on WP 8.1. After this, I don't think that ANYONE should trust Microsoft. Microsoft as a company do not care about people. They just want to impose their corrupted vision on people. For example, at first they forced us to understand and integrate hamburger menu in our apps and now they slowly killing that. This is a joke. I UNDERSTAND THAT YOU HAVE TO CHANGE SOMETHINGS SOMETIMES, BUT YOU CANNOT CHANGE EVERYTHING EVERYTIME.
  • .
  • I love the honesty of this article. Pull the band aid off and go on with your life. No more illusions. No one telling you to hold on to the last piece of cake, your birthday is over. I broke my first phone ever, the screen on my beloved Lumia, it's being held together by the screen protector. It doesn't make sense to get it repaired, it's no longer supported, so it's not cost effective. There is no support to anything affordable available to purchase. So with this article the realization is, I can't ride Windows until it dies, my life boat just sank. Cue the theme song to "Titanic".
  • I love the honesty of this article. Pull the band aid off and go on with your life. No more illusions. No one telling you to hold on to the last piece of cake, your birthday is over. I broke my first phone ever, the screen on my beloved Lumia, it's being held together by the screen protector. It doesn't make sense to get it repaired, it's no longer supported, so it's not cost effective. There is no support to anything affordable available to purchase. So with this article the realization is, I can't ride Windows until it dies, my life boat just sank. Cue the theme song to "Titanic".
  • F*ck, this is sad... It feels like when your girlfriend leaves. I really don't want to go back to android, but I think I'll have to... But I can't let my 650 go... Anyway, I think I'll try my luck with an XPeria XA1, and see how it goes. Screw you, Microsoft, for making me do this... 😭
  • Didn't go well so far. Used it for a few hours, and came crying back to my 650 😁
  • Welcome back Random DS, I have a 650 & Lumia 950XL daily driver. the 650 is a very good midrange phone and still suported with Win 10 moble for at least another year. Enjoy.
  • What exactly is the risk? UWP aint' going anywhere. The phones will still work. I'm failing to see how it will explode, or suddenly get taken over by malware. Not getting feature updates or an imaginary fabled new reboot OS are weird, WEIRD, geek/fan reasons for not getting a phone. In fact, its primarily based in speculation, let alone, irrelevant to the majority of consumers. If anyone wants to get a windows phone get one - its got some really handy OS features, that others don't do well and a likeable UI. Don't get it if you are a big IoT/smarthome/smartwear enthusiast, heavy traveller or trend seeking teenager - because UWP doesn't have the apps yet. Never has. But be aware that UWP is not a mobile only platform, its a windows in general platform, so the popularity of win10m, doesn't entirely dictate whether you get new apps/games (which it does, get new apps/games that is). And it does in fact, have apps. More than amazon app store, and more than bb10 - and some strong areas too, like mobile gaming - not too bad. Productivity - pretty good. Photo manipulation, yeah pretty nice. Basic social networking, all covered. The majority of ordinary users would probably be satisfied. And its not actually a marriage contract. People replace their phone roughly every 3-4 years, some even 1-2. And they get very little out of those updgrades often. Do it if you wanna, its actually nice for a lot of people. Don't let weird arse internet bloggers, speculate you into a fake news corner, lol.  
  • Congrats on the clickbait. Its good bait. 
  • Also I love how everyone b**tches about the dropping of wp7 and wp8.1, like it didn't make perfect 100 percent sense, and was completely nessasary. They treat as some kind of weird betrayal or delibrate creul trick, or incompetence. And yet somehow, thats identical to the last version of windows, windows 10. Which is magically going to get rebooted, in some weird way that probably makes no commercial sense (like a phone that runs win32s or some dumb shizz). Because...reasons. Like it even matters, I mean people are still using their 8.1 phones and their android 4.4, without going into some kind of deep depression. I don't know who's more delusional, the microsoft is out to get us, sky is falling in crowd or the ultimate mobile flying swhizzstick crowd. Just take a concrete pill and harden up, its a phone, it's a tool. It does what you need or it doesn't. 
    Its NOT your girlfreind. 
  • Android 4.4 has better support than Windows Phone 8.1.  Now if you're saying Android 2.3, then you're onto something.  
  • A big reason why bb10 is becoming unusable, is that devs don't support 4.4 any more. UWP has more official backing than the 4.4 platform. 
  • Meaningless article!?
  • I disagree. Some people enjoy new hardware for the specs.  The phone has 64 GB internal.  If someone wants to find a good use for it they should be able to do so with those specs.   If someone needs the app support then no but Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile, hasn't had decent app support for several years now, so it's relative.
  • It is meaningless and here's why:
    The folks looking for a new phone consist of two kinds; the ones familiar with w10 mobile and the ones that aren't. The familiar people already know about MS silence on future of w10 mobile. The unfamiliar folks will definitely look at Android and iPhones Zac basically wasted his fingers typing this article!
  • Folks I think Windows 10 Mobile is still ALIVE because they keep making windows 10 insider builds. I do  think Microsoft will make new Windows smart phones if the few remaining OEM's that make them stop doing so. The Alcatel 4 Pro just went on sale in some European countries i donot think the makers of that Smart phone would do this unless they first checked to see if Microsoft is going to continue Windows 10 mobile. The last insider builds were bugs fixes and improvements. Micraoft should make a public statement that althogh they no longer supoprt the Windows 8.1 smart phone OS they do support The Windows 10 Mobile smart phone OS and to prove it it would be nice if they sold upgraded 950 and 950 XL smart phones. My long term view is however sooner or later ALL Windows smart phones will run the NEW"Windows 10 non ARMS CPU software with the new "C  Shell" interface. I think this will debut on a dual screen Microsoft Mini Tablet Smart phone Hybrid device that could come out as early as October this year or eary 2017
  • As far as i see, those are maintenance updates. Nothing more then this.
  • Agreed, it's not going anywhere. There would be no point it replacing it - its got a good mobile UI, and it runs the future platform of windows, UWP. Last official word from MSFT is that features are merely delayed, but still planned. Everything else is reading tea leaves. 
  • Do you really think Microsoft isn't killing W10M? At this point it is quite obvious nothing is coming after "Feature2" and there is no telling how long UWP will continue being compatible with current phones. Who knows how long Microsoft will even continue supporting UWP on any platform for that matter. Windows Central wouldn't be putting this out there unless they were very confident in their information. It is safe to say that current phones will not be supported beyond Feature2.
  • While Zac, like all of us, is entitled to his opinion - which I don't think is wrong. I own a software company myself and I think that Zac should not attempt to influence peoples purchasing decisions because there may be many reasons why company's like Alcatel produce a device and your comments could have negative affects on the jobs of those responsible for the device. I would say let the market decide for itself without the your influence. I simply think this is the wrong topic for discussion. Its fair, I believe to discuss the merits of the device, but your comments are essentially a slam against Microsoft - and it feels as though its an angry comment for Microsoft not informing you as to the future of the devices and therefore you're going to punish not only Microsoft but phone / device builders. Companies have bills to pay and you're not helping them. Also the cost of these phones aren't that expensive and will last for several years and perform just fine whether Microsoft updates the phone or not. Obsolescence is a state of mind not fact. If the current features and hardware work for the end user - then as John Lennon said "Let it be". Over and out.
  • By the way I own a 950XL and a OnePlus 5 and switch back and forth when I feel like it. Many of us have multiple devices just for the fun of it and my 950XL although not as well integrated throughout the OS as Android Nougat - it certainly gets the job done and takes the best photos I've seen on any device to date and the phone is still fast and 2 years old - not too shabby!!
  • There are in fact people still using symbian and webOS, people still using windows xp etc. If there was actually proof that MSFT is ending support, then it still wouldn't be a big deal - the app platform is still central to the future of windows. It's kind of a scrappy thing to do, to spread your FUD all over the platform.
     Its just as irresponsible has creating high false hopes of surface phone ponies. Keep your journalism in check windows central 
  • Sorry mate, but as a windows devices website is their duty to inform users of the good and the bad in this world of tech. It's not their fault that Alcatel was so dumb to invest building a phone on a platform that it's builder: MS does not give a damn about. How can you expect wincentral to simply praise this device when it does not deserve?? Wincentral editors are also users so I see them having every right to comment on this device like anyone else. Last time I've checked, no US law forbids such things. Users should be aware of every aspect, because some of us actually work for the money we earn and it's not funny to burn them away on a phone that's not worth it, just because some morons at Alcatel decided to launch this device, and we are supposed to just shut up and pay them?? What you are saying isn't just an insult but a true proof of hypocrisy. Cheers!
  • Moved on to a HTC U11 on release after 6 years of Windows Phone. Android is not a better MS experience than W10M, but the upsides outweigh the downsides and the 2017 hardware generation is excellent. Sadly, I'd say my L950 is still very competitive hardware wise to the U11 (camera, screen, OS performance, wireless charging, headphone jack), but let down by just the dumpster fire of the software situation.
  • Moved on to a HTC U11 on release after 6 years of Windows Phone. Android is not a better MS experience than W10M, but the upsides outweigh the downsides and the 2017 hardware generation is excellent. Sadly, I'd say my L950 is still very competitive hardware wise to the U11 (camera, screen, OS performance, wireless charging, headphone jack), but let down by just the dumpster fire of the software situation.
  • The Alcatel IDOL 4S (T-mobile) is an awesome phone, that if you didn't know runs on the AT&T sim as well (I tried it).  It is what I think the Lumia 950(XL) should've looked like.  One person already commented on the real point about Windows 10 in general, and Windows Mobile more importantly.  If you're heavily immersed in the Windows 10 ecosystem which I am, you won't find a better mobile OS the integrates with what you need, than W10M.   Sure there are adequate alternatives on iOS and some on Andriod phones, but you don't get the same parrellel experience.  From my Alcatel IDOL 4S to my Surface 3, to my XBox One, to my MSFT band, there is a seemless flow of communication between each device that keeps me consistently connected.  Whatever mobile rendition of W10M MSFT is brewing up as long as they don't take away the live tiles, I will be more than likely embracing it.  Not to say I haven't been frustrated with their way of marketing strategies, or transparency, but if they really wanted to stop working on mobile they would've and we'd all be using another mobile OS right now. From what I'm hearing, the next iteration will resemble some form of virtual reality component as it's being designed by the Holo Lens Team instead of the Surface team.  So until then like many fans of Windows on phones, I'll anxiously wait in anticipation.  It took them a while to create a competitive tablet/laptop, and they changed the landscape.  I think they have to resources to do it again. Only time will tell.  
  • This is a great phone. It's a doggone shame that it isn't available in CDMA mode. Those who are trying to convince us that we really don't like our Windows phones are hurting Microsoft in the long run. Microsoft has made some great phones and in my humble opinion, they are making a huge mistake by killing the "phone". If you can talk on it, whatever mobile device it eventually makes will still be a phone. To call it anything else is futile. And, if you can't talk on it, why even bother to buy it. Droid & iOS phone will do everything. Microsoft is a great company, but its mobile vision is lacking common sense.
  • Microsoft's lack of interest in Windows 10 mobile made me decide to run my 950xl until it dies completely where it it will no longer becomes useful as a daily driver. In the meantime, I preordered a LTE Jelly phone as a backup phone to give android a try. If I like how Android works on such a small device, this may become my main driver until HMD/Nokia comes out with a smartphone that's comparable to the Lumia 1020's camera. If Android doesn't convince me to switch, I may just go back to using the cheapest LTE feature phone I can hopefully find.
  • I think you are asking the wrong question. The right question should be, will I be able to use my purchased UWP apps and data on the new mobile platform? You are going to change your phone every two years or so anyway so if your data is compatible, who cares what platform your phone runs today. What you should be worried about is whether the device you have today can create data at an acceptable quality for tomorrow. If you buy an Android phone with a rubbish camera the photos you take today will be rubbish whatever platform you view them on tomorrow. If you buy a Windows Phone with a great camera, when you switch to new Windows or Android / iOS, you'll still have great photos.
  • Are there any phones today that cannot take acceptable photos?
  • That being said, the price of the Alcatel is too high in U.K. It's the same as a Oneplus device. Microsoft continue to amaze me with their sales / pricing strategies. If they want to pick up interest, they have to drop the price to moto g territory to tempt those in the market for oneplus, galaxy, iPhone to jump in and try. I'm sure someone in Microsoft thinks consumers are stupid
  • Got myself an LG V20 to replace my 1520. Surprised to find features in their Android which I gave in Windows Insider feedback while ago. Also surprised that Outlook on Android is missing core functionality. The Arrow launcher is great though. We should have this in Windows.
  • It does kinda look like MS is moving toward Windows on ARM in place of WM. My spouse has an iPhone, and I definitely prefer my L930. But it looks like I'm gonna have to hope I don't break it for another year before we'll see what hand held device MS has settled on for its next stab at Mobile.
  • "The question is simple: Will existing Windows phones like the HP Elite x3 and Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro be upgradable to Microsoft's next version of Windows on phones? If the answer is yes, then recommending the IDOL 4 Pro would be easy, but Microsoft won't say if this will be the case" Even if they DID make such a statement, it would still not be a good idea to buy it. They've said this a few times in the past. It's never affected me directly when they've gone back on something but it has happened
  • Nothing MS says will ever be trusted again by most users...they have lied way too many times. Except for a few desperate fanboys that would eat any sht MS is throwing, no one will buy their crap talking anymore.
  • WTF is this article? This is probably the best Windows 10 mobile phone currently available. This kind of negativity doesn't benefit anyone. People who are thinking of buying this are fans of the platform who need or want a phone, period. And this is a good phone. Being a good phone for a platform that is arguably dying doesn't stop it from being a great phone RIGHT NOW. And don't underestimate your readership, people DO know it won't last forever like W10M may not last for a lot longer. But just telling people to NOT buy it is idiotic, sorry. A phone that yourselves praised highly in your reviews and keep talking about positively in the podcast, even! I swear, this site is getting dumber by the minute. Anyone who wants a good, no, the best consumer oriented W10M phone should get this and enjoy it. I'd totally buy one myself. And buying one also means supporting the platform. With your money, not with words or posts. Which is how things you like or love should be supported. Won't happen, but what if this phone suddenly sold a lot of units? Wouldn't that mean something to those who are taking decisions in Microsoft? Them or someone else might release another good W10M phone, what's the harm in that, despite Microsoft's plans of grandeur? And finally, let me tell you this: The Surface "Phone" thing won't miraculously make Windows successful on mobile devices. Don't hold your breath. If it does well, it will be after fighting a long war, like the Surface did. And MS might not be wanting to fight the long war in every case. So W10M doesn't really deserve being killed, much less these phones by brave OEMs.    
  • Sorry but I have to be a complete lunatic to pay this price for a phone running a pathetic, dead platform. Alcatel is not brave for doing this, not at all. They are incredibly naive to think users are that Alcatel, we are not that stupid. Phone is nice, good hardware, but the software on it is a mediocre crap.
  • I giess I mist be this lunatic, cause I world buy this phone, regardless of MSFT attitude regarding it. Anyway, they do update this OS on regular basis, so what is up with these critics?
  • Tend to agree. See my direct response to Zac's article (with due respect!) at 8-)
  • Sorry.  This site is getting smarter.   No longer will they recommend outdated crap phones that are not being supported by Microsoft.    Simple.   They see what's going on.   To bad the look aid drinkers on this site cannot.  
  • Agreed with those who think this article does not do justice to the platform. I would definitely buy this phone if I did not alreday have a 950xl and and an x3.
  • I will be buying this phone very soon (or maybe the HP) as my 950's battery is fading. I will need a new phone soon and I don't care that W10M might not have a future. Even though I suffer what is truly a painful app gap, W10M is still my preferred phone OS, worth that pain, and so why would I switch back to iPhone or Android (both obviously good too) while I can still use my preferred mobile OS? Sometimes it seems to me like to people are more trying to demonstrate how smart or right they are about what is going to happen in the future by the purchase decisions they make rather than just buying what they want or need. Really, how long does anyone expect to use a phone? Up to 2 years. I am quite certain W10M will be working for at least another year and if I get a year or more out of it before it or W10M falls off the planet then I'm happy. I am a very tech-aware super-user and can see the writing on the wall just as easliy as Zac or anyone else but it is currently today, not tomorrow. (Also why I'm okay with the USB A on the new Surface Pro.) I concur with Zac that I would not encourage anyone not currently on W10M to go there, but if you're using it and like it, then keep using as long as you can or want to. Plus, I also agree with other commenters that buying the hardware is a vote for it and is the only influence consumers have. The best product doesn't succeed. The one people buy succeeds. I'm fine if I have to move to something else in a year but I don't have to now so I won't. So Zac, your article does a good job of demonstrating your remarkable grasp of the obvious when it comes to the status of W10M but it does a terrible disservice to Alcatel and people who have an interst in finding a way to continue on the W10M platform - especially considering this is "Windows Central", a channel dedicated to people intersted in Windows! You could have shared your message without ******* all over my interest in Windows, Mr. Windows Central.  
  • I have tmo version I'm putting up sale.
  • Ha you guys are so funny. They told you the phone is dead. Died and youre still on here like fools defending a company that has taken your money and dropped you. Fans..
  • Everyone keeps saying the same phone models but i would like to ask...anyone know what happened to both of the Acer phones?
  • You can pick up all these used Windows phone for nothing if you want.
  • I'm going to get one more new Lumia 950 and use it for next period. Devace is great! I don't think platform is dead, far from it. And quite the opposite, it gets better every day! Developers will develop for UWP anyway, because it's easier and all new tools are created for it.