The 360 degree Photosynth camera app picks up a rare update to version 1.7

Photosynth is Microsoft's proprietary photo app for taking 360 degree panoramas, and although it took a long time to arrive for Windows Phone 8, the app hasn't been updated in 14 months. Yes, time flies, but tonight version 1.7 has hit the Store in a rare treat for Windows Phone users.

Version 1.7, unfortunately, does not bring any new features though it does say 'bug fixes' for a changelog. Considering the multitudes of new devices and even a brand new operating systems (Windows Phone 8.1), it's not too surprising that Photosynth could use a little polishing.

Regardless, if you've never tried Photosynth, it's certainly worth the download as it's one of a kind on Windows Phone. Hopefully Microsoft hasn't forgotten about the app, especially after the high profile departure of Agüera y Arcas, an engineer who helped develop Photosynth.

Thanks, Jose M., and Ayushmaan W., for the tips!

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The 360 degree Photosynth camera app picks up a rare update to version 1.7


spot on.

There are many technologies under Microsofts umbrella that I cant believe they aren't built in to the OS. This being a good example, prioritize the tools that make you stand out from the rest, especially in your own platform. I cant wait till they get the next gen of Photosynth ready. I have hope they will release the mobile version soon after.

Average synth I app is 5mp on my 1020 with jar in lines. Tech preview looks as good as my 34mp pictures when I upload them..

I tried it but it doesn't work well at least for me. I would like it to be more user friendly like the way the iPhone does it.

I would say nothing in common except it says "panorama". With native (nokias) panorama you take picture from point A to point B. With this you can ALSO go Up and Down.

Oh .. and don't forget about the feel. When you look at standard panorama pictures, sometimes you'll relize something odd when close object looks like it bent in a strange way. But with this photosynth, we can scroll it left-right-up-down without feeling weird, since it's positioning us at the center of the circle (err ... globe, ball, whatever you name the shape :p). The drawback is ... of course, you need photosynth app to view these 360 degree panorama since you won't achieve similar experience using normal image viewer.

I loved it until I used Nokia Panoramic. It stitches the picture so much better and the final product is more polished.

I loved this app but it definately needs updating. I am surprised that Microsoft fails to update the apps for its own platform and we expect other developers to do that. It is sad to be honest.

+925 when I read about an update after 14 months I was already thinking about new features. Instead it was just 'bug fixes' ...... what a pity

I wish they'd add the features from the Photosynth Preview which is omg so freakin' awesome!!!

It uses Structures from Motion. If you really want to see impressive things there's plenty of free software for it online :P

please stop comparing this with a panorama app. Photosynth takes a 360 photo not just a panorama photo. They are two apps on different levels

I was using it a lot before I got my lumia 1020. I though all my photosynts will be so great but not a big difference....even with this update I think the quality was really poor. I tried on a Iphone once and it does better. But now since the new photosynth preview you can do all this directly on the website and even upload your high red pics from file explorer on wp8.1 and make incredibly clean 360 like the featured on the preview page...I even suggest using your standard camera if you have one. You can already try all the new stuff not on the app yet like inverted 360,wall and "walk".

Long before they brought out to WP, they had a desktop app. Better yet is the Photosynth website. Search for terracotta army to see how different photosynth is from every other panoramic camera app out there.

hm. Hopefully Fixes stability and correct stichting. the problem is you can make good panorama in 360 in indoor, and focus is terrible.

There is a new Photosynth coming, the photosynth account on twitter even confirmed to me on twitter that they intend to bring the Photosynth.net aka "New Photosynth" to Windows Phone at one point, so it is understandable that this is just bug fixes until the new photosynth comes. Check out Photosynth.net on a PC if you want a glimpse of things to come, can't wait!

There's new stuff the website is doing including the ability to snap a walk through. I've been waiting for this kind of thing they're already doing to come to the app.... but.... still waiting.

Windows phone,I remember watching a video with a WP and photosynth beta on it a little while ago....

I can't believe how people gush over this app. I've never been able to get it to work and it's another app situation where the competition have the better version. On my Omnia 7 I could never to a full 360 and on my 920, the camera would crash resulting in restarting the phone. Then there's the super low quality of the pictures themselves.

Main Version is still the iPhone version with more features and frequent updates. So if you really want to use this app, get ab iPhone ;)

I use it instead of Nokia Panorama app which really sucks! I know that Photosynth and Panorama are not same but I like Photosynth.....what I wanna say is Nokia Panorama app sucks!