'Your Phone' Android Apps experience starts heading out to everyone

Your Phone Android Apps Windows
Your Phone Android Apps Windows (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • The new Android Apps experience in the Your Phone app is now rolling out to everyone.
  • The feature lets you open Android apps in their own windows and pin them to your taskbar.
  • The rollout won't hit everyone at once, and you need a compatible Samsung phone to use it right now.

At Samsung's latest "Unpacked" event earlier in August, Microsoft announced that it would soon bring a new "Apps" experience to its Your Phone app on Windows 10. After some testing with Insiders, that experience is now starting to roll out to everyone today. Microsoft announced the rollout in its latest Insider build release notes.

The new Apps experience allows those with a compatible Android phone to open and stream Android apps from their phone in a dedicated window on their PCs. The emphasis is on "compatible" there, as the feature is limited to a select list of Samsung phones (opens in new tab) right now, including the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Beyond letting you open Android apps in dedicated windows, the update allows you to pin specific Android apps to your taskbar for easy access. In the future, Microsoft said it plans to allow you to open multiple Android apps in separate windows side-by-side.

Microsoft says this is a "gradual rollout," so it may take some time to become available for everyone. Still, it's a handy feature to have if you happen to meet all of the requirements.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Cool. Now I don't have to sign up for the beta.
  • Anybody know what the version number is? Mine just got updated to 1.20071.100.0 but couldn't find anything new.
  • 1.20081.114.0 here and still no 'Apps' mode
  • I got 1.20071.88.0
    No Apps mode either. On my Huawei Mate 20 Pro Other than that works great.
  • I'm also on 1.20071.100.0 and I don't have it. I'm also not using any beta builds atm.
  • popped up last night/this morning for me...new popup when my phone connected (note 20 ultra) and I now have apps! too bad games won't work with a controller connected to a PC, granted, the lag would probably kill it.
  • I haven't been able to get the Your Phone app to eer work with my android phone (s8+) and win 10 pc, despite numerous attempts and following more than a few different troubleshooting guides. Always ends the same way... your phone companion app thinks it's connected, win 10 says it can't connect to my phone.
  • Any technical reason why the Apps mode can't run on other phones? If it's some form of screen mirroring, it should be common to Android 9 and 10.
  • This started working for me yesterday. (Note10 and Surface Pro 7.) It works surprisingly well. You can still get to the phone screen if you need it. If you asked me three or four years ago whether I thought this was possible on Windows, I'd probably chuckle. Good job, MS!
  • So one thing I've realized is that you can't click on a notification from a phone app in Your Phone and launch that app in Your Phone. I hope - expect - that shows up at some point.