Zune Features Change

If you've launched your Zune Desktop lately, you've probably seen the pop-up message alerting you that features have changed. When you re-launch Zune you will find that there is no longer a Zune HD marketplace listing.

The only options available under the Zune Desktop Marketplace listing are Picks, Music, Videos and Podcasts. The option to view Apps, both Zune and the resurgent Windows Phone 7 apps, have vanished. We know that Microsoft is in the process of renovating the Zune services over to Xbox Music and this change could be part of that process.

Look Ma' no apps!

While the Zune Desktop is still used for music, video play and syncing with your Windows Phone, Microsoft shifted the app marketplace for Windows Phone to the web Marketplace back in May. Citing that more used the web option more, Microsoft shut down the Zune avenue.

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For those of you who want the desktop Marketplace back, you can re-enable with a registry editor and 30 seconds of your time. The method came from Russian Windows Phone users and was tipped in our comments:

  1. Open registry editor, go to HCU\Software\Microsoft\Zune
  2. Create a key with the name "FeaturesOverride"
  3. Inside this key create a DWORD value with the name "Apps" Set "1" to created value
  4. Close registry editor, start Zune and if it works

Not sure what the next feature change will be with the Zune Desktop.  Maybe change the change the "Marketplace" listing to "Xbox Music"?

Thanks, Aaron, for the tip!