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YouTube TV is coming to Xbox One

Google has announced that YouTube TV is coming to Xbox One. The live TV streaming app has thus far been limited to mobile devices and Chromecast, but Google is now aiming to make a splash on the big screen.

As you'd expect, the TV app will carry over much of the mobile experience, but designed for a larger screen. Like the mobile app, the interface is largely divided up into three tabs for navigation: library, home, and live. However, Google says that it has made the background dark on its TV app for a "more cinematic look." Other features include:

  • A new Live guide made for your big screen so you can get a sneak-peek at what's airing soon.
  • Never miss the action with our background playback experience built for your big screen.
  • Easily pick up where you left off on another device when you get home.

YouTube TV's arrival on Xbox One is part of a larger push that will see big-screen apps launching on Android TV devices, Smart TVs, and Apple TV. It will join other live TV streaming services from the likes of Hulu and Sling TV, both of which have been available on Xbox One for some time. There's currently no set release date, but Google says YouTube TV on Xbox One and other devices will land in "the next few days." Of course, that's if you can access it: The service is currently available in 50 metro areas in the U.S., according to Google.

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  •   Awesome.  YouTube TV isn't perfect, but the price is right and having it on the Xbox will be welcomed.   We just need that PIP feature to be added.  I still miss snapping the TV app.
  • But yet they haven't updated thier YouTube regular app for 4k
  • I don't have a 4K tv, does the MyTube app support 4K on Xbox yet?
  • Not even heard of YouTube TV. Is it US only?
  • Yes of course. And overpriced too 35$ per month for live TV hahaha 😂
  • Times, not cheap.
  • I switched to PS Vue from cable earlier this year from cable TV. PS Vue is the same price as YouTube for my package, but they are both about half the cost of cable, and that doesn't even include the additional equipment rental costs for cable boxes/DVR's. The $35 for live TV doesn't seem overpriced to me. I like it because it only includes the channels that I watch without the 100+ junk channels that I have no interest in. I did a free trial of YouTube TV a few weeks ago. Their service seems better than PS Vue (in my market), but I didn't make the switch because I am a Windows phone user with no options to stream to a Chromecast. I might take another look now that YouTube TV is working on apps for other platforms.
  • It's a good price for what's offered.
  • Is it better than sling so far? I'm paying for sling and would leave for YouTube TV if the packages are better
  • Yes! Almost no buffering and you have unlimited dvr included in the price. 
  • Google apps on Microsofts platforms ? It must be Christmas time...
  • there was already a youtube "web wrapper" on xbox one, I bet will be an updated "web wrapper"
  • Ever hear of Chrome?
  • Y no Windows 10 app tho?
  • Because Google are d-bags who refuse to release any software for Windows. Meanwhile MS makes all of its software available on Google platforms.
  • Who makes the most popular browser for Windows?
  • If for any reasons (by Microsoft or google ) chrome is disconnected on's market share will drop significantly.
  • Hulu seems to be the best TV deal so far.
  • Having tried it for a while now, I have to agree.   It also is already available on XBox and supports 4K, unlike Youtube. It is also available on more devices, from Roku to most Web Browsers (I'm specifically referring to the 'Live TV' features and content.) *It also is the most cost-effective if you are already a Hulu subscriber.   
  • Great, now I can watch cat videos on my TV.... Oh wait, I can do that already... LOL
  • So you don't know anything about this service?
  • We don't need this, we need a respectable Youtube app.
  • "We don't need apps." OK.
  • We already do have a respectable app. It's called MyTube! and it does everything that an official YT app would, but better. It's just a matter of time till MT integrates paid TV service (... for all the good it will do anyway, cos I sure as hell will not be paying Google for TV!)