Zendure Passport Global is the only travel adapter you'll ever need

Zendure is a company behind many power accessories, be it power charge banks or adapters that can be used abroad. The company had launched an Indiegogo campaign for the Passport Global, a new travel adapter with a unique self-resetting fuse, and managed to raise just over $226,000. The adapter will next be delivered to backers and rolled out to retailers, and Zendure was kind enough to fire out a sample unit for us to have a gander at.

Take it anywhere

From an external point of view, the Passport Global looks like your typical adapter, especially those that offer multiple geographic socket support. As well as the self-resetting fuse, Zendure has a few other tricks up its sleeve, including four USB ports alongside the usual AC output. We have 5A running through the four USB ports, and 6A through the main AC output, which should be more than enough for laptop, camera, tablet, and smartphone charging.

More than 150 countries are covered by the four retractable pin configurations, which allows for stress-free travel without the last-minute trips to the electronics store at the airport for a compatible plug.

The unit itself is robust enough that it'll take some damage before giving out, but it's also light enough to not sag out of a socket. This is handy, especially since up to five cables can be plugged in simultaneously, potentially adding strain to the physical connection between the adapter and socket. It's almost difficult to comment on a design of an adapter since the function is so simple and one doesn't really take the look of such a product into much consideration. That said, it's super easy to get started with the Passport Global.

Magical fuses

An annoying issue that can occur with traditional adapters is a blown fuse. There is a risk that such an occurrence can happen while you're on holiday or a business trip, which leaves you without power. The solution is to pick up a fuse from an electrical store or purchase a new adapter altogether. With the Passport Global, this isn't required. Should the system detect and react to an overload, the adapter will go offline for around a minute.

After this time has passed and the resetting fuse has cooled down, power is automatically restored. Zendure explains how this all works on the company's product page:

It's actually a mini switch with a built-in Bimetallic Thermal Sensor. It consists of two thermally different metals stuck together back to back. When it is cold the contacts are closed and current passes through the switch. When it gets hot, one metal expands more than the other and the bonded bi-metallic strip bends up, opening the contacts and preventing the current from flowing.

The fuse itself is rated for up to 10,000 reset cycles. That means you'll be able to rely on this adapter on numerous trips, ideal if you happen to be a frequent traveler.

Zendure Passport Global

It's an expensive option when looking at picking up an adapter, but when the auto-resetting fuse and compatibility with numerous socket types are taken into account, it's well worth the investment. Using it for a number of days has made me appreciate the inclusion of the four USB ports, as well as the all-in-one pin switching.

The travel adapter will be in the hands of backers this coming October, and while we received a sample unit from the company to have a play with, we'll be sure to give you all a heads up when it's readily available from retailers. For now, you can back the project from $35 and receive a unit come October.

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Rich Edmonds
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