Anagramble, a fast-paced word game for Windows Phone


Anagramble is a Windows Phone word game that gives you two minutes, thirty words and the task of finding anagrams within those words. Anagrams are words created by re-arranging the letters of a word.

For example an anagram for Mary would be Army.

Available for 512MB devices, Anagramble is a simple word game that comes across as a fun time waster of a game for your Windows Phone. There is a bit of challenge to the game and a faint educational value in finding those hidden words.

Simple layout, simple game mechanics, challenging game play

There really isn't much to the layout of Anagramble (and that's not necessarily a bad thing). The main menu has four options - play the game, access the options, exit the game and access the help screens. Even the options are minimal with the only setting present is muting the sound.

Anagramble Menu and Help Section

Continuing with the simple theme, the game presents you with thirty words and a two minute timer. Words are presented one at a time and you simply tap and drag the letters to create your anagram. If you screw up and need to wipe the slate clean, you have a Refresh button just below the anagram field (next to the Submit button).

Speaking of which, once you have your anagram created tap the Submit button to move on to the next word. If you've misspelled your anagram or created a word that doesn't exist, the game will not accept your submission.

As far as your gaming score is concerned, Anagramble uses a Scrabble type points system. Each letter is assigned a point value and the score for each word is the cumulative of the letter values. Anagrams can be as short as two letters or as long as seven.

Should you draw a blank with a word and cannot come up with an anagram, you can always tap the skip button (or pause the game and look up an anagram online).

You do have a high score listed on the gaming screen but no online or local leaderboards that can be used for bragging rights. Scores can be shared though.

Anagramble Game

While the game description doesn't nail down an exact number, the game is reported to have thousands of words in its database to build anagrams from. Over the past few days of playing Anagramble, I cannot say that I have seen a word repeated.

Overall Impression

Anagramble comes across as an entertaining, challenging, fast-paced word game. Everything about the game is simple except mastering it.

The two minute gaming format gives Anagramble a bit of flexibility in that it can help you pass short bits of time or stand up to longer gaming sessions. And it is a little surprising how fast two minutes can pass by. Don't be surprised if you don't make it through all thirty words in a game.

The only nit I can come up with for Anagramble is that I would like to see a visual confirmation that a word was rejected. Maybe a flash on the screen or the word "WRONG" appear.

Word games may not be everyone's cup of tea but if they spark your interest, Anagramble is one to try.

  • Anagramble – Windows Phone 8 and 7.x – Free – Store Link

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Reader comments

Anagramble, a fast-paced word game for Windows Phone


Cool, Ill try this out later.
On a side note, do you WPCentral guys talk to Gameloft or so for gaming info, or procure it through other means?

Mate there's an official thread created by gameloft's one official person namely Gameloft Ryan
U can fire away with all ur questions about particularly Gameloft games tgere

Voted too! Wp ahead with 53.11! And android users are supposed to be the majority, impressions are taken by these future-looking and awesome windows phones!!! Go microsoft! :)

Wow! Thats what im talking about! Simple, yet entertaining game, with fast paced action, and difficulty that keeps you in until you brake that record! Nice addition to my mini games. Its a real marathon to find the best hidden jems out there. Well done wpc! :)))

Are you kidding me,,, where is the Xbox music update,, please tell us when it is going to release talk to Microsoft or do what ever you want to

Some reason the 920 and the 520 seems to have the most issues.  One is the game crashing upon startup and the other is the touch not responding.  Since I do not have these devices to test I would need more information on when and exactly what is done to produce the error upon a fresh install.

Hello everyone, this is the lead developer for Anagramble.  We appreciate your comments and are working hard on fixing any bugs found in the next update.

1. Can we have the option of sharing to twitter and other social networks?
2. A leaderboard system will also be cool.

1. Pressing the share button allow sharing the score to the social network of choice I believe.
2. We are currently looking for a firm api that will last. Scoreloop was our primary solution but other things came up.

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